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Meeting the Star Beings Awakening Humanity to Love By Spiritual Master Free Spirit
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Meeting the Star Beings is the first of 7 books by author Spiritual Master Free Spirit. This book was written in the early days of his spiritual awakening and shows how he saw reality in those... More > days. In 2009 he began to have many healing experiences with Star Beings and became a ’contactee’ for loving ET’s from other dimensions. He shares his early life path, how he became attuned to the Beings and the kinds of journeys he had in the astral planes. In his first set of writings,Free Spirit shares his thoughts about humanity and how it could receive much healing by understanding the truth about loving ET’s from other realities. Meeting the Star Beings is a window into another reality. Free Spirit evolved from being the ‘Rainbow Jumper’ Man in 2010 and in 2014 become a Spiritual Master and wrote 6 more rare literary works.< Less
XOYLOISM By Steven Giles
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What is the XOYLO ? Most souls upon the planet in our Dimensions or others are from the Race of the XOYLO. An inter-dimensional race of travellers of life experience. These beings have been dubbed as... More > Angels, Demons, Djinn, Ghosts, Spirits and many more. Yet they are all one and the same thing or variants of. The XOYLO are the first race of energy beings, there are others, mainly parasitic beings that mask themselves to our minds concepts. Understanding the difference between the XOYLO and parasitic beings is difficult, and those under the veil or in union with a parasitic being may be unable to accept the idea and concept of alternate realms. What realm are the XOYLO within ? There are many realms, and many degrees within the XOYLO. The Astral planes for man and XOYLO to meet is the platform for communication. There are many rituals to call the XOYLO into our own realm and form a union with them.< Less
Alchemy - The Mysteries of the Philosopher’s Stone By Seila Orienta
eBook (ePub): $7.45
Seila Orienta wrote this description of the 5th Tarot Card according to the system of Franz Bardon. This book portrays the “front leaf” or introductory portion of the practice of alchemy... More > in several steps, without the encrypted mystifications of the old alchemists, more in the line with Franz Bardon’s style. Although, to the theorist, some of the writings contained in this book may appear abstract and contradictory, but the practitioner will find a wealth of knowledge within these pages. The practitioner of the hermetic sciences is aware of the fact that without astral equilibrium of one’s character and the complete mastery of the four elements, the successful practice of alchemy proves to be futile. In alchemy, the practitioner will work with the different planes, matrices and the electromagnetic fluid. However, the crowning achievement is the cultivation of the divine attributes such as omnipotence which is utilized in charging the Divine Philosopher’s Stone.< Less
Chaffinch Charlie and Other Foibles By Lord Shosti O'Kovitch
eBook (ePub): $1.24
This is a moral nature, pertaining to the later part of the twentieth century. Proving the rule that "No good deed goes unpunished."Chaffinch Charlie is a gangster retired to the Cost A... More > Lot, where he has a bar, in which he runs girls for profit. When his top girl runs off with a wealthy man and marries him, he is, to say the least, upset. He was fond of her, for she was, as he would say, helping his onions settle after he did a bit of maiming for a friend. Charlie one night has a dream, that he died and went to a Mince Heaven, the dream changed and he watched from the astral plane; his bones being taken from his body; then noticed that an architect had turned his arse into a bungalow. A family of four moved in. When he woke in the morning and after going to the toilet, checking the pan, he knew that it was only a dream. He decided revenge on his previous employee. Naturally the conclusion to this story, is not good triumphing over evil, but dear old capitalism winning? But who wins?< Less
Trapped By Fate: The Power of Spirit By Christine Thing
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The truth has finally been revealed…. Drackmire’s startling revelations have finally brought to light the lies that have been told for twenty years. Jade Soltis is alive, having been... More > imprisoned on the astral plane since the battle with Orion. As Darian struggles against the anger that threatens to consume him and must come to terms with those who betrayed him. With his mind filled with bloody thoughts of revenge, he races off to find his sister. But what will he find, when he finally comes face to face with Jade? Amidst Darian’s desperate search is Drackmire, implacable in his purpose as ever. He has a mission of his own to complete and will do anything in his power to see it through to the end, even though it will mean the death of his own father. He must gather up the pendants and bring them to where they can be destroyed. But can he trust those who attempted to kill him twenty years ago? And if he cannot, does he have any other choice?< Less
Nocturnal Academy 14 - Infinite Times By Ethan Somerville
Paperback: $10.53
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All contact with the newest Nocturnal Academy, located on the moon, has been lost. A rescue team was sent in to find out what happened, but it disappeared as well. Nocturnal Councillor, Lord Harmon... More > Eldritch, is at his wits’ end and calls the one person he genuinely believes can help. Unfortunately, Professor Abbacus has also vanished without trace. As a good friend of the Professor, Alice Dibble is recalled from her much-needed summer holiday to help locate him. But this time even she can’t bring him back. That is until she has what is quite possibly the craziest idea of her young life. An idea so utterly insane it just might work, and the dour Lord Eldritch actually agrees to let her try. And so Alice and her boyfriend Andre embark on a roller-coaster journey through time and space and the astral plane to track down the missing Professor. But Professor Abbacus doesn’t want to be found, and is not going to make it easy for them.< Less
la batalla por geo By Ariel Gastaldi
eBook (PDF): $3.39
Geo world was plunged in total darkness, the large wild beasts ruled the great planet from the depths, there was no control and the dark forces had the power to master it all. Tired of so much... More > impunity the great Morpheus Dios took the reins from the plane Astral, thence could create and control mystical beings with great powers capable of exterminating all living evil in Geo. During a century busco and redefined the beings that give life to the new races that inhabit this world, the Astral plane will be based on this new identity of light since evil cannot travel to other planes of the universe.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60