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Into the Spectrum By Maya Stringer
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Hello! This is a small comic book guide about autism! It is written & drawn by me! A 19 year woman with Asperger's syndrome! I hope you can use it to teach yourself & others about children... More > with autism! Please enjoy!< Less
Autism, My Life on the Spectrum By Emily Christensen
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Alex is nine years old, loves to run and to sing, and is on the autism spectrum. In this book, Alex shares his perspective from his point on the spectrum, illustrated with photos from his life.... More > Ultimately, Alex understands that there are things that make him different, and things that make him just like everyone else--which is true for everyone! This book offers children on the spectrum the opportunity to read about someone with experiences like their own, as well as helping siblings and classmates to better understand what autism is.< Less
Autism Spectrum Disorders By Dr.pratap Jena
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Autism is a complex formative issue that has the accompanying three characterizing center highlights: 1.Problems with social associations 2.Impaired verbal and nonverbal correspondence 3.An... More > example of redundant conduct with limited, confined interests Various other related side effects much of the time coincide with a mental imbalance. •Most individuals with Autism have issues utilizing dialect, shaping connections, and suitably deciphering and reacting to the outside world around them. •Autism is a typically characterized formative issue that starts in early youth. •Although the finding of severe Autism may not be made until the point when a youngster achieves preschool or school age, the signs and Symptoms of Autism might be obvious when the tyke is matured 12-year and a half, and the conduct attributes of Autism are quite often clear when the kid is matured 3 years. •Language delay in the preschool years (more youthful than 5 years) is regularly the showing issue.< Less
Travelling on the Autism Spectrum By Garry Burge
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As an adult on the Autism Spectrum Garry Burge has been fortunate to have travelled quite extensively overseas, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Although travel may seem a distant... More > possibility for many adults on the Autism Spectrum, Garry hopes that this book will provide encouragement, not only for them but also for travel providers, travel agents and other organisations.< Less
Living On the Autism Spectrum By Jeremy Tolmie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a book about what it is like to grow up on the autism spectrum and not knowing it till your 17. I talk about all the up's and Down's that have happened in my life. All the problems in... More > school and with bullies and trying to find my way in a world that is not designed for people on the spectrum. You will get to hear in my words everything that has happened to me. From my first memories too being hospitalised too getting a job and having a girl freind . This is a must read for all parents of people on the spectrum and for anyone that wants to know what it is like to have Aspergers Syndrome or any form of autism.< Less
Autism By Emily Shelton
Paperback: $8.95
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Autism - The Ultimate Ways To Understanding And Managing Autism - How To Help Your Child Achieve Happiness Autism is a disease that affects many, yet few understand it. Because Autism does not... More > present itself the same way in each case, diagnosing the disease and taking care of an Autistic child or adult can be challenging. In this book, we’d like to look at Autism closely to fully understand what causes it and how a diagnosis of Autism does not have to be detrimental to for a family. We’ll do this in a number of ways: by examining how the media portrays Autism, by showing the full range of Autistic symptoms, and by giving you a number of strategies to help you give your Autistic child his or her brightest future.< Less
Autism By Adam Johnson
Paperback: $8.95
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Autism - A Practical Guide To Understanding Autism, Plus Natural Therapies For Calm And Healthy Life! (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) This eBook, “Autism: A Practical Guide To Understanding Autism, Plus... More > Natural Therapies For Calm And Healthy Life” is a must read for every parent nurturing an autistic child or every friend looking after an autistic person. It deeply explains the causes, symptoms, and early warning signs of autism. It also takes complete account of the numerous treatments, various natural therapies, and important medication for the autistic people. A handful of advices for the parents and fellows of the autistic persons is also provided. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Symptoms and Causes of Autism, Treatments for the treatment of Autism, Natural Therapies for the Treatment of Autism, Medications for Autism, Tips to Deal with Autistic Patients.< Less
Autism By Sophia Hudson
Paperback: $8.95
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Autism - Everything You Need To Know About Autism - Autism Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments And Therapies!(BONUS INCLUDED) Autism is a difficult condition to manage, understand and live because... More > this condition is often misunderstood. This condition is affecting various people nowadays. It is difficult to determine a particular degree of autism because severity may vary with different signs and symptoms. Symptoms of autism can be different in each patient and these symptoms may trigger a particular behavior. The patient will not be able to speak and this situation is particularly bad for developing children. This disability can affect the interaction and communication skills of patients. Researchers are trying to understand this situation because autistic patients may find it difficult to manage their life. This condition will not affect children and adults suffering from autism, but their family members. They will not be able to understand the actual situation.< Less
Autism By Elizabeth Logan
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Autism -Therapies And Treatments For Autism – The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, And Special Needs! (BONUS INCLUDED) Autism: the word itself is enough to strike fear... More > into the hearts of countless parents. Questions begin to run through your mind… how is this going to affect your life? How is this going to affect the life of your child? Can your child still lead a normal life? I have put together a book that is designed to help you, no matter what level of autism your child has. I am going to assure you that there is nothing wrong with your child, that they are merely unique in their needs, and you are fully able to equip them with everything they need to live a completely normal life. You are not alone, and this isn’t a diagnosis that has to define you or your child. You are free to live as you always have, just with a new perspective.< Less
Autism By Deborah Ortiz
Paperback: $8.95
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Autism - A Practical Parents Guide - How To Understand Your Autistic Child (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Do you have a child with Autism? Do you find its often difficult, challenging or even frustrating to... More > understand or level with them? Or, are you perhaps trying to gather more information about how Autism affects your child so you can better understand why your child acts certain ways or maybe even have better communication with your child? If any of these different options apply to you, then this is the perfect book for you! This book will work, page by page, to give you valuable information, factual advice, helpful education and relieve any stress or frustrations you might be having! This book includes: An introduction to Autism and its biggest symptoms. Information on how Autism can affect your child. Three different chapters to explain in detail, ways you can better understand your child, help your child, and therefore, improve your relationship with them.< Less

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