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Your Menopause Handbook By Lilah Borden
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Tough Questions To Ask About Menopause - And How To Get The Right Answers. Follow Along as We Take a Serious Look - See How YOU Can Use This Handbook to Conquer Menopause Once and For All!
Bioidentical Hormones Made Easy! By Y.L. Wright
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Learn about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in a quick and easy book. Learn about the history of hormone replacement (HRT) and discover why all HRT is feared, even bioidentical... More > hormones. Learn how to find a doctor who will help you and not hurt you. Explore all of your BHRT options, learning how to replace your hormones safely, so that you can prevent heart disease, cancer, and all other diseases of aging.< Less
The Wisdom of Bioidentical Hormones In Menopause! By Y.L. Wright M.A., J.M. Swartz M.D.
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THE WISDOM OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES lies in knowing when and how to use them. This book will help you determine which methods of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), if any, may work best... More > for YOU, no matter how old you are, whether you are in menopause, perimenopause, or even younger. To really feel at your best, you may or may not need bioidentical hormone replacement. Read this book and find out what you can do to optimize your hormones before making a bioidentical hormone intervention. Discover how replacing deficient hormones with bioidentical hormones (that are exactly the same as those your body makes) may improve your health, your mood, your thinking, and your relationship. Are bioidentical hormones safe? Do they cause cancer? Are there side effects? When should you begin to use them? What tests are needed? How can you find a doctor who will prescribe the bioidentical hormones that will work best for you? Get this book and learn the answers to all of these questions.< Less