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Elementary Arabic Morphology 3 By Rashid Al-Shartuni
eBook (ePub): $4.99
1. What is morphology? 2. How many types of words are there? 3. Is morphology applied to all types of words? 4. How are verbs and nouns conjugated?
Elementary Arabic Syntax 2 By Rashid Al-Shartuni
eBook (ePub): $4.99
1. What does syntax teach us? Syntax teaches us the states of words when they are combined with other words. 2. Do all words combine with other words in the same way? There are two types of words... More > that are combined with other words: • Indeclinable: the end of the word does not change. • Declinable: the end of the word changes due to the different functions that it serves. 3. How does one know what the end of an indeclinable word is? There is no rule in determining the end of an indeclinable word. 4. How does one know what the end of a declinable word is? The end of declinable words is determined by the rules that one learns from syntax. One will learn when a verb is put into the nominative, subjective or jussive cases and when a noun is put into the nominative, accusative, or genitive cases.< Less
300 Arabic Loan Verbs in Somali By Liban Ahmad
eBook (PDF): $9.11
Like many languages the Somali language has borrowed words from the Arabic language. Arabic loan verbs in Somali have followed three of the patterns identified by linguists: 1-Verbs have been... More > imported from Arabic and adapted to the conjugation groups for spelling and pronunciation. 2- There are composite Arabic loan verbs made up of an Arabic noun and a Somali verb. Since it is the Arabic noun that made the use of the Somali verb possible ( i.e. partial substation), this book calls this type of verb an Arabic loan verb. 3- Somalis have coined Arabic loan verbs such as bismillee (to taste something –from bismillah, meaning ‘in the name of Allah’). This books contains 300 Arabic commonly used loan verbs in Somali in sentences and information on conjugation group of a each loan verb; specific tense usages; how different prepositions affect the meaning of the verb in a sentence; verbal nouns and variant spellings of verbs.< Less
Easy Intro to Arabic - Book One By Fahimuddin Qazi
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This is Book One of the Easy Intro to Arabic textbook series. Designed to be light and simple, this easy course develops vocabulary and conversational skills by introducing simple Arabic... More > sentence. It builds basic Arabic language skills such as simple verbal sentence, simple nominal sentence, pronouns, noun types & conjugation, verb types & conjugation, basic derivatives, and semantics. Dozens of Quranic examples help reinforce and apply skills. The two-part textbook provides an easy introduction to Arabic morphology and grammar, builds over 700 vocabulary words, and is the official pre-requisite for Level One of Intro to Quranic Linguistics series. PRE-REQUISITE: Ability to read/write Arabic alphabet and read the Quran at a basic level (even if slowly, without understanding, or tajwid). Download Answer Keys & Lecture Audios from< Less
Easy Intro to Arabic - Book Two By Fahimuddin Qazi
Paperback: $10.00
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Build conversational Arabic skills, expressions, vocabulary, and semantics. Gradually build 700+ word Arabic vocabulary! Establish solid foundations for Arabic morphology & Arabic... More > grammar. Apply skills to 150+ Quranic verses! Necessary ingredient for Arabic curricula at Islamic elementary & Sunday schools. Prerequisite for the challenging Quranic Linguistics series & Islamic studies. Get Answer Keys & Lecture Audios via< Less
The Most Important Words Used In Levantine Arabic By Khaled Nassra
Paperback: $26.28
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Designed for easy use by language students, this convenient reference book lists key vocabulary in the areas of media, law and economics, in addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to... More > essential nouns, verbs, and adverbs. Set out in clear and concise tables,allows learners of different levels to increase their range of specialist language step-by-step, at a steady and undemanding pace. Comprising over [5000] words and phrases commonly found in print media, as well as television and radio, this is an indispensable guide to students wishing to expand and strengthen their Modern Standard Arabic vocabulary.< Less
A Dictionary of Grammatical Analysis In Color from the Holy Koran By Abou Fares El-Dahdah
eBook (PDF): $10.00
This dictionary offers a wide range of practical exercices in grammatical analysis to help the reader understand the process of endings in vowels (u) or (a) or (i) or (quiescence). All the examples... More > are taken from the Holy Koran with its a rich variety of situations of regularity, openness, reduction, elision and structure. These situations have been associated, by convention, to natural colors in order to shorten the grammatical description: Red for regularity, indicating: Agent, Pro-agent, Primate, Predicate; Blue for openness, indicating: Patients, Status, Distinctive and Exclusion; Green for reduction, indicating: Reduced Noun and Annexion; Violet for the Elision of the Conform Verb; Brown for the structure of Verbs; and yellow for the structure of Letters of signification. More than 2,000 verses, 5,000 sentences and 20,000 verbs are treated.< Less
International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) – volume 5(4) By Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
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Papers in this issue: (1) Gregory L. Thompson: Coding-switching as style-shifting; (2) Manvender Kaur & Sarimah Shamsudin: Extracting noun forms: A lesson learnt; (3) Mohammad Ali Salmani... More > Nodoushan: Temperament as an indicator of language achievement; (4) Negmeldin Alsheikh & Hala Elhoweris: United Arab Emirates (UAE) high school students’ motivation to read in English as a foreign language; (5) Farhat Jabeen, M. Asim Rai & Sara Arif: A corpus based study of discourse markers in British and Pakistani speech; (6) Diego Gabriel Krivochen: The Quantum Human Computer Hypothesis and Radical Minimalism: A brief introduction to Quantum Linguistics; (7) Abbas Ali Rezaee & Elham Kermani: Essay raters' personality types and rater reliability; (8) Kristen L. Pratt: Book Review: Jørgensen, J. N., (Ed.). (2010). Love Ya Hate Ya: The Sociolinguistic Study of Youth Language and Youth Identities. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars. [286pp; ISBN 1-4438-2061-X (hardcover)].< Less
Quranic Linguistics Level 3 Linking Morphology with Grammar; Intro Quranic Rhetoric By Fahimuddin Qazi
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Level 3, Linking Morphology & Grammar, Intro Arabic Rhetoric, does what its title suggests. The first part begins by reexamining the infinitive and the derivatives (i.e. the verbal nouns)... More > introduced in Level One in terms of their various functions, inflecting action (العَمَل), and noun-verb conversions (التأويل). Thus, it integrates the study of grammar and morphology to prepare the student for the next part—rhetoric (البلاغة). Rhetoric, the highest discipline in Arabic, combines just about all of the fields of Arabic into a language that is effective and eloquent. In this level, we travel 1400 years into history to get glimpses of the powerful rhetorical effects of Quranic Arabic on the people of the Arabian Peninsula as it was being revealed at the tongue of the last prophet of God, Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم ** IMPORTANT ** This book is ONLY intended for students who've successfully completed Level 2. Please do NOT begin studying this challenging textbook unless you've met this prerequisite.< Less