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Click the link above to submit your assignment. Chapter 7: Problems 7-29(a-g) and 7-33(a-b) Chapter 8: Problems 8-29(a-d) and 8-32(a-b)
Sonnica By Vicente Blasco Ibanez
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez (29 January 1867 – 28... More > January 1928) was a journalist, politician and best-selling Spanish novelist in various genres whose most widespread and lasting fame in the English-speaking world is from Hollywood films adapted from his works.He was born in Valencia. At university, he studied law and graduated in 1888 but never went into practice. He was more interested in politics, journalism, literature and women. He was a particular fan of Miguel de Cervantes.In politics he was a militant Republican partisan in his youth and founded a newspaper, El Pueblo (translated as either The Town or The People) in his hometown. The newspaper aroused so much controversy that it was taken to court many times. In 1896, he was arrested and sentenced to a few months in prison. Excerpt from:< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 49: Fighting Vehicles By Merriam Press
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Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on fighting vehicles (AFV) are in this issue: (1) The Tank Between Wars (2) American 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage T32 (M7 and M7B1)... More > “Priest” (3) American 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M37 (4) American Cargo Carrier M29 “Weasel” (5) U.S. Army Medium Tank Battalion, Table of Organization and Equipment 17-25, 15 September 1943 (6) “I Am a Tank Destroyer Commander” (7) German PzKpfw. VI “Tiger I” Heavy Tank (8) Flame-throwing “Tiger” (9) Flame-throwing Carriers (10) American IHC M-5-6 6x6 2½-ton Trucks (11) Soviet Self-Propelled Artillery Development: A Personal Commentary (12) Soviet Self-propelled Gun SU-85. 423 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
Angels And Aviators By Richard Smith
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A curse is put on a B-29 Bomber in 1943, right before its scheduled assembly completion at the Boeing plant in Washington. Now, only a miracle can save it as it flies across the Pacific on a doomed... More > mission to Hawaii.< Less
The View From the Bottom Up: Growing Up Fast in World War II By Robert Gilbert
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Merriam Press World War 2 Memoir Series. This memoir is the story of a young aerial machine gunner, on a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, who had to grow up fast. He participated as a teenaged enlisted... More > man in the World War II Big League of air war … the ETO. In his ball turret hanging under that storied bomber, he was positioned to defend his bomber from the Luftwaffe’s deadly fighter aircraft. This compelling story presents his perspective of the committed life he and his peers brought to manned bomber warfare, which is The View From The Bottom Up … literally and figuratively. This memoir is written against that historic backdrop and takes place during the Fall and Winter of 1944/45, when the USAAF and the RAF bombing reached its peak. It is not as much about the war as it is of the war and its effect on the young people involved. 29 photos and documents.< Less
United States Strategic Bombers 1945 - 2012 By Stuart Slade
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By 1944, the US had the world's largest AF with 2.4 million personnel and 80,000 A/C. After WWII, the US relied on a strategy of deterrence using nuclear weapons. Accordingly, the US gave preference... More > to its long-range atomic bombing force now known as SAC. The B-36 could hit targets thousands of miles away. -The B-29 and B-50 were replaced by B-47s while the B-36 replaced the B-52. The bombers' went supersonic with the B-58 Hustler. Finally, the ultimate expression of the strategic bomber was realized with the B-70 Valkyrie, a Mach 3 beauty with true intercontinental range. -The FB-111 replaced the B-58 while the new B-1 Lancer entered the fleet alongside the venerable B-52. An entirely new concept of bomber was developed as the B-2 Spirit. This relied on its stealth, but the sheer cost meant that only a handful of B-2s were built and the number of bombers continued to decline. -Yet, in the early 21st century, the strategic bomber was confirmed yet again in Iraq. This is the history of the US strategic bomber.< Less
2012 Chronicles #0331 - $FB IPO Delay By Klaudio Zic
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IPO DELAY The ascendant passed from Fox to Water Snake as the Facebook’s IPO was delayed on NASDAQ. Note centaur 2006 AA29 rising with Icarus (sic) setting. #Facebook #IPO Delay... More > #FB $FB #FBIPO #$FB #FacebookIPO #EON #2012< Less
Boeing Sentry Operational Profile By peter dancey
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Originating from WW II and the Boeing b-29 Raven operations post-war the Sigint Elint banner was handed first to the Lockheed EC-121 and then to the Boeing E-3 Sentry that remains in its greatly... More > upgraded form in front line service with the USAF, France, the UK and NATO in the new millennium< Less
To Construct the 95% Confidence Interval for the Population Mean By Homework Help Classof1
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"The sample mean is 50, the t-statistic is 1.96, and the standard error of the sample mean is 2. What is the 95 percent confidence interval? a. 46 to 50 b. 46.08 to 53.92 c. 46.80 to 53.29 d. 48... More > to 52 "< Less - Reflections on the future of journalism By Ann Laenen
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From 27th until 29th October 2011, the conference took place in Antwerp (Belgium), featuring interesting workshops and lively debates on essential media issues. Young European reporters... More > were being offered a superb opportunity to express their views on the media and journalism and to build up contacts with their peers. Following speakers attended the conference: Paul Lewis (The Guardian, UK), Annabel McGoldrick (AUS), Alex Wood (UK), Arnold van Bruggen (NL), Bram Souffreau (B), Alexandre Castanheira (B), Christelle Lacour (B), Henk Blanken (NL), Ingrid Lieten (B), Johan Weisz-Myara (FR), Marc Boone (B), Marietje Schaake (NL), Olaf Koens (NL), Rob Hornstra (NL), Stefan Candea (RO) and Teun Gautier (NL). This book contains texts, transcripts and articles that are worth sharing amongst young journalists.< Less

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