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After The Spring: Reforming Arab Armies By Florence Gaub, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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Although Arab military forces had somewhat disappeared from the political landscape since the 1970s, the events of the “Arab Spring” in 2011 have brought them back to the forefront of... More > political change, for better or for worse. Not only were all the challenged regimes of military background, i.e., in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, but the armed forces played a decisive role in the fall or maintenance of the regimes in question. The future of these forces is therefore crucial in a continuing time of often turbulent change in the Arab world. Outsiders, such as the United States, are challenged to go beyond classical security sector assistance and instead rethink the security sector in these states in a more holistic and comprehensive manner. As Dr. Florence Gaub shows in this compelling monograph, seven areas are of particular concern when addressing the reform of Arab military forces and their domestic counterparts.< Less
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The Arab Spring or Arab Uprising or Awakening event of 2010 was a greaat historical moment of modern times. Its effects impacted the whole world, especially the Arab or Muslim World dominated by... More > Islam. The Arab Spring's offshoot currents addressed age-old disparities: unequal economic and wealth distribution; increasing unemployment and poverty; mismanagement of national finances; and ingrained discrimination. WALL STREETS INFECTED BY ARAB SPRING details the root causes, dynamics, power, influence of the Arab Spring 2010, and how its happening helped topple some of the world's most dreaded kleptocracies. It also poked a finger at Islam's Unequal-Equal Status of Muslim Womanhood and human rights violations. Long Live the Arab Spring!< Less
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In December 2010, SOMETHING happened in a small Tunisian town in North Africa: an imporished street vendor incessantly harassed by revenue-collecting police, set himself on fire to protest against... More > poverty, government corruption and religious taboos against women. The "Street Revolution" or Arab Spring, spread across the Muslim or Arab World and co-opted business and corporate centres of the world or "Wall Streets". Four kleptocrats, Tunia's Ben Ali, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, Libya's eccentric Mouamr Gadhafi and Yemen's Saleh were dethroned. Syria's Archdictator, Assad is still 'struggling' with death-woes. The Arab Spring precursored Wall Street Occupation, revived Islamic reformation movements and the battle against the Unequal-Equal-State of Islamic Women. WALL STREETS INFECTED BY ARAB SPRING narrates all...< Less
French Revolution, "Françafrique" and the "Arab Spring": A double dealing? By SAAH NENGOU Clotaire
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Monography,in bilingual versions ( English and French). Paperback cover. Size: 21,59cmx27,94cm. Theme subject:Exposing French policy in Africa. The dual interpretation of the French revolution... More > principles< Less
Arab Culture, Vol. 2: Exploring The Arabic-Speaking World Through Cartoons, Satire, And Humor (First Edition) By Tarek Mahfouz
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In Arab Culture, you will discover a new and illuminating perspective on the Arabic world and its culture. It uses cartoons from Arabic media as windows on the vibrant day-to-day life of Arab... More > countries, showing Arab attitudes, behavior, and mores as they are expressed locally. By presenting the cartoons and then explaining their context, not only does this book teach the essential but all-too-easily overlooked details of culture, but it invites readers to analyze their own assumptions and interpretations, provoking a dynamic engagement with Arabic culture. As the cartoons are fully translated and the discussions are in English, those who are unfamiliar with or just beginning their study of Arabic will be able to engage fully with the cultural lessons. However, the book has additional benefits for advanced Arabic students, as it presents a range of national dialects and idiomatic slang forms that will be unfamiliar to those who know only "classroom" Arabic.< Less
The Gulf Moment: Arab Relations Since 2011 By Florence Gaub, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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What began in 2011 as a series of demonstrations against domestic circumstances has since evolved into a decidedly regional and therefore strategic matter. The changing of regimes in Tunis, Cairo,... More > and Tripoli has also changed the way Arab leaders engage with each other, and the way the region as a whole orchestrates its interstate relations. Often overlooked during debates about what began 4 years ago, the Arab Spring has spilled over from the national to the regional level, paralyzing some traditionally strong actors while empowering others. As Dr. Florence Gaub writes in this monograph, the region has therefore entered its ”Gulf Moment”—a time in its political relations defined no longer by Cairo, Damascus, or Baghdad, but by Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and Doha. For the longest time, the Arab Gulf States were seen as political bystanders in the region, managing rather than shaping events.< Less
An Arab NATO In The Making? Middle Eastern Military Cooperation Since 2011 By Florence Gaub, Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)
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The Middle East and North Africa region has been one of the world’s most unstable areas since World War II, and yet, the nations of the region have failed to develop any form of security... More > architecture. The Arab Spring and its aftermath seemed to have opened a window of opportunity for certain Arab states to cooperate more—but how and to what extent remain to be seen. This Letort Paper explains why the region has struggled so far to establish cooperative security, and what obstacles need to be overcome on the way to a system akin to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Unless they are addressed, every new announcement of an alliance—be it of Arab, Islamic, Gulf, or other nature—will remain a pie in the sky. Just as the international community is yet again considering such an architecture—perhaps even including Iran—this idea and its implementation are more important than ever.< Less
The New Arab Regional Order: Opportunities and Challenges For U.S. Policy By Gregory Aftandilian, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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The Middle East is facing a period of great instability and uncertainty. The region is beset with civil wars, sectarian conflicts between Sunnis and Shias, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and... More > the Levant and its competition with al-Qaeda, and conflicts between countries and factions opposing and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and like-minded Islamist groups. The question arises as to whether an Arab regional order can be found amidst these conflicts and, if so, what types of opportunities and challenges does it pose for U.S. interests and policies in the region? Middle East expert Gregory Aftandilian, the author of this monograph, argues that there is, indeed, a new Arab regional order, but it is essentially two orders: one has arisen in the wake of the tumult in the so-called Arab Spring countries, which has led to conflicts between Islamist political organizations and their opponents; the other is a result of the Houthi takeover of large parts of Yemen, which has exacerbated Sunni-Shia...< Less
Revival Of Political Islam In The Aftermath Of The Arab Uprisings: Implications For The Region And Beyond By Strategic Studies Institute, Mohammed El-Katiri
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Regime change during the Arab Spring allowed Islamist political forces that long had been marginalized to achieve political influence in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Meanwhile, Morocco’s first... More > government led by an Islamist party has been in power since January 2012. This trend caused widespread concern over the future direction of these states; but despite the tragic example of Egypt, few negative predictions have yet been borne out. In this monograph, Dr. El-Katiri, a British analyst with many years of experience in reporting on the Middle East and North Africa, cautions against an overly simplistic assessment of this rise in the influence and power of political Islam. He uses an extensive range of source material to show that the political crises besetting each of these Islamist governments are not necessarily of their own making, but instead are determined by objective circumstances. He also describes how in several key respects the aims of Islamist parties are in line with U.S. aspirations for the region.< Less
'Not my mothers Lebanon' A story of three diverse Lebanese youth who collectively change the face of Lebanon and the Arab world By Douglas George Hamatie
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In 2011's 'Not my mothers Lebanon' author Douglas George Hamatie has once again taken the reading world & creative world by storm. Set during the summer months of the infamous 'Arab Spring' 'Not... More > my mothers Lebanon' takes the outside world on an intimate journey of three young adults, all with diverse cultural & religious backgrounds, who meet by chance, and help each other to succeed in keeping with cultural customs while at the same time coping with personal challenges. This novel will rivet the readers imagination and expell the importance of change, but a new change not just limited to presidential monarchies - 'Not my mothers Lebanon' is due out online and in bookstores on March 1st, 2012 - for best viewed research visit or and seek the author Douglas George Hamatie< Less

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