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Astral Worship By Edited by: Debi Chestnut
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This book written by J.H. Hill, M.D. discusses the relation of astronomy to religious worship. Excellent read!
Astral Worship By J. H. Hill
Paperback: $5.78
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This is an excellent book on astro-theology. It is hard to believe this was first published in 1895, as many of its concepts and explanations of religion are still relevant today. Further, it is... More > written in such a clear and refreshing way that it is perfect for the both the student of religion and truth-seeker alike. It is packed with estoreic knowledge and is ideal for anyone interested in astro-theology and its influence on world wide religions both ancient and contemporary. A truly fascinating book reproduced by Aranon Publishing< Less
Astral Worship By JH Hill
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This book explains in detail the votaries of the ancient Astral worship divided into two distinct classes, the Esoterics, or Gnostics; and the Exoterics, or Agnostics; the former comprising those who... More > knew that the Gods were mythical and the scriptures allegorical; and the latter, those who were taught that the Gods were real, and the scriptures historical; or, in other words, it was philosophy for the cultured few, and religion for the ignorant multitude. The initiates into the secrets of these two systems recognized them as the two Gospels; and Paul must have had reference to them in his Epistle to the Galatians ii., 2, where he distinguishes the Gospel which he preached on ordinary occasions from that Gospel which he preached "privately to them which were of reputation."< Less
Astral Worship By J.H. Hill
eBook (ePub): $1.35
Astral Worship is a succinct overview of the evolution of religion, from ancient worship of personified nature to modern day Christianity. If you wonder how we ended up where we are, this is the book... More > to read. J. H. Hill discusses the beginnings of pagan religions and the beliefs of the magi. He also talks about the beliefs in nature and the beginnings of astrology.< Less
Astral Worship By J. H. Hill
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Astral Worship By J. H. Hill, M.D.
Paperback: $8.03
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Astral Worship by J. H. Hill, M.D.
Astral Worship By J. H. Hill, M.D.
eBook (PDF): $2.47
Astral Worship by J. H. Hill, M.D.
Astral Worship By J. H. Hill, M. D.
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publisher. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction,... More > philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology, history, literature, politics and sacred texts, in addition to secret and esoteric subjects, such as: occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic, shamanism and ancient knowledge. Our books are available in both print and as digital books. All of our books have been revived by being scanned by people who have passion for knowledge. By purchasing this book you are helping restoring a piece of history for many generations to come to enjoy the fine ancient knowledge that is made available through our modern technology. We sincerely hope you enjoy these treasures in the form of digital books.< Less
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The Political, Religious, Spiritual, Educational, Social and Scientific Systems & Communities use TapLining to herd and Kontrol people to be subservient and to support their Natzee ideas. Not... More > all the people of these systems do this, but in today's world, TapLining is a common practice that most people have no idea exists, because it works very well with keeping people unaware of their own TruNature and their RealAwareniss. The masses have been taught by the Religious and Political Korporations they 'have a soul' and that this 'soul idea' is a mystery. The Spiritual Systems are also telling people they are soul, as they have went a step further, but many times they are referring to the Astral Body of the person, as many spiritual groups do Astral Projection and 'Think' the Emotional Body of a person is their soul. The Astral Body is held to the Physical Body by what is known as the 'Silver Cord' and it must stay in tact for the physical body to survive. /< Less
Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology: A History of Astral Prediction from Antiquity to Newton By Gordon Fisher
eBook (PDF): $12.88
This is a study of the union of astronomy and astrology, and relations to astral worship, from early Babylonian times, through medieval European times, up to and including the time of Isaac Newton,... More > especially in relation to prediction, and with extensions into more recent times. There is also discussion of related matters in other cultures, such as Chinese, Indian, Native American and African.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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