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Frameworks Bamidbar By Rav Matis Weinberg
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Offprint from the popular FrameWorks Bamidbar, originally marketed as the FrameWorks Journal on Apple.
נֵס הַתוֹרָה - The Book of Bamidbar בְּמִדְבַּר By Rabbi Yoram Dahan
Hardcover: List Price: $24.99 $19.99 | You Save: 20%
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The Book of NUMBERS The book provides readers with unmatched insight to each weekly Torah portion, alongside teachings from both written and oral Torah. Among these teachings are commentaries from... More > the Zohar, Kabbalah and numerical codes. These volumes encompass the Midrash, Prophets, Cha"zal and new commentaries.< Less
History of the Promise Book Four: Numbers (Bamidbar) By He Promised Publications
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
​So close to the prize and then a promise of death due to disobedience and faithlessness. As you study book 4 of the law you will learn that all humans are sinful and are in need of a savior. ... More > The true believer of our time is a spiritual Hebrew... in all ways. This book teaches us that faith and obedience are necessary for us to be saved, just like it was for our Hebrew brethren so long ago.< Less
Kahane Codes Vayikra,Bamidbar,Dvarim By Yoseph Feivel
Paperback: $18.80
Prints in 3-5 business days
Torah Commentary on Vayikra, Bamidbar and Dvarim. Discovering codes within the text that connect to the Rav. *Note:This book is free. If you like an electronic PDF file write to... More > and I will email you a copy. If you wish to order a hard copy you may do so here and just pay the shipping/printing cost. In addition you may wish to make a donation to Friends of the Jewish Idea Yeshiva P.O. Box 425 Midwood Station Brooklyn, NY 11230 USA Donations can also be sent directly to the Yeshiva in Israel: Yeshivat Harayon Hayehudi Snif Doar Machne Yehuda # 98109 Jerusalem, Israel 9106< Less
Livre de Bamidbar (Les Nombres) By Elie HASSON
Hardcover: List Price: $18.94 $16.10 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Livre de Bamidbar (Les Nombres) Hébreu en gros caractères avec positionnement de l'accent tonique et des Chéva Na' et des Chéva Na'h
Zohav Interlinear Tikun and Haftarot: Bamidbar By Jimmy Goldfarb
Paperback: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Zohav Interlinear Tikun places fully-pointed and cantillated text above the Torah verses to be learned, rather than on the opposite page (as is done in all other traditional editions of the Tikun... More > LeKorin). This new design makes it much easier to prepare a Torah reading, both for the beginner and for the expert. This edition includes the Sabbath and holiday reading from the prophets (haftarah).< Less
BAMIDBAR Hebrew Book of Numbers Torah Portion Vol.4 By Rastafari Groundation
Paperback: List Price: $21.97 $17.58 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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THE TORAH PORTIONS IN THE FOURTH BOOK, CALLED BAMIDBAR (Hebrew Numbers) are composed 10 portions, including the first portion, or self-named parsha of Bamidbar • Naso • Behaalotecha •... More > Shlach • Korach • Chukat • Balak • Pinchas • Matot • Masei. DISCLAIMER: The views presented in this volume are not our own and do not necessarily reflect the Ethiopian-Hebraic interpretation to the Old Testament, or Ethiopic Orit (Torah) in particular, but is being compiled into these five volumes: Bereishit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) and printed separately, largely due to size per volume. Nevertheless, this study, and these volumes have been compiled by the Lion of Judah Society, and are designed for the Brotherhood of the Rastafari disciples and Ethiopian-Hebrew faithful to get better acquainted with the primary and prevailing opinions on Judaism and the interpretations of the Hebrew Bible.< Less
Torah Samaritana: Vayikra, Bamidbar e Devarim By Marco Enrico de Graya
Paperback: $24.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Il presente testo mette a confronto la Bibbia Samaritana con quella Masoretica Ebraica nella lingua originale. La Torah Samaritana è riportata con caratteri ebraici. Entrambi i testi sono... More > redatti nell'antica versione, senza la vocalizzazione. Si ritiene che la Bibbia Samaritana sia la più vicina alla Bibbia originale, redatta nel VI° sec. a.C., cioè al ritorno dalla ‘cattività babilonese’. Sino a quel momento vi erano solamente rotoli (libri) non organizzati in un canone prestabilito. Nella formazione del testo, il rabbinato di Gerusalemme escluse diversi libri: i Samaritani accettarono solamente il Pentateuco (la Torah, ossia i primi cinque libri) riconducibile a Mosè, più il libro di Giosuè. I restanti libri, accettati dagli Ebrei, non furono considerati come ispirati da Dio, da parte dei Samaritani, e quindi non meritevoli di entrare a far parte della Bibbia.< Less
Frameworks Journal Naso By Rav Matis Weinberg
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Offprint from the popular FrameWorks Bamidbar, originally marketed as the FrameWorks Journal on Apple.
Frameworks Journal Shlach By Rav Matis Weinberg
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Offprint from the popular FrameWorks Bamidbar, originally marketed as the FrameWorks Journal on Apple.

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