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Anxiety Disorders and Anxiety Attacks By Albert Kim
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Anxiety disorders and panic attack disorders are on the rise due to modern lifestyles. Here is how you can live a healthy life by being your own anxiety disorders and panic attack coach...
How to Stop Anxiety Attacks By Mary Antes
eBook (PDF): List Price: $19.90 $13.93 | You Save: 30%
Here is a small sample of what you're about to learn: What is at the root of Anxiety Disorders (pg 2) - You will gain an understanding of the causes of anxiety and depression as well as some of the... More > background traits, personality traits, and physical symptoms. What the common symptoms of Common Anxiety Disorder are (pg 8) - Discover what the most common symptoms of GAD are. What role your Thyroid plays in Panic Attacks (pg 14) - Find out the chemical imbalances that can lead to anxiety disorders. It may not all be in your mind! Who Controls These Thoughts Anyway (pg 50) - Control is a major factor in anxiety attacks or perhaps lack of control. Learn what you can do take back control of your life...< Less
Coping with Panic Attacks & Anxiety By Eleanor Freeman
eBook (ePub): $6.08
This booklet is for anyone who may suffer from panic attacks or panic disorders or for anyone who wishes to find out more about it and how they may be able to help others.
How To Stop Anxiety Attacks By R Goldman
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Here's How You Could End Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good...Prevent Anxiety in Your Golden Years...Without Harmful Prescription Drugs... If You Give Me 15 minutes, I Will Show You a Breakthrough... More > That Will Change The Way You Think About Anxiety and Panic Attacks -- Forever!< Less
Anxiety & Panic Attacks By $2 Publishing House
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Suffering from Anxiety or Panic Attacks? Our Anxiety & Panic Attacks guide, has tips and additional information on what you should do when you are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. With... More > so much going on in the world today with taking care of your family, working full time, dealing with office politics and other things, you could experience a serious meltdown. All of these things could at one point cause you to stress out and snap. That’s why this report is so important. It can help to relieve you of the symptoms you feel when you are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. You can easily get caught up in all kinds of drama and allow it to take over your life. You can’t allow that the dictate how you live.< Less
Anxiety & Panic Attacks By Mike Adams
eBook (PDF): $3.71
There is hope for those who have been suffering for a long time with anxiety disorders, attacks, and panic attacks. You have to be willing to make the move to make changes in your life. There are... More > other people out there that are suffering just like you. However, your situation doesn’t have to stay this way forever. There is help out there in the form of medication, and therapy. You just have to want it for yourself. The sooner you get the help, the better you will get. Once you do that, you will stop allowing these conditions to control your life.< Less
Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Stop Attacks In Their Tracks! By Anthony Ekanem
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Your heart is pounding fast and you are feeling dizzy. It seems as though you have to sit down in order for you not to fall. You are having trouble catching your breath. You are experiencing a... More > numbing feeling in your hands and feet. There is a tightening pressure in your chest area. You think you may be on the verge of a heart attack. You think something is really wrong with you; however, you are far from dying. Anxiety is a mental disorder in which a person fears just about anything and they think every outcome will turn out for the worst. This fear is frightening because it is so intense and they always fear that someone is after them. If you have any type of disorder that is associated with anxiety, then your mind will always be focused on being scared for no reason. You will always feel that there is no solution to your unfounded fear and that there is no way out.< Less
Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attacks: How To Cure Anxiety And Panic Attacks By Raymond Dean
eBook (PDF): $9.97
Do You Suffer From Anxiety And Panic Attacks? Are You Afraid Of What It Will Do To Your Life? Want To Know A Method Of Dealing With Your Anxiety? When someone has an anxiety attack, their heart... More > pounds fast and feel dizzy. They would need to sit down to avoid not falling down and you find it difficult to catch your breath. Practically, they are frozen with fear and this could attack the person at any time. In Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attacks: How To Cure Anxiety And Panic Attacks, you would learn how to deal with your anxieties and panic attack. From this book, you would know:- @ What Anxiety Feels Like @ What Causes Anxiety @ Why Is Anxiety So Suffering @ Other Sub-Categories Of Anxiety Disorders From OCD, PTSD and GAD @ The Right Medications For Anxiety @ Treatment For Anxiety, Making A Whole Lifestyle Change @ Deciding If Psychotherapy Would Help You @ What Happens If You Don't Treat This Condition< Less
The Complete Anxiety and Panic Attack Cure By Joel Blanchard
eBook (ePub): $5.95
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Written in 2011 by a nutritionist who cured himself of his own panic attacks, this book contains cutting edge information not found elsewhere. The author describes how he cured himself of both... More > agoraphobia and the fear of driving on the freeway, by using some specific mental exercises. The author explains how some common nutritional deficiencies predisposition people to experience panic attacks and "racing" thoughts. A detailed list of all of these common, unhealthy deficiencies is provided. The author takes a holistic approach, even addressing emotional, energy and spiritual issues. A "Daily Plan" is included that suggests specific actions the reader can perform. This holistic approach produces faster results and long term effects. This book is packed with potentially life changing information and amazing facts, presented concisely, that will help anyone suffering from anxiety and help them make a quick and radical shift into a panic-free life.< Less
Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Breaking the Chains By BlazingLight Publishing
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Anxiety and Panic attacks torment the daily life of hundreds of individuals all over the world, making them feel like there is no way out of their terrifying vicious cycle, this book will provide you... More > with all the information, resources and healing techniques to break out of them, regain your life and get you back in track, there is a way out.< Less