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A Light In Dark Places: The Word Behind Bars By Cross Connected Christian Fellowship
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A LIGHT IN DARK PLACES The Word Behind Bars Written completely by inmates, A Light in Dark Places; The Word Behind Bars, is a brief glimpse into the lives of the incarcerated, who choose to live... More > in Christ's Word while in prison. This booklet contains a handful of testimonies, real-life experiences, and constructive writings from men whose lives have been transformed by the genuine power of God. And through His grace comes this simple booklet, an outlet for these men to share their chosen walk with others, in hopes that it will shed light upon those who share a similar path. Publishing without profit, Cross Connected Christian Fellowship serves it's members and contributors for as long as God allows.< Less
Sanity Behind Bars By Maria Isabel Arbelaez Muñoz
Paperback: $8.99
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Nicolas was a young man with a beautiful wife and children when he was convicted for the murder of three boys. With no power against the law, Nicolas took his punishment as his life was turned upside... More > down forever. For once, his future was completely out of his control. Nicolas found himself barely surviving in one of the worst prisons in South America. Every day was a fight for survival, to not step on the toes of any of the inmates or cross paths with the wrong prison gang. Some may think you are safer in prison than on the streets, but the reality is very different. Every day Nicolas woke up, he knew he was closer to his release, but farther from his sanity. He kept track of the years, and his life, as it passed him by. Only so much starvation, torture, death, and cockroaches could break a man, no matter how strong. And the worst part was that Nicolas would live within the prison of his mind for the rest of his life.< Less
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What is the Proper Spelling of the Word Nazarani? By Hadrian Mâr Élijah Bar Israël & Chabril Bar Yaqoub
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The word Nazarani is an Aramaic plural word meaning literally “branches”. It is closely related to the Hebrew word Netser (נצר), but the Hebrew tsade is vocalized in... More > Aramaic (but not in Syriac) as a zayin. The word Nazarani is also used in modern Arabic and Hebrew to describe all Christians; however in it’s original Aramaic form it specifically referred to those Christians who resisted the Hellenization of the Church and instead followed the ancient Christian path which was laid out by Jesus and His Holy Disciples. To express “the people of the branch” as an adjective one could say nazranayin.< Less
Our Human Current: Stories about Complexity, Systems, and Mentorship By Angela Cross & Haley Campbell-Gross
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Human Current, the complexity podcast, emerged from the belief that the world will be a better place if more people learn about complexity—as a scientific theory and way of understanding the... More > world. Our Human Current is a story of listening and learning, and of the power of mentorship, inspired by our own mentor, Douglas Drane. We conducted more than 125 thoughtful interviews with scientists, influencers, and practitioners in the fields of complexity science and systems thinking. Let us take you on a 365-day journey through the stories, research, anecdotes, and advice from Doug and our conversations with guests including: Stephen Wolfram, a founding father of complexity science; Yaneer Bar-Yam, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute; Jean Boulton, co-author of Embracing Complexity; Melanie Mitchell, professor at the Santa Fe Institute; Margaret Wheatley, best-selling author; Dean Radin, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences; Albert-László Barabási, author; and so many more!< Less
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Capt. Mike's Letters to Yachtsmen By Michael Maurice
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Perfect Binding. 2 Ed. A compendium of Capt. Mike's email letters to Trawlers & Trawlering forum. Subjects discussed include: weather, accidents, bar crossings, use of radar, navigation rules,... More > storms, vessel handling, waves, lights, tsunamis, big ships,and more. Many pictures, a bibliography, appendix, salvage form and some illustrations.< Less
Autumn Changes --Part III By Red Jordan Arobateau
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----Transman is an artist, a spiritual searcher, & a sexual libertine. Arobateau’s style is to flash back & forth in his memories rather then a typical linear progression. A different... More > date annotates the subsequent paragraph, and locates the reader immediate in time: 1972 Transman purchases a kingsized bed.--Visualizing many hot naked females in it. Does not realize it will be nearly 15 solid years of more aloneness interspersed by 4 or 5 aborted relationships and a dozen 20-minute hookers, until he meets his wife. AUTUMN CHANGES is a bookfull of procedural information about FTM’s & MTF’s as well; something most trans books (fiction/autobiographies) don’t have. Usually being about either one or the other; although the majority of it is about the men: It is August 1998. 3 weeks away from top surgery. 2 months until his first hormone shot. This book’s snapshots flash back and forth. Red Jordan Arobateau, teenager. Young adult in his 20’s. And middle age.< Less
A Decade of Fear By Norma McCluskie
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Chicago in the 1950s and1960s was a city riddled with crime. The mafia and organized crime flourished while many in law enforcement ignored countless transgressions and were on the take. Bribery was... More > a fact of life. This is a true story of a young couple, Norma and Bernard, who owned a small tavern on the north side of Chicago. They unknowingly hire a hitman as bartender and end up crossing paths with Sam De Stefano, a man labeled as the worst torturer in the history of the United States. One day a holdup changed their lives forever.< Less
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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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