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The Bear, the Dragon and the Wolf By Chris Flynn
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Curiosity and disobedience are two of Owain’s constant companions. Forbidden by his father, Enniaun, to accompany a Votadini warband’s sortie against the Picts, Owain is abducted by the... More > raiders. As a prized hostage, he begins an education and a life-time friendship with Edern, a young Pict, when both are tutored by the wise and mysterious seer, Lailoken. Owain’s path takes him to the seat of the High King of Romano-Britain. His military skills are enhanced by a visit to Ambrosius Aurelianus, beyond British shores, and when he finally returns, threats are posed by the Picts in the far north and the newly settled Sais to the south and east. Additional to these dangers, he must also face internal strife among the Romano-British factions. In the glamoury of the northern wild woods he meets his second tutor and, against the backdrop of Britain’s complexity, his actions birth the mythology of ‘Arthur.’< Less
The Silurian, Book 1: The Fox and the Bear By L.A. Wilson
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UNFORTUNATE PUBLISHING presents, The Silurian, Book 1: THE FOX AND THE BEAR A YOUNG WARLORD ARISES: Arthur, at age fifteen, was the winner of a great battle between British and Saxon forces,... More > seizing the day from his own supreme commander, Ambrosius Aurelianus. Wounded and yet emboldened from his first battle, Arthur begins his rise to take full control of Britain’s armies. As Arthur’s power grows, Prince Bedwyr’s own life begins a downward slide into rebellion, and he leaves on a lone path of confusion to fight his inner demons, to find who he really is as his great friend and foster-brother rises higher and higher—high enough for Arthur to face his father, Uthyr, in battle for the right to fly the Red Dragon banner of the Pendragon Warlords.< Less
1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol. 3 By James Egan
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According to the Bible, Jesus had several brothers and sisters. During his lifetime, Buffalo Bill was the most famous person in the world. Eratosthenes created geography. Martin Luther King was... More > jailed 29 times. George Washington is the only person to serve in war while being the US president. Gandhi refused to educate his children and disowned two of them. Alexander the Great claimed to have seen a UFO. Archimedes was the first person to calculate pi. Isaac Newton believed in Atlantis. Anaximander figured out that the Earth is round. Joseph Stalin was covered in scars due to suffering smallpox. Aristotle believed eels were made of mud. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person who could explain why the Moon was crescent-shaped. Pythagoras was so good at mathematics, people thought he was a sorcerer. Napoleon was terrified of open doors. King Arthur’s real name was Ambrosius Aurelianus. Saddam Hussein was obsessed with Doritos. Socrates thought the concept of books was stupid.< Less
LE REGNE DE L'EMPEREUR PROBUS (276 - 282 apr. J.-C.) Histoire et Numismatique By Stéphane HILAND & Christophe OLIVA
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Né le 19 août 232 apr. J.-C, à Sirmium en Pannonie, Probus se destine très jeune à une carrière militaire pendant laquelle son courage exceptionnel et son... More > intelligence au combat lui valent d'être rapidement remarqué par ses pairs. En juillet 276, commandant l'armée d' Orient, il est acclamé par ses soldats et succède à Tacite. Les monnaies frappées durant ses six années de règne retracent les étapes successives d'une politique ambitieuse de reconquête territoriale, offrant aux collectionneurs une richesse iconographique et épigraphique rarement atteintes dans l'histoire du monnayage romain. Avec plus de 800 monnaies issues de collections privées internationales, classées dans un répertoire typologique, cet ouvrage invite le lecteur à découvrir l'histoire et la numismatique passionnante de cet empereur du IIIe siècle.< Less
Vier eeuwen keizers/munten By C.G.J. Pannekeet
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Vier eeuwen keizers/munten beschrijft vier eeuwen Romeinse keizers, beginnend bij Augustus, en hun munten. Welke keizers hebben er geregeerd, welke munten sloegen zij, wat waren deze munten waard en... More > wat was hun verhouding tot elkaar? Over alle keizers wordt kort iets verteld en een munt afgebeeld geslagen op zijn naam. Aan bod komen ook de munthervormingen van de keizers Aurelianus en Diocletianus waarbij getracht wordt deze te verklaren met enkele nieuwe theorieën. Verder enkele hoofdstukken over het determineren van Romeinse munten, de goden op de munten en wat er verder zoal op de munten staat.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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