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The Spiritual Laws of Creation: The Crucial Knowledge for Humankind By Charles S. Brown
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The perfection of Creation-Law offers us the mechanism of automatic and self-acting immutable Law in which parameters we, through our free-will attribute, bring upon ourselves joy or pain, harmony or... More > hardship. Each one of the six primary Creation-Laws [known in their entirety by “only the few” and therefore not taught in any Church, religion, culture, school, university or scientific discipline anywhere], nonetheless unfailingly fulfils its immutable outworking in our individual lives and our societies. The interlinked outworking of all six Laws drives all of our free-will decisions to their commensurate outcomes, both in our individual lives, and within the global collective. Thus, through their automatic activity and outworking, we – in the final analysis – judge ourselves through The Law.< Less
How to Autorun CD Creation - AAA+++ brand new By yalan hsu
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Just think about it! How many of these people do you think are actually making sure they are creating a high-quality product? Not as many as you would think, that's for sure. Note: If you prefer to... More > create an autorun CD that automatically starts with an HTML menu, it is a must for you to know how to create an HTML file (a webpage.) I’ve included a step-by-step lesson on how to do this later on in this Ebook. You’ll want to check out several autorun applications before you purchase anything. Most software titles have demo versions and trials available.< Less
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This book discusses subjects related to pre Big Bang creation and the automatic genesis of Universes concluding to a general theory of creation and evolution. In this approach, experimental evidence... More > and scientific hypotheses are presented leading to the conclusion of an automatic endless creation prior to the initial Bing Bang up to the development of the human mind. The basis of the automatic pre Big Bang creation is the postulation of a situation defined as “beyond” or επέκεινα, that is free of all dimensions, time, fields, functions, variables and other properties, excluding the function of bouncing from virtual particles to real particles. The Casimir effect and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle are used as supportive evidence. The twenty-nine plates illustrate the principles described in the various chapters. A section resuming the main points of the book follows as Q&A section. Michel Xilinas, MD, DSc is a medical researcher, writer and philosopher.< Less
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Michel Xilinas describes three time episodes of the Universe: the evolution from the so called Big Bang to our days, the pre-Bing Bang events and the post our time future. The first episode unveils... More > a Universe from the automatic creation of an elementary particle up to the extraordinary evolution to the human being as we are on Earth. The materials are exposed in an organized scheduled sequence. The second episode is the stochastic proposal of a fully automatic creational process that allows the formation from an immaterial situation named as “beyond” of a new Universe. This revolutionary approach is based on the Casimir effect, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Dirac’s delta function and Dirac’s superposition research incorporated in Michel’s stochastic approach. The third episode is the future with a new theory on the end of the Universe. Michel Xilinas, MD, DSc, DPH, is a Physician working in Drug Development and has numerous inventions. He is the author of medical, philosophical and drama books.< Less
Credit Risk Scorecards: Development and Implementation Using SAS By Mamdouh Refaat
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This book provides a systematic presentation of credit risk scorecard development and implementation. The text covers the theoretical foundations, the practical implementation and programming using... More > SAS. The book topics include : • Data acquisition - data preparation • EDA, predictive measures and variable selection • Optimal segmentation and binning • Coarse classing and WOE transformations • Development of logistic regression models • Methods of model assessment and evaluation • Scorecard creation and scaling • Automatic generation of scoring code (SAS, SQL, C) • Scorecard monitoring and reporting • Reject inference The SAS implementation contains over 50 ready-to-use SAS macros that can be implemented in the automation of the scorecard creation process.< Less
Moldable Tools By Andrei Chiș
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Development tools offer the lenses through which developers perceive and reason about their software systems. Generic development tools, while having a wide range of applicability, ignore the... More > contextual nature of software systems and do not allow developers to directly reason in terms of domain abstractions. To overcome this problem, we propose to embed domain abstractions into development tools through the design of moldable tools that support the inexpensive creation of domain-specific extensions, and that automatically select extensions based on the domain model and the developer's interaction with the domain model. This solution aims to reduce the cost of creating extensions by providing precise extension points together with internal DSLs for configuring common types of extensions. This solution facilitates automatic discovery by enabling extension creators to specify together with an extension an activation predicate that captures the context in which that extension is applicable.< Less
Explaining the Fundamental Dynamic Nature of Gravity By George W Nixon
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This E-book begins with a philosophic discussion regarding basic reality and postulates that Motion/Energy constitutes the most logical and viable foundation for all of physics. Based on the referred... More > to foundation, a description of the conversion of units of energy to form units of mass is provided. Thereby automatically providing the fundamental dynamic wave/particle nature of negative and positive Virtual Matter Particles. The next step to reality describes the creation of an electron by gravity with all its attributes. Gravitational interaction with the nucleons of a nucleus is provided. Substantially supported by the conservation laws of physics, including the essential need for a unbalanced force to be acting to compel a change to velocity. The Gravitational Thermodynamic Effect (GTE) provides the Macro information regarding the Sun's gravitation affect on Earth. The GTE explains the relative sudden warming and cooling of our great oceans.< Less
Why We Need Love and Relationship By Anthony Ekanem
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Man and woman were created to be physically attracted to each other, irrespective of their looks, stature, colour or other qualities that differentiate one person from another. What causes... More > attraction between the opposite sex is in-built in man (man and woman) from creation. This is why couples fall in love with each other and later get married – just as it was intended by God, the Creator. However, “many couples fall in love, marry, and assume that the job is completed. They believe that everything else will work out automatically.” This is far from the truth. A successful relationship does not come by chance. It has to be worked for in love by the couples concerned. “The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrow and the crimes of humanity, all lies in one word – ‘love’. It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life. To each and every one of us, it gives the power of working miracles if we will.”< Less
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A handy guide being completed through automatic writing and as directed by Celestial Intelligent Creations (CIC's). In the interim, you can join the rather unique Light Pulse newsletter located at:... More > for invaluable tools. Help in better understanding subjects as Ufo's and Aliens. My Mozesian Mentorship sessions see a number, including children, describing classic scenes where either Aliens or Et's are concerned. Reports of Ufo's, Flying Saucers, Ifo's, Aliens and Extraterrestrial Light-beings are once more hitting headlines for earth's climes change, but for good in line with universal balance, harmony! Here we deliver more understanding on such vital issues concerning us all. Including importantly: How to identify varying influences, protect you and yours from more negative energies abounding, also about a titanic struggle unfolding!< Less
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The cover picture came through during an automatic reading as a Celestial Intelligent Creation (CIC). A divine Universal Light-Being Creation, linked to Astar and the 7 Arch Angels securing Universal... More > Sanity/Balance. Earth’s 3rd magnetic vibration/realm has been totally distorted, but now being reclaimed through divine colour matrix infusions deep to Earth’s Crystal time template/grids! Includes explanations of the 5 Pointed star alignment which transpired on the 1st October 2004. Highly significant event re-joins the five points for Earthly Harmony, but long hijacked. 5 vital, original basic ingredients secure Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial codes essential for all living life. Neptune, along with other material influences wane, as Mars and the Moon move closer to Earth. All vibrations alter and ushers in a 5th Human Cycle or 'Ether/Celestial' reign. Are we ready, preparing for major changes for all life towards the year 2012?< Less