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Bapak Lost in the Amazon By Mardiyah A. Tarantino
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This delightful little book contains a series of short, vivid sketches of events remembered from the years the author lived closely to Bapak and Ibu Siti Sumari when on the South American tours over... More > 40 years ago. The book also includes snippets from the seven years when the family lived in Cilandak. It contains much spiritual advice and guidance given to her by Ibu as trust and intimacy built over time, up to Ibu’s death in 1971.While living in San Francisco, she became a Helper, raised 5 children, then became an International Helper. Later, she received an MA from the University of Hawaii, where she subsequently taught Sociology, Spanish & French. She has also written Marvelous Stories from the Life of Muhammad and three other books. Following her terms on the board of Susila Dharma, and inspired by Ibu Rahayu, she created Elderberry for the Subud Pioneers in the USA.< Less
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Subud is a spiritual movement which had its origins in Indonesia in the 1920s and spread to the West in 1957. Subud members practise a form of worship known as the latihan (short for latihan... More > kejiwaan, an Indonesian term meaning “spiritual exercise”). The latihan is a pragmatic experience which can be approached in the spirit of a scientific experiment. It can bring proof. It is a new dispensation suited to this scientific age, when people will only believe what they have experienced directly for themselves. It comes, like past revelations from God, at a moment of peril for humanity, when the technology we have created seems to have outstripped our capacity to control it. The latihan has been given to restore the balance between our minds and our inner feelings.< Less
Source De Vie - Contact Avec L'Origine De L'Être By Léonard Lassalle
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Dans Source de Vie, Léonard Lassalle nous parle d’expériences peu habituelles qui se tissèrent tout au long de sa vie après avoir commencé, à... More > l’âge de 19 ans, un entraînement spirituel appelé le Latihan Kejiwaan de Subud. Ces expériences n’arrivèrent pas avec une intention voulue par son mental ou mues par ses passions, mais plutôt en suivant en toute confiance ce qui venait spontanément à lui de sa nature profonde. « Source de Vie » emmène le lecteur dans l’intimité de la vie spirituelle de Léonard et de l’influence que cette pratique spirituelle eut sur sa vie familiale et sur l’aspect matériel de sa vie quotidienne. Mélinda, sa femme, pratique aussi le Latihan Kejiwaan, ils vivent aujourd’hui en Provence.< Less
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Extracts from Bapak's talks given during his world tours between 1958 and 1980; talks on the creation, the planets, mankind and the prophets. These extracts have been compiled by Ilaina Lennard. This... More > volume is the first of several to come.< Less
The Best of Subud Voice 3 By Ilaina Lennard
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I would like to dedicate these stories to all of you who provided them and in the hope that those who read them will feel as enriched as I did when putting them together. And I hope that these... More > chapters, together with the passages chosen from Bapak’s talks, will give new members more background and fresh insights into the amazing development of Subud. God bless you all – Ilaina Lennard< Less
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This book is about my impressions and personal experiences while leading six expeditions (May 1982 to July 1986) in exploring for gold and other minerals. These expeditions were the highlight of my... More > professional life, and the area was legendary, especially in the villages known to the Dayak people as Data Hotap. The work of the Expedition Team, Mas Asikin Alwi, Mansur Geiger, plus myself and many Dayaks, was really successful as we discovered several sources of gold and identified world-class copper gold porphyry targets. The formal reports resulted in a Joint Venture agreement with our first corporate partner, Paringa Mining & Exploration Corporation, an Australian company. In short, our work “opened the door” to all the subsequent work. For this, the Expedition Group is really thankful.< Less
They Were There 2 By Ilaina Lennard
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In compiling this book I found myself constantly thinking of new Subud members, who might like to have more background about the failures and successes that we in Subud have all encountered. Some of... More > these stories are new, some were from other sources, and some were published many years ago in Subud Voice. My sincerest thanks to all who shared their stories again in this book.< Less
Veil of Light By Husein Rofé
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Husein Rofé takes us with him on his journey – physical and spiritual – from his oppressive family situation in 1930s England, to Europe and North Africa and eventually to South... More > East Asia and the Far East. In 1951 he arrives in Central Java, in newly independent Indonesia. Here he discovers an unknown spiritual practice called Subud, a transformative experience that is passed from person to person without any teaching involved. He becomes convinced of its universal significance and feels called to make it better known. Through a series of adventures and uncanny coincidences, he succeeds in bringing it to the attention of seekers in the West. Rofé, an outstanding linguist, was attracted by the diversity of human culture. He set himself the goal of mastering a new language every year, and towards the end of his life was able to read and converse comfortably in over 70 languages. This extraordinary book concludes with his globetrotting adventures and his insights on culture, the state of the world and diet.< Less
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Saving Grace (now in its fourth edition) is a book written for those wishing to find out more about Subud, a rarely publicised, modern, yet seemingly ancient, spiritual movement. It charts one... More > man’s fifty-year involvement through his personal take on its organisation, its culture and the latihan – the transformative process at it’s heart. Marcus Bolt documents his highs and lows, successes and failures, the seemingly miraculous and the down-to-earth realities with a remarkable honesty, all the while emphasising that the Subud process is uniquely individual and that every Subud member would have a completely different story.< Less
ODDS & SODS By Marcus Bolt
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A collection of articles, short stories, reviews, poetry, book extracts and essays spanning the last 61 years. Marcus Bolt was born in London’s East end during World War 2. When he was twelve,... More > his family moved to a new town in Hertfordshire where he attended the local grammar school. Marcus went on to study at art college, leaving with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design. He then worked alternately for design groups and as both art and primary school teacher until becoming a freelance designer and writer in the late 1980s, continuing to date. In 1968 he joined Subud, a little known ancient but modern spiritual movement, and is still a member. Many of the pieces in this volume reflect on his fifty-year involvement. Marcus is a widower and has two daughters and five grandsons and lives south of Bristol. In his spare time, he paints like Art Blakey and plays drums like Pablo Picasso.< Less

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