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Christlikeness Through Autism By Christopher Riley
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This book is neither an autobiography nor a chronicle of Ophelia’s life. It is a creative non-fiction using true life examples to illustrate the action of God during our life’s hardships.... More > I am drawing only from the challenges and realisations I have personally experienced in life in my relationship with my severely autistic child. This relationship is still a loving and blessed one. My focus was only on Ophelia’s healing from autism; but instead I found I was being healed from a different kind—from my warped inherited, corrupted virtues of Adam’s sin. I have been growing spiritually. Jesus sacrificed his life for us. He was gentle, humble, loving and obeyed God the Father. My personality traits changed as I learned daily—more and more—how to accept Ophelia for who she is now and not whom I wanted her to become if and when healed. The Bible says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,”< Less
Autism Lives with Me By Travis Breeding
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This is a manuscript full of journal entries I have authored over the years. You’ll see my thoughts and feelings towards autism first hand. This book will help give insight into what your... More > autism spectrum child may be thinking or feeling. This is my journey of healing and acceptance towards autism. I went from coping with autism to living happily and successfully with autism.< Less
FunnyWiring: All About Autism By Gail Buckley
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My personal experience in living and working with my daughter with autism from diagnosis through adolescence up to adulthood. In this book I present and delve into all aspects of the syndrome,... More > focusing on the strategies and methodologies I found helpful in coping with and addressing the language, learning and behavioral challenges that children with autism present to parents and teachers. But "Funny Wiring" goes far beyond story telling, it is also a recording of three years of extensive research on the human brain, on sensory integration, on neuro-biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional healing. "Funny Wiring" covers the full gamut: from diagnostic and assessment practices, to educational methodologies, to dietary interventions, to the very latest neurological and biochemical facts and findings. Not to mention, the story of a beautiful child struggling to cope and connect, and parents trying to wend their way through the precarious perils and pitfalls that autism presents.< Less
My Autism HatRack - The Life Flip By Maureen Brice Bordelon
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What do you do when you are introduced into the World of Autism? Well, you find Hope and Healing along your journey into the "Life Flip" while wearing a lot of "Hats"! Read... More > about Hope and Healing in the World of Autism, one "Hat" at a time. Maureen Brice Bordelon is a parent and member of the Autism community and has nurtured her child, family and herself through heartache, confusion, loss, joy, hope and enlightenment. Along the way, she has worn different "Hats" in numerous fields of interest to attain goals, treatments and healing, all of which are accumulated and hang on her Autism HatRack. When you find yourself lost and hopeless on your journey, read Maureen's book to find inspiration, guidance, humor and HOPE to help flip your "Life Flip" around. For more info go to:< Less
The Doctor Is In: My Success at the Crossroads of Autism and Spirituality By Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
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This book takes you on a journey through the life and the mind of someone who accomplished what seems impossible for most people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It takes a rather intimate look at... More > what makes Dr. Suglia tick and how he thinks. At the same time, practical advice is offered for helping challenged individuals to cope and to develop skills that can help them learn and develop. In the final chapters of the book, we examine spiritual yet not religious principles and teachings that Dr. Suglia has come to rely on as a source of healing and managing the stressors of life. Under the guidance of spiritual teachers, his journey continues through much geographical and social upheaval as the spiritual aspects of life give him an inner strength uncommon to most people with autism. Dr. Suglia offers advice to fellow people on the autism spectrum, helping them to discover life through an objective viewpoint while keeping in mind that there is a “bigger picture” to be explored.< Less
Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism, Second Edition By Zack Gonzalez
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SAVING DEETS! is a book all about love and devotion. Narrated from a teenage-brother’s point of view, Zack tells us the stories from within his family’s journey of accepting and healing... More > his brother, Ethan (Deets). Zack shares the triumphs, the hardships, the family feuds, the embarrassing, yet relatable, tales, and the truth that lies hidden from the world around us. Whether it’s talking about breaking down in tears of frustration, dishing on the ignorance that manifests outside the autism community, or joking about when his brother barges into the occupied bathroom of a special guest, Zack really knows how to use his charm to keep the readers’ eyes glued to the pages of the hilarious, empathetic, and award-winning novel. He uses his sarcasm and wit to touch on topics most other activists shy away from.< Less
Touch & Heal Me Poetry By Euraina Jerry, An Anointed Writer
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Enjoy sweet, enlightening, & fun-loving poetry that explores thee imagination, speaks to the soul, & relaxes the mind. Be fascinated by spiritual poetry, not in the religious sense that... More > shares your feelings & guides your actions when it comes to friendships during your youthful years. This book offers tips that will enlighten you, keep you 3 steps ahead, & help you to avoid unnecessary heart break. Also enjoy fun reading. Poetry that puts you in touch with your heavenly father's feelings about relationships you may embark upon. These poems are sure to touch the heart of everyone!< Less
Freedom: Healing for Parents of Disabled Children By Nancy Douglas
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In the pages of Freedom, Nancy Douglas (Olive Leaf Ministries) candidly shares the pain, grief, and trials of having a disabled child. From the initial storm of discovering her daughter was... More > Autistic, deaf, and Failure to Thrive, to the agony of knowing she would never receive physically healing, her compelling and honest account of life with a special needs child will transform the heart of all who read it. Walk with Nancy through the pages of her journey and discover for yourself the true and lasting freedom God has waiting for you!< Less
Complete Healing from Cancer Diabetes Leukemia and Other Chronic Disorders By Csaba Laszlo
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This amazing book contains complete healing cures, treatments for nowdays world-wide spread mortal disorders such as acute gastritis, adenomyosis, alzheimer, amyloidosis, amyotrophic, anaphylactic,... More > angelman syndrome, anorexia, arthitis, arthropathy, asperger disorder, asthma, ataxia, attention deficit, autism, bell palsy, bruxism, bulemia, cachexia, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral aneurysm, cfs, chronic pain, cluster headaches, cmt disease, colitis, colon diverticulitis, crohn, cure, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, disease, dravet, dupuytren contracture, dyspepsia, dystonia, e.t., ehlers danlos, emphysema, endometriosis, epilepsy, felty, fibromyalgia, friedreich, future, gastroesophgeal reflux, glaucoma, good, gout, happy, heal, help, hemophilia a, henoch-schonlein purpura, herpes, high blood pressure, hiv/aids, hydrocephalus, hypertension, hyperventilation, hypoglycemia, incontience, inflammatory bowel, insomnia, interstitial pneumonia, irritable bowel syndrome, limbic rage, liver disease and so on.< Less
Jonathan the Elephant By Andrew Merced
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Jonathan the Elephant is a story created by a teenager who has Aspergers Syndrome and an eight year old boy who believe that through friendship, prayer, and forgiveness anyone can receive healing.