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Assessments By River Forest
Paperback: $69.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Small Business Needs have been met adequately through this book for Assessments. Everything about Assessments. It is a detailed manual. Exercises that can help professional assessors, practicing... More > managers, hiring managers, HR professionals, Recruiters, conduct many weeks of Non-Stop Assessment/Development Centers - without duplicating exercises, tools, tests, games or learning processes. Customized Activities. Effectively gamified! Activities have been specially built for all levels of executive management / supervisory functions / strategic, operation, transactional roles /geographies/cultures and for uses such as Resource Planning, Job Role Fitments, Selections, Hiring, Promotions, Development, Potential Succession Programs, and learning orientations. Assessments for Industries, SBU Profit Centers, Corporate Staff, Not for Profit Organizations, Government Institutions, Healthcare Centers. Many clients have used these exercises for learning programs, development centers, training, feedback etc.< Less
Teacher Guidance (Yr 3 Mathematics) By Reach Assessment Publications
eBook (PDF): $15.59
This book accompanies the Year 3 Mathematics Booklet. It is a comprehensive guide of possible responses to the reasoning questions. Perfect for Newly-Qualified Teachers and Recently-Qualified... More > Teachers who need support in assessing reasoning aspects of the primary mathematics curriculum. Detailed information helps you to identify whether children are providing adequate answers when tackling reasoning questions. Really worth having as it ensures marking is standardized and fair across the class.< Less
Year 3 Mathematics By Reach Assessment Publications
eBook (PDF): $18.97
Reach Assessment Publications write short assessments that provide teachers with accurate information on pupil performance, at a distance from learning. They are designed to be non-exhaustive,... More > thorough and child-friendly, as well as sizable to stick into children’s workbooks. If you’re looking for a great tool to assess progress and attainment that matches the new Nationals Curriculum, this is the document every teacher needs.< Less
Physician_Leader_Academy By Executive Assessment Institute
Paperback: $70.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Physician Leader Academy Participant's Guide, Executive Assessment Institute, 2015
Interpretive Guide to the Talent Management System By Executive Assessment Institute
Paperback: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Talent Management System is an integrated set of analytical tools for the creation and management of Talent Knowledge which has evolved from more than 20 years of research by a varied research... More > team led by Dr. Michael Ensley. The Research Team established the System on a theoretical foundation, enlightened by actual field experience and application, and concentrated on a process of continuous improvement based upon actual implication impact. It includes five modules: the Leadership Success Profile, the Leadership Temperament Index, the Context Based 360° Leadership Assessment, and the Targeted Development Report, each of which is an instrument based tool, and each of which contributes to the completion of a system of talent management for organizations involved in executive and leadership assessment, evaluation, training and development. The final module, the LTI Interview Guide, is a tool which uses the Leadership Temperament Index to guide executive interview and selection.< Less
Assess Center By Ganesh Shermon
Paperback: $49.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
Assess Center, by “RiverForest”, focuses on delivering “Assessment Solutions” customized to Business Owner managed entrepreneurial organizations. Solution 01 – Talent... More > Assessments – Talent Management and Engagement Solution 02 – Recruitment Assessments – Effective Hiring Strategies Solution 03 – Competency Assessments – Competency Mapping & Capability Drivers Solution 04 – Culture Assessments – Alignment, Assimilation and Institutionalization Solution 05 – Career and Succession Assessments – Leadership Pipeline Building Solution 06 – Performance Assessments – Scorecard Based Performance Metrics.< Less
Risk Assessments By Dave Baxter M.A.S.C. (Life Coach)
eBook (PDF): $5.65
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A short guide to the basics of Risk Assessment for small UK businesses.
Paperback: $10.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Measurement refers to the process by which the attributes or dimensions of some physical object are determined. One exception seems to be in the use of the word measure in determining the IQ of a... More > person. The phrase, "this test measures IQ" is commonly used. Measuring such things as attitudes or preferences also applies. However, when we measure, we generally use some standard instrument to determine how big, tall, heavy, voluminous, hot, cold, fast, or straight something actually is. Standard instruments refer to instruments such as rulers, scales, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc. We measure to obtain information about what is. Such information may or may not be useful, depending on the accuracy of the instruments we use, and our skill at using them. There are few such instruments in the social sciences that approach the validity and reliability of say a 12" ruler.< Less
Assessing Talent By River Forest
Paperback: $49.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Simple, Easy to Use Book of Talent Assessments. Standardized Exercises handpicked by our team of experts for attracting and retaining talent from across talent sources, including job boards,... More > universities, career fairs, direct recruitments, walk in candidates, referral sources. Includes specific experiential/gamified learning to evaluate advanced skills and competencies in areas like Leadership, Communication, Team Working, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Strategic Purpose, Conflict Management and, Aligning with Common Purpose. This Book is truly about TALENT ASSESSMENTS.< Less
Assessing Emotions By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
322 years old, Tren Ravvo was a Protector. They were not the original race to inhabit Callahar; the First Ones died from a deadly disease over 6,000 years earlier. The First Ones knew that the end... More > was near and built the Synthetics who evolved several time during that time. Tren and other Protectors like himself were assigned to protect the 143 Callaharan Assessment Engineers, for which his son, Kenjok, was a part. Every 50 years, they would arrive and reassess the life, art, technology and the social structure of the Earth and 3 other human-type worlds to enhance their own society. However, the Callaharans lived without emotion. On his own, Tren became a Good Samaritan when he rescued 28 years old Tristan Hall from a serious traffic accident. He did not understand her emotional gratitude; he told her that it was expected that he rescue her. It was not as difficult for him to understand the human experience as it was for Kenjok. Follow Tren and Kenjok as they discover what it like to learn emotion.< Less

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