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Apostolic Lineage By W. Thomas Stege
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The apostolic succession of the Nazarani Church, through an unbroken line going back to Saint Mark the Apostle. Apostolic succession is the canonical term used to describe the unbroken line of... More > bishops stretching back from those of the present day to the original Seventy- Two Apostles of Jesus Christ. Catholic and Orthodox bishops the world over are connected together by the laying on of hands with the literal Chrism which was intended to anoint the body of Christ in the tomb.< Less
The Apostolic Lineage By Rev. Deacon Thomas Stege
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The full Apostolic Lineage of the Nazarani Church, starting with our first Metropolitan, His Excellency, Hadrian Mar Élijah Bar Israël, and stretching back across the millennia to the... More > earliest of Christ's Apostles, as recorded in the intact records of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.< Less
Apostolic Ministry and Authority By Daniel Juster
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Apostolic ministry and authority has been defined and implemented differently over the centuries. In this brief study, the Scriptures are examined. Additionally, an investigation of the historical... More > documents of the Church Fathers is included, followed by an inquiry on the modern Charismatic interpretations. Tough questions surrounding “apostolic succession” area addressed here. Perhaps these three angles of viewing apostolic ministry and authority could be sufficiently merged to form a more comprehensive view.< Less
The Age of Apostolic Apostleship: Complete Series By Dr. Alan Pateman
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In order to view how the Apostolic baton was successfully passed from one generation to the next. Knowing that through the perseverance and obedience of others - history as we know it was altered... More > forever. Therefore it is my desire to encourage all those who are looking to be part of Connecting for Excellence to have a solid foundation, insight and teaching that will propel them into God’s divine purposes. We have a Destiny and the Holy Spirit is looking to empower us through their teaching. Dr. Alan Pateman, a modern day apostle (ascension) looks to reflect on their testimony in this wonderful book “The Age of Apostolic Apostleship.” Compiled in four parts: • Laying Foundations • Apostles and the Local Church • Preparations for Ministry • Developments and Provision< Less
Preparations for Ministry: The Age of Apostolic Apostleship Series, Part 3 By Dr. Alan Pateman
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Preparations for Ministry is not something that many want to face. There is an expectation for a trophy for participation, but advice, oversight and years of preparation are necessary to achieve the... More > goals that God has set before us. The apostle Paul had been called to be an apostle on the road to Damascus in Acts 9:15. But after possibly 14 years of testing and loyal service, was then successfully separated unto God to be an apostle. First he was “called” then in “helps,” then he progressed to the office of a “teacher” and finally the office of an “apostle.” Why? The reason: Paul was faithful to promote the Lord and not himself (see 1 Corinthians 4:2). Subjects include: • Apostolic Pitfalls • The Strength of the Anointing • Divination and the Python Spirit • God in Three - Perfect Deity< Less
A Ministers Guide to a Successful Ministry By Clayton Cowart
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As a young minister, there are so many things that are important. The failure to have proper training can hinder the success of a young minister's ministry. This book is a helpful tool for helping... More > young ministers develop and succeed in a greater level of ministry.< Less
The Sacred Touch For A Happy & Successful Marriage By Apostle Stephen Len Homer
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In this apostolic teaching I have outlined "keys" and time-tested principles which can help produce truly HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL marriages! Our success in marriage depends upon our... More > willingness to USE these keys in our own lives. What we all need, are "keys" to building God-centered marriages, and principles as to how our Creator would have us live together successfully as husbands and wives. From a personal experience, the following are just such godly principles gleaned from more than three decades in administering Pastoral Tutoring, Pre-Marriage and Family Counselling, much reading and studying, and more than 50 years of being happy in successful marriages – it was so nice I did it twice! The Lord has blessed my marriages with seven children. Both my wives have now passed away and are resting in peace with the Lord. All Glory to God!< Less
Foundation For Success Prevailing, Travailing, Intercessory Prayer By Debbie Jerido & Apostle Calvin Martin
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A book that teaches on the resulting power of Intercessory prayer to effect every area of your life for positive change. Power to Birth the Apostolic, anointing to cast out demons and devils, heal... More > the sick,the wounded and the broken hearted. Where power with God gets you power with man as you walk into your destiny and fulfill the ministry call to intercessory prayer. God has a voice and he speaks by it. Learn to distinguish the voice of God. Taught by APOSTLE CALVIN MARTIN< Less
God's Patterns for Abundant Living By Dr. Sharon Jefferson
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For the past several years the Lord has been revealing His patterns for life, holiness and success. He has been revealing His patterns for receiving His blessings, which have been available to us... More > through His Holy Word. In these last days God is building and furnishing and clothing believers for the final hour for His return. The final “Ark” is being built in human vessels. God himself is preparing these human vessels so that He can have a place on earth for His glory to dwell that the glory of God may dwell upon this earth. The Church will never be the same. God is doing a new thing for those who have allowed change to come. God is shaking and cleaning His Church in preparation for His final hour. It is time for believers to go forth into the “Market Place” and do the work of the Lord without delay with signs and wonders and miracles. I pray that this teaching tool will be a blessing to all and that you will learn the way of God thus walking in the blessings of almighty God.< Less
Flesh of Our Brethren By Abba Seraphim
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In the 19th century the Syrian Orthodox Church provided bishops for discontented Anglo-Catholics in Britain, Portuguese Catholics in Ceylon and Old Catholics in America. In 1933 it responded to a... More > crisis among the Byzantine Orthodox in Hungary by consecrating a bishop for these congregations too. Abba Seraphim believes that there are certain parallels which may be construed to aid a more generous evaluation of these bishops and his detailed documentation, the fruit of 40 years research, provides the basis for such a re-assessment.< Less

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