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Standards Manual By Manual Committee
Paperback: $15.50
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A manual of concise statements of orthodox Baptist beliefs and practices and practical points for congregational church government
Messianic Apologetics: What's a Nice Baptist Kid Like You Doing in a Messianic Synagogue? By Mark Staneart
Paperback: $6.75
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Have you ever wondered why people would choose to follow the commands of the Old Testament after Jesus has paid the price for our sins? Do Messianic Believers ignore what Paul wrote to the... More > Galatians? Why do people keep kosher, even though they're not Jewish? These questions, and many other very common arguments are addressed m the short book, Messianic Apologetics. It is a fast paced, easily readable defense on how Mark Staneart came to the understanding that God is the same yesterday, today and forever: His Word endures, His Promises endure, and His standard of truth and righteousness is the same today as it was for the men and women who walked the land of Israel thousands of years ago.< Less
Feasts and All Their Finery: Elegant Dining in Old Regime France By Jim Chevallier, Pierre Jean-Baptiste Le Grand d'Aussy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Feasts, table decorations, customs and entertainments... Le Grand d'Aussy ends his three-volume history of French food with these exuberant chapters , bristling with colorful details, about how fine... More > dining in France grew more formal and more ambitious, remaining extravagant (by today's standards) even after the sometimes stunning, sometimes laughable excesses of the Middle Ages were reigned in and more sophisticated service and entertainment replaced a host of mechanical devices, pantomimes, and outright exotica. Le Grand draws on a classic cookbook and several forgotten memoirs to bring a wealth of details on menus, table decoration, royal households, customs, and entertainments to those who study the Middle Ages, food history, decoration or simply France in all its infinite variety. For the first time, this rich and unique text is available in English.< Less
Life and Ministry of David Mulvey By Matthew J. Hyde
Paperback: $5.99
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David Mulvey (1915-1968) was a dearly beloved minister amongst the “Gospel Standard” Strict Baptists. His ministry lasted for just nine short years, yet it is still remembered for its... More > savour and many can testify to the blessing that Mr Mulvey’s preaching was made to their souls.< Less
Seasons of the Soul By J C Philpot
Paperback: $16.74
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The three pieces in this book were among the first published material that came from the pen of J C Philpot. They all appeared within a relatively short period of time. The first appearing in... More > either late 1836 or early 1837 and the last in January 1838. This edition of the three works benefits from skilful editorial and an introduction by Pastor J E North. An appendix is also added in which Philpot vindicates his own writings. This has never been republished since it first appeared in 1838< Less
Beholding His Glory By Matthew J. Hyde
Paperback: $6.01
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Previously unpublished sermons on the Person and incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, by Mr J. K. Popham, pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton, and editor of The Gospel Standard... More > magazine. “….O what has God done my dear friends in sending His Son into the world that we might live through Him! What has He done in sending His only begotten Son to be the propitiation for our sins? Five minutes of a view of this will affect the heart, draw it after Christ, make sin more bitter than you can express and make holiness so attractive to you as that you pant to be holy in that way that God has ordained. Not to be holy by any efforts of yourself, but by receiving the spirit of holiness from Jesus Christ…”< Less
John Bunyan 1628-1688 By Edited by James E North
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The articles here reprinted were all written by Particular Baptist ministers of the Gospel Standard Strict Baptist group of churches. Three of the writers were editors of the Gospel Standard... More > Magazine. The beauty of the chapters is that the authors allow John Bunyan to speak for himself. The writers do not impose their views upon John Bunyan. The Authors of the articles are: A W Light: Bunyan's Life J C Philpot: Bunyan's Experience & Bunyan's Genius J H Gosden: Bunyan's Doctrine J Dennett: Bunyan's Practical Teaching< Less
A Memorial Of The Late Mr Isaac Lewis Twenty-one Years Minister Of The Gospel At Staplehurst, Kent By Isaac Lewis et al.
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Isaac Lewis was a much loved pastor of ‘Providence’ Strict Baptist Chapel in Staplehurst, Kent for 21 years until his death in 1896. This ‘Memorial’ was first published by... More > Benjamin Wickens in November 1896 and was available in both paperback and hardback versions. It contains an autobiography, originally published in the ‘Christian’s Monthly Record’ during Mr Lewis’ lifetime, as well as poems, funeral sermons, some of Mr Lewis’ letters and other information. Mr Lewis’ autobiography has been reprinted in the ‘Gospel Standard’ and elsewhere under the title “Through Many Dangers”. This book has been reprinted from a paperback original with a few notes added to provide context or additional background information in some places. Please note that the Preview can take a while to show after the Preview window opens.< Less
Memento of John Kemp By Matthew J. Hyde
Paperback: $8.85
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John Kemp (1850-1932) was for 52 years the pastor of Ebenezer Strict and Particular Baptist Chapel, Bounds Cross, Biddenden, Kent. He was widely respected as a minister of the gospel, and faithfully... More > served as a member of the committee of the Gospel Standard Societies for several years. This book contains a brief biographical sketch of Mr Kemp, together with a selection of his previously unpublished sermons and letters.< Less
A Memorial of Mr George Frost By Benjamin Wickens et al.
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Mr George Frost was the Pastor at the Strict Baptist chapel at Jarvis Brook for 21 years. He was a former fisherman from Essex who was called by Grace to become a fisher of men. Unusually Mr Frost... More > preached the sermon at his own baptism and was baptised by the deacon as the minister was taken ill and, despite every effort, no substitute could be found. This book contains a brief account of Mr Frost's life, written by his wife, as well as an account of the funeral, the funeral sermon by Mr James Dickens, several of Mr Frost's letters and four of his sermons. One sermon was an address at Christ Church, Crowborough which was, at that time, a Free Church of England place of worship.< Less