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The Argument By Elias Melendez
Paperback: $6.00
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What would make 2 friends argue? Why would they fight without thinking who they hurt? After years of fighting together now they fight each other. This is The Argument.
Arguments By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $1.79
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living affronting nothing.
The Argument By Allie Blocker
eBook (ePub): $1.50
Sometimes marriage is hard. Allie and Lewis are no strangers to the normal tiffs that couples sometimes have. It is just how they resolve their issues that makes their relationship unique.
Argumentation + Discussion By Joachim K. Stiller
eBook (PDF): $14.90
156 p., A5. -- In discussions and debates as in essays etc., many people lack the right words and arguments. The useful phrases in English language are given systematically in Part A of this... More > course-book. Each unit is short enough to enhance learning success. Part B is an alphabetical English-German Dictionary of the words used in Part A. In addition, some elementary methods of word building are presented for even more word power, the rules of a formal debate are presented, and some useful rhetoric devices are given as tools for discussions. Excellent for self-study and for lessons at schools.< Less
Arguments for Dummies By CHRISTOPHER DUPONT
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A book designed to show the communication problem in all of the world. With this knowledge we can go forward with out arguing and fighting.
The Atheist argument By Glenn Berg
eBook (ePub): $4.99
People are always asking “what is your reason for being an Atheist?” As if there are something wrong by not believing there is a powerful and almighty shepherd that will control and... More > evaluate your whole life… freedom to think and do whatever I want without worry for what hole in hell I will find myself in when I die, i think that it will gain me nothing in life to worry about things that will happen after I die, and if there is a hell out there I hope they are serving Jagermeister because as far as I know the description of hell matches Las Vegas pretty close, and whom would not love to be there for all eternity? After I got tired of answering stupid questions about why and how, i proceeded to my chair in my living room thinking of a more permanent solution than thinking what to answer all the time… which resulted in this book that I can always carry around on my phone or tablet and now this book is available for you.< Less
Argumentation Ethics By Frank van Dun
Paperback: $3.14
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Frank van Dun's defense of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's argumentation ethics.
Arguments Against By Rev. B.H. Shadduck & Brian J. Hunt, editor and introduction
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Rev. B.H. Shadduck was many things in his day, an officer in the Salvation Army, Deacon and Elder in the Methodist church, Doctor of Philosophy, Christian apologist, public speaker, vocal critic of... More > the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and vigilant refuter of evolution, but he is best remembered today for his series of religious pamphlets. Presented here are the first seven of those pamphlets. Jocko-Homo the Heaven-Bound King of the Zoo - Puddle to Paradise - The Toadstool Among the Tombs - The Gee-Haw of the Modern Jehu - Alibi, Lullaby, By-By - The “Seven Thunders” of Millennial Dawn - Rastus Agustus Explains Evolution< Less
Arguments for Socialism By Paul Cockshott & David Zachariah
Paperback: $15.34
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This book is made up of a collection of articles written by us over the period since the fall of ‘die Mauer’ and the crisis of the European socialist movement brought on in its wake. They... More > record an attempt to argue through the theoretical challenges that this period has posed: ● Why did both Leninist communism and social democracy come to crisis? ● What were the economic weaknesses of both and what economic policy should a future socialist movement adopt to overcome these? ● How can the struggle for popular democracy be integrated into the goals of a new movement?< Less
Explaining Philosophical Arguments By Paul E Hill
Paperback: $5.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
A resource book of philosophical arguments written to help teachers and students involved in learning the subject at AS and A level in UK schools.

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