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Short stories and poems by: Jackson Bell By Jackson Bell
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A book looking into the mind of an autistic young man seeing a reflection of nature, horror, life and even the future.
Anti Bell II - Refutation Of Bell's Theorem By Ilija Barukcic
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Abstract. According to Bell's theorem, we must abandon either quantum mechanics or local realism, a third is not possible, tertium non datur, both exclude each other. After Bell's theorem was ... More > published, a variety of experiments were devised to test Bell's inequalities. One of the first experimental tests of Bell's inequality were performed by Freedman and Clauser [3]. Meanwhile, dramatic violations of Bell's inequalities have been reported by the so called Bell test experiments which is equally taken as an empirical evidence against local realism and as a positive evidence in favour of quantum mechanics. Based on Bell's theorem and contrary to Einstein et al., we are forced to accept, that our world is non-local. Nonetheless, is there a physical reality, whether the same is measured or not? The purpose of this publication is to refute Bell's theorem by the proof that Bell's theorem is a fallacy of the excluded middle.< Less
ELLIOT, Philosophe ou Bébé By Bell's
eBook (PDF): $5.01
Pour avoir été trop souvent le témoin de l'incompréhension des adultes devant les très jeunes enfants, je vous invite à suivre "Elliot" dans sa... More > découverte de la vie afin que vous, futurs parents, ou actuellement parents puissiez mieux comprendre vos enfants pour le bonheur de tous. Bonne lecture.< Less
ELLIOT, Philosophe ou Bébé ? By Bell's
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Car je pense qu'être un bébé est une aventure extraordinaire, hors du commun et unique. Pleine de merveilleux et d'inconnu...
Alfie John Bell The day you were born By Pauline C. Bell
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Essentially a family history book, linking places in Sheffield that were flooded during 2007 with the Family History of Alfie John Bell who was born on that day.(June 25th). In addition it includes... More > information about the 1864 flood and the industrial concerns of James Dixon and Sons, silversmiths and George Barnsley and Sons toolmakers.< Less
My Words By Janet Bell & Janet Bell
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Poems of a broken heart.
Growing Love By Mary Gant Bell Bell
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Nikki is busy painting and preparing for her upcoming gallery show. When she is not in the studio, she enjoys spending time in the garden with Dillon, and his dog, Candy. Nikki’s extended... More > family, including the newest member of the tribe, Amy, provide stability and joy. Even while Nikki is enjoying her life, the topic of forgiveness continues to challenge her. How do you forgive yourself? How do you forgive others? Are there some sins that are unforgiveable? Secrets of the past threaten to sabotage Nikki’s future happiness, however, when she learns that Theo is still in town. How do you reconcile the sins of the past? Does forgiving others for childhood sins require an ongoing relationship? In addition to that, how can Nikki choose between Dillon and Theo without exposing the secrets she had prayed would stay buried forever? Will the people who taught her about how to forgive others be able to forgive her once those secrets are revealed? Growing Love is book 2 in the Under the Garden Tree series.< Less
Grandparents & Grand Lessons By Margena Bell & Margena Bell
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"GRANDPARENTS & GRAND LESSONS" by Margena Bell is well written and fascinating. Little Mott adventures in the local flavor of a Northwest Florida community in the early 1960's. ... More > Exquisite original artwork. GRANDPARENTS & GRAND LESSONS " is pure delight. Twenty-four separate stories, can be read in order or on their own. Read a story a day/night.. Each story giving an important Lesson to be learned, as taught by loving Grandparents teaching grandchildren about the dangers of life and the pitfalls they must avoid to stay safe and reach adulthood healthy and wise.< Less
The Legend of Father McOwen By Elijah Bell & Esther Bell
Hardcover: $29.95
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Nothing chills the spine quite like a good scary story. Whether it's one about a long dead priest cursed to rise from his grave and haunt the inhabitants of a sleepy village, or a child's swing that... More > has more than memories attached to it, or perhaps a tale about everyone's least favorite teacher coming back from the dead, you're in for a spooky treat that'll be sure to chill your spine and keep you awake at night!< Less
'Twas Ever By Anita Bell & Belinda Bell
Hardcover: $28.99
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'TWAS EVER is an entertaining, suspenseful, and fun fantasy. Travel through time and discover how a girl from the long-ago past experiences the high-tech magic of the modern world.

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
Paperback: $40.00