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Ben Stone e il cuore di Baem By Alejandro Ordoñez Perales
Paperback: $7.05
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"A parte gli orribili incubi che vivevo ogni notte, ero un ragazzo normale. . . almeno finché quella penna non cadde per terra a metà di una lezione. Facendo acrobazie sulla sedia,... More > mi allungai il più possibile e, sorpresa, non solo si mosse ma partì a razzo verso la mia faccia facendomi cadere. Mi vergognai da morire e ciò provocò le risate di tutti i miei compagni tranne che di Emma, la ragazza di cui ero innamorato. Lei vide tutto e, invece di prendermi in giro, mi diede appuntamento in una vecchia chiesa abbandonata dove mi mostrò un logoro libro di testo che parlava di magia. . . Ah, quasi dimenticavo, mi chiamo Ben. Ben Stone. Da quel momento la mia vita si complicò. Da quel momento fui costretto a viaggiare nel mondo originale della magia, Baem, dove scoprii che quegli incubi non erano semplici sogni, che una grande minaccia incombeva su quel luogo. . . e che ero io l'unico a poterla combattere."< Less
Paperback: $11.67
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This is a collection of short stories that explores the realms of age, criminality and hope in impossible circumstances. From a reluctant hit man who has to face his crimes in an omnipotent court,... More > to a man’s mission to tackle dangerous nocturnal streets armed only with his wit and a threadbare dressing gown.< Less
The Comedy Cash-In Book Book By Ben Baker
Paperback: $12.42
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A personal look at what made up the traditional "comedy cash-in" books popular in the UK between the 1970s and 1990s. From Monty Python's exceptionally influential 'Boks' through to the... More > unique, brilliant humour of Harry Hill taking in Morecambe and Wise, The Goodies, Kenny Everett, Saturday Night Live, The Young Ones, Lenny Henry, Smith and Jones, Harry Enfield, Mr Bean, Reeves and Mortimer, Father Ted, Lee and Herring, The League Of Gentlemen and many more along the way. Its also got quite a lot of jokes in it. A must for anyone who likes British comedy.< Less
Robo Raptors and the Gutsy Rebels By Ben Patterson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
When 2000 lives are at stake, the Defiant Few, an elite rebel team, has no choice but to intervene. But in this dark conspiracy, who can they trust? Word about a plot to attack a civilian cruise... More > liner gets to Jones, Dark Horse rebel mastermind. His elite team, the Defiant Few, mobilize. They assume the enemy’s scheme is more than what it seems. But what? Is it a trap set by M.A.S.K. or the Confederacy, or both, to acquire a Dark Horse ship rigged with Rory West’s super-advanced technology? Without evidence, they can’t know which of their enemies is willing to kill innocents for tech treasure. They need intel while they plan for countermeasures. So they ready a trap of their own; one where fourteen-year-old Rory’s androids and robo-raptors could make all the difference. Will the Dark Horse rebels outsmart their enemies one more time?< Less
Ericca Archer: Living On the Run By Ben Patterson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
“What do you want, Ericca Archer? The palace isn’t the worst place to be a slave. You have fine clothes, three squares, a comfy bed, and, if you want, a pretty girl like you, plenty of .... More > . . very expensive baubles to grace your lovely neck. What more could you ask for?” Her laugh, tittering and uncertain, betrayed her incredulity before she could restrain it. “I imagine, Lord Tyson, that for such things all I have to be is your plaything.” “You say that as if it’s a price you’re not willing to pay.” “You may have purchased me, Sire, but you will never own me. Did you really think you ever would? Is your opinion of me that low?” Surprised, he smiled. “Actually, my dear Ericca Archer, my opinion of you has just risen considerably.”< Less
Jumped By Ben Lawes Meier
Paperback: $5.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the olympics? Take a leap in the air and follow Harry’s epic journey from a holiday in the alps to ski jumping in the olympics.
Mijn oorlog en mijn bevrijding By Harry Winthagen
Paperback: $8.13
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Kort nadat begin september 1939 de Tweede Wereldoorlog uitbrak, werd ik geboren in Ransdaal. Nu, 70 jaar later, komen de herinneringen aan mijn kinderjaren in de oorlog sterker bovendrijven. Vooral... More > gebeurtenissen van vlak voor, tijdens en na onze bevrijding in september 1944 kan ik mij goed voor de geest halen. Om mijn eigen oorlogsbeelden in breder perspectief te zien, ben ik in de geschiedenis gedoken. Ik beschrijf de geschiedenis vanaf de Eerste Wereldoorlog, omdat toen al de kiemen werden gelegd voor de Tweede Wereldoorlog. In het bijzonder belicht ik het leven in Zuid-Limburg, speciaal in Ransdaal, voor, tijdens en na de oorlog. Ook beschrijf ik de gevechten in Aken, het Hürtgenwald en de Ardennen, alsmede het ontstaan van de Amerikaanse begraafplaats in Margraten. Tenslotte de geschiedenis van de NAVO en de EU en de vraag, of inmiddels reeds de kiemen zijn gelegd voor een nieuwe Europese of wereldoorlog.< Less
Pie Magazine: Trophy Annual 2012 By Ben Franks et al.
Paperback: $35.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
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To showcase one year of excellence, Ben Franks and his team of Editors put together this very special First Edition Trophy Annual. You too could own this masterpiece which flaunts a collection of... More > the very best reviews, our notorious pick-up lines and more by some of the greatest young writers. In fact this Annual features work by writers from two different continents. This is the ultimate must-have for fans of the international online young people's magazine, Pie. And a must-have for any of you with a sense of humour! Don't miss out. The edition was edited by Ben Franks and designed by Creative Wisdom.< Less
Soaping By Harry de Hengst
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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Het verhaal van Soaping begint in een rustig dorpje, waar nooit iets gebeurd. Maar plotseling komen allerlei tegenslagen opzetten. Ziekte, doden en ontvoering zorgen voor tegenslag na tegenslag.... More > Julia kan het allemaal niet meer aan en draait compleet door. Ze veranderd van lief meisje tot terrorist! Ze weet heel haar kennissenkring uit te roeien als ze op een cruiseschip een bom activeert. Ook zelf is ze er ernstig aan toe. Ben overleeft het drama wel en wil wraak op Julia, ze moet achter de tralies! De twee doen poging na poging om elkaar van het leven te beroven. Door het drama komt de familie van Ben ook naar Gruweldijk, die hem helpen. Maar lukt het ze ooit om Julia de straf te geven die ze verdiend?< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00