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Bernice, Bunt, & Gammee By Bernice Howard
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Before her death, Bernice Howard wrote about her life as a child in Florida, growing up in Georgia, and starting a family in the Little Manstion. She has so many names it's hard to keep up with them... More > sometimes. Her given name is Annie Bernice Adkins. However, she is also known as Bunt, Aunt Gunt, Mrs. L.O. Howard, and Gammee. She answered to all of them without hesitation. For this reason, the book was given the name "Bernice, Bunt, & Gammee." It describes perfectly who she was, and who she remains in our hearts.< Less
The Bernice Papers By Larry Baird
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She had one leg, an accordion and a dream! Bernice is a most remarkable woman. Whether she is hopping through streets of war-torn London, while thwarting a Nazi plot; Tap-dancing a one-legged... More > can-can for the king; Or, solving a murder on a Canadian luxury train, Bernice’s unique talents and Never Surrender attitude carry her through some of the most important moments of the 20th century. Join the author as he discovers and recreates some of the adventures of this brave, powerful woman and her accordion “Old Red” in this fictional biography. True, I am not the best writer...but I feel Bernice's story must be told.< Less
Bernice the Bear; Spirit of Teamwork By Paul Hincke
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To children who sometimes might feel less than adequate when with their peers, this little story might help them realize that they are okay being who they are.
Bernice Hoy Ramirez Last one By Judy Hoy
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Throughout your life you have never hesitated to take on challenges participating in multiple 5Ks, one half marathon, one triathlon, one figure competition and even a Mud Run at Camp Pendleton. You... More > have always been your own person not caring if you didn’t conform. You have not let mistakes or making the wrong decisions keep you from rising above your problems. You set goals for yourself and continually strive to meet them.< Less
A Buzzard's View: The Adventures of Burton & Bernice By John Duncklee
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Have you ever wondered how other creatures on Earth view the human race? Two Turkey Vultures, Burton and his beloved mate, Bernice, now share their views on everything "human." This... More > intro to The Adventures of Burton & Bernice has the buzzards sharing child-rearing woes, memories of their first meeting, and a run-in with a drug cartel. The first in a series by Western satirist, John Duncklee.< Less
Serendipitously I Roll Along By Bernice Flynn
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A delightful personal account of Bernice Carlson Flynn's life, communicating its richness, its challenges, and its happiness. Bernice's zest for life, good will, and wisdom shine forth in every page... More > of the book.< Less
When the Gospel Came to Superior By Bernice Jarnagin
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WHEN THE GOSPEL CAME TO SUPERIOR is a first person record of the saga of the early ministry of Bernice Davis Jarnagin and Lucile Darrah Farmer. Without the commitment of these then young ladies to... More > doing the will of God regardless of the cost, it is highly unlikely that those then living in such obscurity would have ever received a witness concerning the true gospel of Jesus Christ. As one reads this narrative, he will come to realize the depth of their dedication and commitment, willingness to endure physical hardship, sacrifice of many of the common amenities of life and not counting the cost while doing so. They counted it all joy to be doing the will of their Heavenly Father. While most would find little desirable about Superior, the reader will note that “beauty was in the eyes of the beholder” and the author found significant beauty in her natural surroundings while serving in the will of God. “Where Jesus is, ‘tis heaven there.” -Edwin E. Judd< Less
Poems and Prayers of a Church Mother's Heart By Bernice Lang
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In Poems and Prayers of a Church Mother’s Heart: Inspirational Wisdom for Our Generation, Mother Bernice Lang takes you on a powerful journey guaranteed to usher you into the presence of the... More > Lord. If you’ve been looking for a devotional book to encourage your spirit and lead you into prayerful communion with God, this is the one for you. You get 19 power-packed devotionals, full of practical wisdom, poetic worship and anointed prayers that are sure to set your soul ablaze! If you’re ready to experience a deeper revelation of the power of God and take your prayer life to a new dimension, then, start reading.< Less
The Smorgasbord of My Life By Bernice Stock
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This cookbook offers recipes for both the body and the mind. Cancer survivor Bernice Stock offers her life story and how she went from a breast cancer victim to the thriving survivor she is today,... More > well into her eighth decade of life. The book chronicles how her eating habits changed to nourish her body and her spirit as she moved from the traditional Jewish cooking of her heritage to the healthy fare that keeps her active and happy today. This cookbook contains more than 200 recipes that Bernice collected from family and invented herself along the journey of her life. It serves as a reminder that healthful eating really can be healthy AND tasty.< Less
Poetic Psalms By Bernice Loman
eBook (PDF): $3.74
The Psalm of David is inspiration for this project. David was a man that feared God, realized his weakness and didn’t mind sharing every thought. Poetic Psalms Vol. 1 contains every thought of... More > Bernice Loman while experiencing depression, confusion, withdrawal and unacceptance. In addition to the struggles, Vol. 1 contains prayers, humbleness, and submission to the almighty God.Just as David. In addition, this book is an extention to a poetry poetry/musical cd on< Less