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Arabia, Arabia! By Alexander Utz
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It's 1761. The Danish government has selected five researchers to travel to Arabia Felix, or "Happy Arabia." But the journey isn't as happy as its destination. The members all kind of hate... More > each other, they keep getting malaria, and the Narrator keeps popping up to say that only one of them will survive. Can the expedition actually do something worth history's attention? Or are they all too self-absorbed and incompetent to make a difference?< Less
Southern Arabia By Theodore, Mrs. Bent
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Prince of Arabia By Adam Yacoub
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Inspired by the true story of an Arabic knight, the son of Qurad, who became an example of courage and bravery to the world, unique among the people of his time, and held up as a legend to every race... More > and religion. This story is found in Egyptian, Hejaz, and Syrian legend, each race adding their own additions and details. The foundation, however, is always the same: a biography of a gallant knight, who was a striker of swords, appellant spears, fire trigger, and the snake of the bottom of the valley. Here, I seek to tell the story again of that master of knights and Prince of Arabia – a man who led great wars against the Knights of Ignorance before the advent of Islam.< Less
Saudi Arabia By Zhingoora Books
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The General Knowledge book series, are designed for specific country, are one of the most admired book for the improvement and learning purpose.This book contains information about... More > Background,Geography,Natural resources,Land use,Environment. Population,Sex ratio,flag of the county,Area,Border countries,Maritime claims,Elevation extremes,Land use,Natural hazards,Volcanism,Age structure,Median age,Net migration rate,Country comparison to the world,Religions,Languages,Literacy,School life expectancy ,Government,Time difference,Administrative divisions,Executive branch,Cabinet and almost everthing related with general knowledge.< Less
Southern Arabia By Elanor Anaya
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East under the command of Tristan d'Acunha, with Albuquerque as second in command. Tristan soon took his departure further afield, and left Albuquerque in command. This admiral first attacked and... More > took Hormuz, then governed by a king of Persian origin. Here, and at Maskat, he thoroughly established the Portuguese power, thereby commanding the entrance into the Gulf. From de Barros' account it would appear that the king of< Less
Travels In Arabia By Elinor Kamel
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resort, as many public women reside here, and those who sell the intoxicating beverage called Boosa. The most respectable inhabitants have their quarters near the sea, where a long street, running... More > parallel to the shore,< Less
Saudi Arabia: A Country Profile By Library of Congress & Federal Research Division
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Capital: Riyadh (estimated population 3.6 million). Major Cities: Population estimates for 2006 show continued growth for Saudi Arabia’s major urban areas: Jiddah (2.9 million), Mecca (1.6... More > million), Ad Dammam/Khobar/Dhahran (1.6 million), and Medina (854,500). Mecca and Medina have religious significance that far outweighs their respective populations. Independence: Following Ottoman dominance, Egypt controlled Arabia from 1818 to 1824. For the remainder of the nineteenth century, Egypt, Britain, and the Ottomans vied for control of the region. On September 23, 1932, Abd al Aziz ibn Abd ar-Rahman Al Saud established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Unification brought together competing tribes into a modern state, covering an area approximating present boundaries.< Less
Guide to Saudi Arabia By World Travel Publishing
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The motherland and divine home of Islam, this place is as full of attractions as it is in gripping symbolism. Saudi Arabia is one of the most culturally enriching destinations yet its is one of the... More > hardest to visit. Guide to Saudi Arabia is your ultimate travel companion while on your journey!< Less
Travel Journal Saudi Arabia By E Locken
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Travel Journal Saudi Arabia - Keep a diary of your holiday / vacation to Saudi Arabia, includes diary, budget planner, activity planner, packing checklist and other useful aids to help you record and... More > remember every aspect of your trip.< Less

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