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The Appearance of Things By Keith Swift, PhD
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In the heart of a metropolis, a ragtag team of weekend soccer players assumes the identity of Everyman, as personal misfortunes and money worries force them to share their miseries and question what... More > they believe. In the sometimes comical process, they discover what it means to be human as the ordinary becomes extraordinary and they learn that love is real.< Less
A Cake Appeared By Shane Jones
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Shane Jones (born 1980) lives in upstate New York and is the author of 2 other books: Light Boxes (PGP, 2009; Penguin 2010) and The Failure Six (Fugue State, 2010).
The Mere Appearance Of Living PX By Primessa Espiritu
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If you have emerged from Obscure Light with constellations of precious reflections rousing the heart, you will find a continuity of such divinity in perfected plastic iconic form in the Mere... More > Appearance of Living. From the confusion of searching for a single match in pitch dark freedom to the illusion of liberty woven with every thread pulled in the puppetry of live action heroics, the muse comes just in time with her tricked out treats, sights for sore eyes.< Less
Phenomenology: Basing Knowledge on Appearance By Avi Sion
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Phenomenology is the study of appearance as such. It is a branch of both Ontology and Epistemology, since appearing is being known. By an ‘appearance’ is meant any existent which impinges... More > on consciousness, anything cognized, irrespective of any judgment as to whether it be ‘real’ or ‘illusory.’ The evaluation of a particular appearance as a reality or an illusion is a complex process, involving inductive and deductive logical principles and activities. Opinion has to earn the status of strict knowledge.< Less
Appearances of Light in a Dark Time By Menalcus Lankford
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In these stories modern men and women struggling in dark times are strengthened by appearances of the light. Traditional fairy tale elements pop up in the midst of contemporary American life in... More > surprising new ways, and hope returns.< Less
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The book: Indecent Dressing and Outward Appearance, describes how people dress indecently and seductively, being inspired and led by the devil. Yet, the Believers in Christ Jesus are encouraged and... More > commanded not to dress or appear indecently and as the people of the world, because the Bible says, "In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel (NIV says, "Dress modestly, with decency and propriety"), with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but which is proper for women professing Godliness, with good works" (1 Tim. 2:9-10). This book is a classic Christian book that you should never fail to read (male or female), because it went ahead to expose many things about the Christian, both in this life and in the life to come.< Less
The Infrastructural Space of Appearance By Neeraj Bhatia
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A collective public sphere is what differentiates a City from a mere grouping of individuals. Increasing Globalization and Multiculturalism, however, question the very idea of a public sphere in the... More > City. Without a public sphere, reality descends into anxiety, action is superseded by assimilation. This book studies why, how, and where to design for Plurality at the scale of the region, city, and building.< Less
De_Voice_Appeared By Jacqueline Amos
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Raise a voice of pleading now: Turn the will man stand tall O’Dowd the light, the light De’ God is God alone, and vile man is man for that, and will not of self atone, Treat him, Lord,... More > as virus rat. Dig my grave and lie in it, de lord will rise me, before the sun O’Leary I dig, I show to men The tombstone that shall o'er me sit, As I repose within my den I rise too the sun. The earth will tremble fast, I stand tall, I stand tall, seas nor lakes shall save the first or last; our suffering has been long, our cries to< Less
Flowers appear on the Earth ... By Sieglinde DLABAL
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Photos of fabulous flowers and luscious plants - it's pure pleasure for your eyes. Simply indulge and enjoy!
Things Are Not What They Appear By Becky De Oliveira
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Short stories written by students in English 467 Spring Semester 2013.