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Aquatic By Stefan Follows
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I have been living and working as a diving instructor and guide in the Gulf of Thailand for the best part of a decade, which has allowed me virtually endless opportunities to indulge my passion for... More > underwater photography. The images in this book were predominantly photographed in the Gulf of Thailand but some are from as far afield as the Baltic Sea. What you see is but a fraction of what I consider to be my best work. My images are available for purchase in a wide variety of traditional and digital media from poster size prints through to books and interactive media – all of which are tailor made to your wishes, specifications and interests. I also accept commissions for diving portraiture and just about anything else you and I can create together.< Less
Aquatic Cousins By Ayla Mae Wild
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Beautifully illustrated with luminescent watercolors, Aquatic Cousins introduces young readers to the similarities among humans and sea mammals. The text is instructive, while remaining accessible to... More > even the youngest listeners, through the dripping, glittering, reflective, undersea world that Ayla Mae Wild has painted. The dolphin, the whale, the otter, and the adorable sea lion are images you will not soon forget. -Melanie Bishop, author of 'My So-Called Ruined Life'< Less
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B iological diversity (biodiversity) encompasses the variety of life forms occurring in nature, from the ecosystem to the genetic level, as a result of evolutionary history (Wilson, 1992). The idea... More > that fungi form a kingdom distinct from plants and animals gradually became accepted only after Whittaker (1969). Presently, the “fungi” as a mega-diverse group span three kingdoms, most belonging to the Kingdom Fungi (Eumycota), while others are classified in the Kingdom Protozoa and Kingdom Chromista (Straminipila) (Cavalier-Smith, 1998; James et al., 2006). The word “fungi” (in lower case and not in italics) is commonly used as a collective term for organisms traditionally studied by mycologists from all three kingdoms (Hawksworth, 1991). Estimates for the number of fungi in the world range up to ca. 13.5 M species (Kirk et al., 2008).< Less
Astra's Aquatic Adventure By Heather Bourke
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A quiet beach is usually a good place to relax. Not so, for Astra the alien. His reckless nature gets him into trouble as he takes part in a dramatic sea rescue, a search for hidden treasure, a... More > thrilling escape from a shark and a tough time trial. Even when Astra is in his underground home he is unable to rest, because he is annoyed by a strange sound which no-one else in the community can hear. The young alien desperately wants to find out what is causing his problem, so that he can stop the constant buzzing in his ears. Nothing can prepare Astra’s mind for an unexpected shock which will change his life forever.< Less
Impact of Heavy Metal Toxicity On Aquatic and Human Life By ALKESH SHAH
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Toxic effect of environmental pollution is under great surveillance these days, because of its detrimental effect in water. This is due to indiscriminate use of heavy metal chemicals in... More > industries. This book is an attempt to compile the toxic effect of heavy metals on the physiology of aquatic organisms and mankind at large. Additionally, my involvement with problems on fish toxicology for over a more of more than 17 years gave me courage to write this book. This book is intended mainly for UG, PG and research students of colleges and university in the study of Toxicology. This book helps to reinforce background knowledge in the field of heavy metal toxicology.< Less
Old Art Reborn ~ Aquatic Images ~ Seaweed By JoolyA G
Paperback: $24.50
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This book features Henry Bradbury's 'British Seaweeds' displaying 35 coloured high resolution images. TO PREVIEW PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: 'Old Art Reborn' is a... More > collection of digitally renewed images from old books restored from original copies of old art during the 16th to early 20th century. Including categories of Botany, Aquatic Life, Animals, Insects, Birds and an unusual Miscellaneous Section. These are a cleaned and enhanced version of original book scans. In the process of renewing these images the historical character has been preserved. Therefore occasional imperfections may occur. Understanding this, it is hoped you enjoy viewing these images as closely as possible as intended by the original publisher.< Less
Aquatic Biofilms: Ecology, Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment By Anna M. Romani
Hardcover: $253.04
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-910190-17-3 EAN 9781910190173 This book is a concise review of the current knowledge on aquatic biofilms with an emphasis on the characteristics and ecology of biofilms in... More > natural ecosystems and a focus on biofilm applications linked to water pollution problems. The volume is divided into three sections: Biofilms Mode of Life; Biofilms and Pollution; and New Technologies using Biofilms. With contributions from ecologists, engineers and microbiologists this book presents scientists and technicians with up-to-date knowledge and a clear understanding of aquatic biofilms from different and complementary points of view. An essential reference book for anyone working with biofilms.< Less
2019 Calendar - North American Freshwater Life By Isaac Szabo
Calendar: $14.99
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2019 calendar featuring underwater photographs of freshwater life of North America. Image size is 8”x11”. Total size is 11”x17”.
The Life-Story of Insects By George H. Carpenter
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Insects as a whole are preeminently creatures of the land and the air. This is shown not only by the possession of wings by a vast majority of the class, but by the mode of breathing to which... More > reference has already been made (p. 2), a system of branching air-tubes carrying atmospheric air with its combustion-supporting oxygen to all the insect's tissues. The air gains access to these tubes through a number of paired air-holes or spiracles, arranged segmentally in series. It is of great interest to find that, nevertheless, a number of insects spend much of their time under water. This is true of not a few in the perfect winged state, as for example aquatic beetles and water-bugs ('boatmen' and 'scorpions') which have some way of protecting their spiracles when submerged, and, possessing usually the power of flight, can pass on occasion from pond or stream to upper air. .....< Less
Images of Second Life By Scrap Book
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Second Life. The online virtual 3D world where you can do anything you want, be anything you want. Inhabited by over a quarter of a million people. Do you live there? Find it hard to describe to your... More > friends what it is? Pictures say a thousand words. Show them this book. This comic format book shows a little of what its like to explore Second Life. See amazing creations, architectural, artistic, organic, mechanical, and aquatic. See fantastic avatars, furries, dragons, robots, birds, and some that defy categories. See places beyond your imagination. Visit it now. Quotes: Lumiere Noir: "beautifully done! ... this is really quite extraordinary ... some of the best graphic design work in here [Second Life] I've seen" Torley Linden: "I am enjoying reading your Images of Second Life ... thank you for making such a nice book! I am glad to see such a fun, spirited creation. :)" Cubey Terra: "Thanks for making such an excellent collection of images!"< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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