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The Rise of the Apostles ~ Jake By Ollie Fobbs
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This is a fantasy, fictional story about a young man that went the wrong way in life, only to find himself working for the Lord in a very powerful way, he found himself on death row, and his hate... More > crimes were so bad, they pushed his execution date up to wash the face of the earth of his existence. through much to his surprise, he found himself as the main Character to fight against the Beast, it is surprising as to who is chosen to be the beast in this one. The Rise of the apostles ~ Jake started out as a Really bad dream, then I had another version, but the same thing, then, it happened again, it was then, that I realized, that the dreams were actual story lines for the book.< Less
Rise and Eat By Apostles of the Interior Life
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If the Kingdom of Heaven can be compared to a great banquet, then why not begin savoring right away the enticing cuisine that is the Word of God? With a rich and diverse menu, this book offers daily... More > food for the journey, guiding us in listening to, meditating and applying the Word to everyday life. May we discover an ever greater hunger for Him: for that voice which speaks to our hearts, that knows us intimately, that guides our steps, that sustains us in difficulties, and that gives us the courage to become, like Him, bread broken for others.< Less
Leo the Wise (Byzantium: Rise of the Macedonians) By Lars Brownworth
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In the autumn of 886, the newly crowned emperor Leo VI presided over one of the strangest funerals in Byzantine history. The body of the long dead Michael III was dug up from its modest tomb and... More > transported by imperial barge across the Bosporus. There it was carried in an ornate procession to the Church of the Holy Apostles and reverently laid in a sarcophagus that had once belonged to the 5th century emperor Justin I. It was a remarkable honor for a man who had been known in life as Michael the Drunkard, and the watching courtesans couldn’t fail to miss the point. Rumors had swirled in the capital for years that Michael was Leo’s true father and this seemed to dramatically confirm it. For those who looked a step further the audacity was breathtaking. Justin I had been followed on the throne by his far more brilliant nephew. If Michael now occupied his sarcophagus, than the twenty year old Leo had just proclaimed that he was the new Justinian.< Less
When It's Time to Survive By Apostle J. Hayes
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Do you remember hurricane Katrina in Aug 2005; the devastating earthquake that almost destroyed Haiti in Jan 2010; the radiation fallout from China’s Fukushima in Mar 2011; the volcano... More > eruptions in Aug 2012 in New Zealand, and the many days of lava flowing down Hawaiian hillsides in April of 2015? These are but a few examples of disasters that are becoming more common each year. Just as the sun is expected to rise in the morning, disasters are certain to come somewhere, someday to someone’s doorstep in the future. The question is, will you and your family be prepared to weather a natural disaster "When it's Time to Survive"?< Less
HISTORIA IGNOTA - The Rising Truth By MA
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Non si sa come questi Scritti siano misteriosamente giunti fino a noi... Una Storia nascosta, riemersa dalle profondità del Tempo. Una Luce abbagliante che espande i Suoi Raggi perché... More > vadano nel Mondo ad annunciare il Ritorno che il Mondo attendeva e che mostra ciò che per 2000 anni è stato celato all'Umanità. Una Verità risorta che non sarà possibile ignorare oltre.< Less
We Are Glass By u.v. ray
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Over the last 20 years u.v. ray's fiction, poetry & articles have appeared in magazines and anthologies around the globe. u.v. ray's acerbic work refuses to fit the conventions of even outsider... More > literature. The seventeen new short stories in 'We Are Glass' explore fuck-ups, sleaze, booze, sex and drugs... but all are also infused with u.v. ray's uniquely venomous philosophising. Richard Godwin ('Apostle Rising') introduces 'We Are Glass', recognising that "You are about to read a man of letters in the truest sense of the word. The things you thought were true may never have been so. Writing exists at the edge of the world as we know it... u.v. ray's voice is undeniable, and a gratifying antidote to the tastelessness that masquerades as Art."< Less
Paul's Letter to the Romans By Dr. Nathan Ogan
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It’s been said that, “an historian making a list of the factors most influential in the development of western civilization would do well to include Paul’s Epistle to the Romans... More > along with the invention of gun powder, the rise of nationalism, and the discovery of atomic energy.” While in today’s secularized society, few would likely agree to the above assessment, in terms of legitimate historical impact the importance of Paul’s letter can’t be overstated. From the Church Fathers to Augustine and Reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin, the influence of this ancient letter can’t be overstated. As recent as Karl Barth’s commentary in the 19th century, humanity’s most significant conversations have touched on the ideas and wisdom of the Apostle Paul. A man who essentially elaborated on what he had learned from Jesus and His disciples.< Less
The Making of a Leader By George Burroughs
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History shows that no generation can rise above the level of its leadership. Nations rise and fall according to the effectiveness of their governments. This applies also to businesses, organizations,... More > churches, and families. It's a fact that when leadership falters, followers are hurt, scattered, and then become easy prey for predators; and when leadership is destroyed, lawlessness prevails. This study guide is about making leaders. Proper leaders who have the internal nature from Biblical origin. God calls out a select among the people to lead and shepherd others; but one must be prepared and work toward fulfilling these qualifications that are demanded. The study guide will help educate and inform the leader on how to depend upon the anointing of the Holy Spirit in order to strengthen, quicken, and forge a true leader of God's people.< Less
Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified Expanded Edition By Jocelyn Andersen
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The day The Towers Fell was prophesied in the Bible. The basket of currency connected with the Euro is found in the Bible. Details concerning the Rapture, The Great Tribulation and the first 1000... More > years of Christ’s reign on earth are looked at from the unique perspective of the seven prophetic feasts of the Lord found in the book of Exodus. This Book presents us with a panoramic and chronological overview of God's plan of redemption for our souls, bodies and this earth as revealed in scripture. Bible Prophecy Simplified is simple enough for beginning prophecy students, but there is plenty to intrigue the intermediate and advanced student as well. Daniel’s 70 weeks are examined in detail and the symbolism in Zechariah chapters three and five is unlocked. The Bible clearly reveals the methods the antichrist will use in his rise to power and the location of his home base. When God's Great Redemption Is Understood, Bible Prophecy Is No Longer Complicated Or Mysterious < Less
Gleanings from Paul By Arthur W Pink
eBook (ePub): $9.99
In this series of studies we do not propose to confine ourselves to the petitionary prayers of the apostle, but rather take in a wider range. In Scripture "prayer" includes much more than... More > making known our requests to God, and this is something which His people need reminding of, and some of them instructing in, in these days of superficiality and ignorance. The very verse that presents the privilege of spreading our needs before the Lord emphasizes this very thing: "In every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God" (Phil. 4:6). Unless gratitude be expressed for mercies already received and thanks be given for granting us the continued favor of petitioning our Father, how can we expect to obtain His ear and receive answers of peace! Yet prayer, in its highest and fullest sense, rises above thanksgiving for gifts vouchsafed: the heart is drawn out in contemplating the Giver Himself so that the soul is prostrated before Him in worship and adoration.< Less