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Dragon of the Two Flames By Michael Ford
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This massive, 585 page grimoire begins with historical, mythological, authentic origins of the Gods & Demons of ancient Bronze Age/Iron Age Canaanite Pantheons throughout the Levant. The Gods are... More > described as ‘Deific Masks’, representations of a type of energy/power which manifests in nature & in relation to the individual. -Descriptions, Cult ‘Names of Power’, locations of temples including authentic modern rituals and workings with realistic goals for material and spiritual development. -Maps, architecture examples of Baal, Chemosh, Dagan & Baal-Zebub temples, consecration rituals, sorcery, necromancy and demonology and the rites of divination including communion with Dagan and Baal-Zebub by dreams. -Ancient Magickial scripts using authentic Aramaic, Moab/Philistine & Ugaritic cuneiform to inscribe ‘Words of Power’ for spells.< Less
Dragon of the Two Flames - Demonic Magick & the Gods of Canaan By Michael Ford
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A complete modern grimoire, this book begins with Luciferian Ideology and the modern practice of the ancient pantheons within. The history of the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Philistines, Hittites,... More > Moabites, Eblaites, Mari and Ammonites including their associations with the enemy of their cults, Yahweh. The realistic and etymological source of the old gods and demons are revealed including how they may be invoked with offerings. The ancient enemies of Yahweh were great & powerful deities associated with the reality of nature & the individual mind. Gods such as Chemosh, Baal, Baal-Zebub, Astarte, Dagan, Leviathan & many other ancient deities are restored to their ancient purpose & meaning. With over 56 God and Demon illustrations, this book will appeal to not only Luciferians but also former Christians, Satanists, Wiccans, Thelemites and other Pagans. The Second half explores First Century Demonology all the way through Medieval Qlipoth and the emergence of the Devil.< Less

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