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Safe Word: Ballbusting By R. W. Clinger
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One safe word: ballbusting. Two rooms. Three black dungeon masters. Set in a New York City apartment, three gentleman (a hot cop, a writer, and a sexy nurse) come together and perform naughty sex... More > games together. What transpires among the three is nothing less than bittersweet, animal-rough, and hardcore sexy.< Less
Pussy Envy By Peter Ray
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Have you ever tried to accede to some deeply hidden, kinky and quirky sexual requests of yourself?
The Coffee Shop 5: The Hangover By Jonoffen
eBook (PDF): $5.84
(18) Contains ball-busting, castration and big tit theme. After a night of excess, the ball-busting girls of the coffee shop wake to find two unconscious delivery boys in their lounge who appear to... More > have had their nuts crushed. Through a series of flashbacks they recall the events which led up to the boys' castrations as well as the new acquaintances they made that night.< Less
Flat By Jonoffen
eBook (PDF): $6.83
(18) Contains ball-busting, castration and rape themes. When Lee moves into his new flat he has no idea what trouble he has gotten his testicles into. There's Lucy and Holly in Flat 1 who love... More > nothing more than playing eye-watering pranks, Sophie in Flat 2 who manages to bust his balls through sheer dim-wittedness and Imogen and her little sister Poppy in Flat 5 who Lee makes the ruinous mistake of angering.< Less
The Coffee Shop By Jonoffen
eBook (PDF): $5.84
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(18) Contains ball-busting, castration and big tit theme. Jack thinks he’s found his perfect job: making sandwiches in a coffee shop run by the three sexiest girls he’s ever laid eyes... More > on. There’s Lilly: a sweet, young teen with a wicked smile; Judie: a svelte Eastern European with a perfect, round ass; and, Jack’s personal favourite, Gemma: a naïve blonde with an obscenely huge pair of melons. Unfortunately for Jack, the girls see a male employee (or, more precisely, the tender parts hanging between his legs) as nothing but a source of amusement. Fooling him into a series of dares, escalating in both humiliation and pain, the girls find more and more ingenious ways to bust Jack’s balls for their entertainment. The only question is: when they’re done, will they let him keep them? (12000 words)< Less
The Little Bitch Trilogy By Jonoffen
eBook (PDF): $7.79
(18)Contains ball-, tit- and cunt-busting. She was the new girl; a tiny thing in her early twenties with big blue eyes and a cute upturned nose. Her name was Whitney. I always saw her across the... More > office surrounded by laughing buffoons; drawn to her because she was the only attractive woman in the place. I stress woman because there was another female employee who, in my opinion, was much more attractive, but the fact she was only barely legal meant she was off limits to most. She was a receptionist called Sian who even the most lecherous of men drew the line at gawping at. I, on the other hand, being the only male in the office around her age, had no qualms about giving her tiny waist and overdeveloped young titties longing stares; much to the envy of Whitney...< Less
Ball Sprawl and Other Tales By James Pendergrass
eBook (PDF): $11.95
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NEW - JULY 2010 -- I proudly introduce my first short story collection. Seven delicious tales in all -- six femdom stories and one maledom story.  "Ball Sprawl" is the story of a... More > female photographer with a very special niche at capturing the point of impact between female shoe and you-know-what.  "Aunt Victoria" is a devious college-age lady who is younger, but more mature than the nephew that she takes charge of.  "Sit" is the story of a vicious businesswoman who does what is necessary to advance her career.  "2222" is my first futuristic Femdom tale.  "Gym Girl" is perhaps the most devilish story of female revenge I have ever written.  "Wide Open" is about a petite young woman who falls for her stud gym teacher.  And "Coed Soccer" caps off this collection - it is an absolutely epic tale of group female power.  All of these stories feature highly realistic characters involved in vivid, dramatic erotic exchanges. My best work to date.  37,000 words - not intended for people under 18 years old.< Less
Feminine Persuasion By James Pendergrass
eBook (PDF): $9.99
NEW MAY 31st, 2011! After an extended time off, I am back with five wonderfully detailed stories of Female Domination and male humiliation. If you enjoy reading vivid descriptions of the... More > exploitation and subsequent humiliation of males by their superior Female counterparts, then you will love this collection of highly believable and compelling short stories. 36,000 words, not intended for people under 18 years old.< Less
See How She Runs (him) By James Pendergrass
eBook (PDF): $10.95
NEW - OCT 10, 2009! Friends, I came up with a totally inspired idea for a Femdom story and the words just poured out of me. Introducing Dana Green, all four feet eleven inches and 92 pounds of her. ... More > Dana is a gifted freshman cross-country runner who secretly loves nothing more than to sexually dominate men. When the other female runners complain about senior runner Paul Granger's unwanted advances, Dana decides to do something about it. Dana is not interested in destroying Paul; she's interested in breaking him down and building him back up again. In doing so, Dana comes up with a truly brilliant device for teaching Paul humility. Dana is my greatest creation yet - she's down to earth, matter-of-fact, and nothing short of a genius when it comes to humiliating men. For the record, I gave myself the worst blueballs in ten years while I was writing this thing. This one is full of innovative new ideas (31,000 words - Intended for ages 18+ only)< Less
The Coffee Shop 2 By Jonoffen
eBook (PDF): $5.84
Sequel to The Coffee Shop. (18) Contains tit- and cunt-busting, castration and big tit theme. When a rival café opens right across the street, run by a gorgeous young French girl and her staff... More > of virile young men, the girls of The Coffee Shop have to fight dirtier than ever to win back their customers.< Less