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Beyond Providence By Rose Daniels
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Leaving harsh memories behind, Barbara Walters, just twenty-three and single, migrates to Australia, seeking a better life. She meets sleek Bernhard Gahlen, who tuns her life upside down. Alone and... More > nowhere to run, she marries Richard Ashton for all the wrong reasons. He has secrets of his own and another disaster looms. A chance meeting brings Bruce Evans into her life. Will this relationship last? Her search for love and a deeper meaning of life goes on. Will she ever find love and a sense of belonging? Adrian Jones finally makes her dreams come true. Their love for each other is rare and intense. Can she hold on to her only ever true love?< Less
Cornish Kin By Carolina Perkins
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Richard Bryar and his son Thomas and their families migrate to South Australia to work in the Burra Burra Copper Mine. At the end of an arduous journey they find themselves spending the winter of... More > 1857 living in a dugout on the Burra Creek. After several years working the mine they move down the coast to work in the newly opened mines at Wallaroo. Not long after settling in Kadina, Thomas accepts a job offer to work in the coal mines of Newcastle. He and his family board a ship bound for Newcastle, however Tom is arrested at the first port of call for failing to pay his debts. The rest of the family blame his wife Jenni for the shame he has brought upon them, and when he confronts them his younger brother attacks him with disastrous consequences. Based on the true story of the Bryar family.< Less
Last Flocks of the Geese By Philip Dodd
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A book of clear verse. Geese migrate through its lines. Tall ships leave Liverpool Bay. An iceberg breaks free of Antarctica. Ivory burns in Kenya. The healing of the rift between nations is... More > contemplated. An exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite art is visited. The crossing of the Rubicon is dared. Franz Kafka writes his tales. The spirit of T.S. Eliot revisits The Waste Land. Shakespeare drinks with his acting company. Autumn in Yerevan, Armenia, is mirrored. Utopia is mused on. Childhood is remembered. Love celebrated. Archie Leach sails from Bristol to New York. Matthew Flinders becomes the first man to circumnavigate Australia. Noah's ark moors on mount Ararat. The death of the last white rhinoceros is lamented. Weland the smith lifts his hammer. Hugh Minn finds an alien in his loft. Various other visions and inspirations are explored. Readers of these lines will hopefully find them worthy of study.< Less
The McMullan Family in New Zealand 2nd Edition By Randall McMullan
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This collection of stories, facts and photos is about a family living in Otago, New Zealand in the last half of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. The family lived in Gabriels... More > Gully, Lawrence, Otago where the Gold Rush of the 1860s began. The stories centre on Thomas McMullan and Beatrice Howe-Johns, and their 8 children. Between them they lived from the 1870s until the 2000s. As with most families, their lives were both ordinary and special. Their ordinary lives helped to build a country and their special lives formed us who are descended from them. Rather than find gold they made it – gold of the family type. This second edition adds significant new information about the Thompson family in Ireland and their migration to New Zealand which, for some members, was via the goldfields of Victoria, Australia.< Less
Ideas are Gifts from God By Jasmien El Kaabouch
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Jasmien El Kaabouch was born and lived most of her life in Germany. In 2000 she migrated to Australia where she studied English and completed a Diploma in Business Administration. As Jasmien’s... More > goal was to become a full-time investor and achieve financial independence, she decided to continue investing in her education by learning investment and financing strategies, mainly focusing on the residential property market. In the four years since completing her formal studies, Jasmien has renovated nearly 45 properties and generated a multi-million dollar portfolio. During her property investing years, Jasmien became passionate about personal development and felt there was even more to life than what she was currently experiencing. Here, the real journey began.< Less
Scougal By Paul Anthony
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A true story which traces the Scougal family of names to the land of their origin. From the beginning of recorded history this book visits ‘Scougal’ in South East Scotland during the Iron... More > Age before identifying the real roots of the family name. Via Mynddog the Wealthy, the Votadini tribe, the Roman occupation, the Anglo Saxon Invasion, the Old North of ‘Hen Ogledd’, Bernica, the Angles, the Norman Conquest, Magna Carta, and the wars of Scottish Independence the work dissects the history of our people. To penetrate the Scougal heritage the Battles of Carham, Bannockburn and Flodden are examined. Along the way we examine the oldest Royal Charter in British history to find a Scottish King who ceded the lands of Scougal to our ancestors. Then, gradually, the book traces the migration of the Scougal family of names across the globe as the impact of Scougal in America, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Australia, America, South Africa, and elsewhere is assessed. If you are called ‘Scougal’ – it really is a ’Mustread’.< Less
Meetings with Remarkable People By Voyen Koreis
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Voyen Koreis was born at Pitt Street, near Kensington Palace in London. His father, Dalibor Korejs, was a Czech diplomat. He fought as a Major with the Allied Armies, after the war he was named... More > Consul General in Berlin, where he died in 1950. Voyen grew up in Czechoslovakia. During compulsory army service he was a singer with the Army Entertainment Unit, where he met with a number of future personalities of the Czech cultural scene. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact Armies in 1968 he decided to move to Great Britain.With his Czech-born wife he migrated to Australia in 1973 and has since been living in Brisbane, Queensland. In Australia he made a living first as a storeman, salesman, antiquarian bookseller, interpreter and translator, visual artist, publisher. He wrote and published nearly twenty books, both in English and in Czech, as well as literary essays, blogs and radio programmes. More details on Wikipedia:< Less
Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under By Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman
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Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under is a memoir that chronicles the life of professional journalist Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman as it gives the gripping account on why he walked away from his high-profile... More > journalism career in the United States to migrate to Sydney, Australia. Wrapped in a riveting love story, Abdur-Rahman's memoir also serves as a must-read social commentary about race and religion. Drawing upon his life experience and writing from his perspective as an African-American Muslim, Abdur-Rahman uses his bulldog journalism style, backed with compelling evidence, to explain why the Commonwealth of Australia is a culturally challenged nation that offers a lower quality of life and lesser opportunities for advancement than the United States of America. The narrative inevitably touches upon the religion of Islam and the global fight against the Islamic State international terrorist group. In the end, this memoir conveys an unprecedented story about faith, love, adversity, and romance.< Less
Ron's Story By Ron Doyle
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A true and absorbing story of a boys adventure from a 5 yr old in 1930s wartime England to the lows of jumping ship in Fremantle and experiencing his 21st birthday in jail with hardened criminals; to... More > the highs of life in Australia after becoming a free man. This is a heart warming and inspirational story of a man who understood how to take advantage of opportunities at every turn. Ron is a delight and a gentleman who could not quite fathom why the world was throwing so many challenges at him. The story is set in the 1950s until today and unfolds what life was like in the early days of Australian state-by-state migrations. Ron's Story is also a love story, one that follows the love that a man has always had for a supportive woman who never gave up on him - ever! To this day they are a spectacular couple who have collected a treasure trove of wisdom amidst a newly chaotic world. It may bring tears to your eyes. This is certainly a book that should be on everyone's "recommended reading" list.< Less

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