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Soldier of Rome By Bob Base
eBook (ePub): $7.66
This is the story of contubernium (a squad) of eight Roman soldiers. There are no Generals vying for high office,or heroes that have super powers, there are no beautiful women or romance.Just rank... More > and file soldiers, recruited from the slums and the countrysides of the Roman Empire,they have signed on,took the oath, and now have to serve for the next twenty years beneath the Eagle. This is their story. Follow them as they march.set camp, argue, and gamble and march again as their Legates leads the Legion towards the borders and war with the Barbarians... I have made the battle scenes as realistic as possible as are the weapons, ranks, and known tactics There are violent scenes, bad language throughout, and scenes of brutality and a rape (when a a village is sacked)Ii make no excuses for this inclusion as this was common for any cities or villages that were sacked during those turbulent times. A full glossary is included and I am open for discussion on my web site< Less
First Contact War By Bob Base
eBook (ePub): $3.93
They came from another world. But not in peace,instead they brought War, and on a massive scale. This is the story of two brothers. One a Marine, the other a Pilot. One fights in the trenches,the... More > other on the very edge of space. But this is not just their story it is the story of a global conflict against an Alien race. A race that came not to meet but to destroy and man's first view of an alien lifeform was to be through the sights of his weapons. This would be a conflict not for planetary resources, but for the survival of an entire species.< Less
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Bases By Ed Milkow
Paperback: $6.99
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Screenplay inspired by classic comedy sketch Who's on First.
Chemistry of Conflict Final By Milpitas High School Project Based Learning
Paperback: $13.68
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Project Based Learning Project Based Learning (P.B.L.) is a program that approximately 90 sophomore students participate in at Milpitas High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. The students are in... More > a World History, English, and Chemistry Cohort. Is this Cohort they integrate the three subjects wherever possible. What is the whole point of Project Based Learning? The goal for the program is to communicate, collaborate, and critically think within a group to solve an intricate question or a problem. P.B.L benefits the students because it teaches academic skills that will help them in situations in their near future. P.B.L. students experience real life problems and challenges. By experiencing real problems and challenges, the students are simply “learning by doing.” By collaborating, communicating, and thinking critically , Milpitas High School P.B.L. students can solve the questions or problems they are given.< Less
The base of Life By Craig Tan
Hardcover: $35.45
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Takes you through the process of Earth's creation and how Earth's surface basically starts and ends.
Broader the Base... By Samuel Burges Hellier
Hardcover: $20.95
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The Broader the Base... is the autobiography of former Connecticut Senator Samuel Burges Hellier. His life has been a rollercoaster filled with love, the war, family and politics.
Bases of sociography By Felix Gerenabarrena
eBook (PDF): $7.92
Bases of sociography explains the theoretical foundations of an hermeneutical approach to socially originated cultural artifacts. The author christens this approach as sociography. The roots of... More > sociography can be found in the Hermeneutics of Gadamer, the structural anthropology of Levi Strauss, the microsociology of Erving Goffman and the pragmatics of Austin, Searle and Grice. As long as its purpose is mainly pragmatic its validity is confined to the cultural products of medium sized social realities, such as corporate environments and small groups. Although its basic character can be useful for the macro analyst who wants to start from the micro level. Felix Gerenabarrena is a Ph.D. Candidate in Hermeneutics. He has been trained in Negotiation at the Harvard Law School and has been working with companies involved in innovation processes, conflict management issues and strategy.< Less
American Bases By Joseph Stadtmiller
Paperback: $15.06
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American Bases is about baseball, love and the Korean War, an average man's pursuit of glory-the true meaning of magnificence. When Jim Ranelli returns home the Korean War is just another failure in... More > a life cluttered with second place finishes. He decides to coach an American Legion baseball team, beginning a quest to be the finest coach in Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley. This is a story about a man who loves coaching so much, it almost destroys his marriage, the woman who stands by him, what it's like to put everything you have into something and fail. Most of us know the feeling, but how many of us learn that what matters most-is the process itself, the impact we have on those we touch along the way.< Less