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Action this Day: Determining the Future through our Actions Today By Bay Path College Women Writers Project
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The choices that we make today will affect not only our future, but the future of generations to come, and knowledge is the most powerful tool in the fight for effective change. With collaborated... More > efforts, women scholars at Bay Path College have come together to present inspired and well-researched arguments for positive transformation across a global landscape. From informational technology to media; financial intelligence to the national healthcare crisis; agricultural change to the world’s water supply; health and wellness to regulatory judgments; the impact of poverty, racism, and the persistence of human trafficking; we as a nation have a responsibility to evoke a positive movement towards establishing a safer future across all of these domains.< Less
HNMUN/Bay Path College Delegate Handbook 2011--The Gambia By John Jarvis
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An in-house publication by Bay Path College students to guide their deliberations at the 2011 Harvard National Model United Nations Conference.
Education: The Key to a Brighter Future By Bay Path Women Writers Project
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The student writers of this book have come to college to educate their minds. But the complex social issues that they grapple with in these pages are equally matters of the heart. Sexual violence,... More > teen pregnancy, integrating compassion into our schools, dealing with student debt, healing our returning soldiers from the wounds of war, illegal immigration, and protecting and caring for our most vulnerable older citizens—These are all issues that offer challenges as emotional as they are intellectual. The nine writers here face these topics head on. They present us with facts and findings as well as meaningful strategies to navigate more successfully through complex problems. As they do so, they offer excellent writing models to other students looking to improve their skills, They provide examples of both MLA and APA research writing styles as they demonstrate best practices in critical thinking and persuasive writing.  < Less
A Tree of Hope By John Jarvis
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Inspired by the mesmerizing stories of Erin Gruwell and her Freedom Writers, ten students at Bay Path College write about their own lives. The seeds of a hopeful tree first planted in the pages of... More > the diary of a young girl named Anne Frank have moved on to take root in places as far apart as Sarajevo and Long Beach, California. This book extends these roots into the heart of New England.< Less
The Kingdom of Bhutan By John Jarvis
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The in-house handbook for Bay Path College students attending the Harvard National Model United Nations in February, 2013. Bay Path College represents the nation of Bhutan.
Creating Wellness in American By John Jarvis
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In this collection of articles, senior student writers seek solutions to important issues that trouble America today. Their research treats a diversity of topics that touch the lives of all... More > Americans, including special education, obesity, factory farming, the science of happiness, racism in our justice system, the new phenomenon of “sexting” among teens, and the impact of negative stereotypes upon our political system. But this textbook is more than a classroom exercise in college writing. It presents excellent models of critical thinking framed by classical Greek rhetoric that is presented in both MLA and APA writing styles for other college students to draw upon in their own work. The book is part of an innovative and ongoing initiative that publishes the best work of senior writers to use as teaching tools in freshmen writing classes at Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.< Less
Sajuka Primary School Project Handbook By John Jarvis
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Thirteen American students leave the richest nation on earth to go to one of the smallest and poorest nations on earth, The Gambia, in West Africa. Their goal is to make a difference in the lives of... More > 300 children at Sajuka Primary School and in the lives of their families. As part of a developing world intervention team from Bay Path College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, they they take educational tools and healthcare supplies to to Barra Village, where such things can help assure a brighter future for 8,000 people.< Less
Healing in a Violent Land By John Jarvis
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In recent times, America has been rocked again and again by violent mass shootings in parking lots, in movie theaters, on college campuses, and, most shockingly, in a first-grade classroom at Sandy... More > Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. Healing in a Violent Land is an effort by adult women writers at Bay Path College in Burlington, Massachusetts, to educate their peers on this heart-wrenching issue. At the same time, these writers-in-training model skillful ways to research and to write in MLA and APA research paper styles for other student writers. Above all, the book reinforces the principles that students learn to write best by writing about things that matter to them and by doing so for real world audiences beyond the classroom.< Less
Breaking Our Silence By John Jarvis
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The 21st century is a time when America is riddled with social issues. Obese and overmedicated children, an antiquated education system that lags behind global counterparts and an often socially... More > toxic world that unbalances our best efforts to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy are just a few of the challenges that we all face today. Breaking Our Silence  is a penetrating and heartfelt look at these issues that are pulling America apart at the seams and making the country as a whole less competitive globally. Sixteen adult women writers in an innovative online learning program at Bay Path College in Springfield, Massachusetts, strive to educate their peers on the troubling issues that they face in their personal and their professional lives each day. As they do so, these college writers-in-training depict the different ways to write in both MLA and APA research paper styles for other students to use as models in their own work.< Less
Kaleidoscope By Paula Killough
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In this book, ten adult women writers at Bay Path College come together to grapple with often heart-wrenching and sometimes controversial issues that impact them personally, professionally, and/or... More > academically. In a six-week, accelerated format, these women writers, enrolled in the online “Writing in the Disciplines” course, came together in virtual time to find solutions to a myriad of contemporary concerns, which included the effects of postpartum depression on mothers, marriages and children; gun ownership; the threat of global warming; adolescents who abuse themselves with cutting behaviors; occupational therapies for children with autism; the best services public school personnel can provide to students with mental illness; the shortcomings of family leave policies in the United States, and how leadership qualities in management shape the culture of a business organization.< Less