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Between Here & There Revised Edition By Raven Davies
Paperback: $52.84
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Secrets, seduction, and sorcery--two actors, co-starring in a movie, encounter a bewitching apparition--the Mistress. Promising to fulfill their desires, if they undertake provocative risks, both men... More > agree; but is the prize worth the cost? David LaCoix, the talented, tarnished, older star, thrives on the challenge to alter his notorious lifestyle. Theodore Barrett, the young, unstable Christian Fundamentalist, battles for his beliefs, much to the Mistress’ consternation, while hiding his needs and innate powers. After a long seduction, guided by mysterious intervention, the two men become lovers. With emotions coursing below the surface, an unearthly game of impossibilities and improbabilities unfolds--a game with no rules--who is who, who is manipulating whom, who is seducing whom, and to what end, played against a backdrop of the phantasmagoric and the questioning of the god-force. Who holds the gift to win?< Less
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Trapped In Between 2 Worlds Revised Edition By Louis Riley
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Darrell is a normal guy from the hood who does a few things out of the norm to make his ends meet. He gets the opportunity to escape the streets and work for the largest advertising agency in... More > Philadelphia. Needless to say that after witnessing his best friend murdered and almost committing one himself he tries to change his environment and life. Darrell soon finds out that the corporate world is nothing more that the streets on steroids.< Less
The World of Avlis: Revised Edition By Josh Simon & Noboru Akimoto
Hardcover: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The World of Avlis campaign setting is a third-party roleplaying game licensed under the Pathfinder RPG and Open Gaming Licenses. Immerse yourself in a rich world of sword and sorcery three decades... More > in the making. New classes, races, feats, and spells await you here. Become part of the living saga of Avlis, or use the material here to enrich your existing campaign.< Less
Laserblade - Revised Edition By Echidna Games
Paperback: $9.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
Echidna Games is proud to present Laserblade - Revised Edition! We're not here to sell you miniatures or backstory. We want you to take the models you have and use our rules to play fast-paced,... More > futuristic skirmishes! Laserblade is a straightforward but rewarding set of tabletop strategy rules. Needing just a few models per side and with loads of options for customising your miniature combatants, Laserblade offers plenty of replayability for tabletop veterans and newcomers to the hobby alike.< Less
Running to Learn: Revised Edition By Julia Chi Taylor
Paperback: $13.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Running to Learn tells the compelling story of an international running career in which each step has led both round in circles and towards healing and awareness. Through the many highs and lows of... More > her life, Julia discovered the skills necessary to perform at top level throughout times of difficulty as well as triumph both on and off the track. Here, Julia shares her journey behind her unique and dynamic approach to life - the struggles behind the performances, her battle with an eating disorder and the challenges of her personal relationships. Running to Learn shows how you can direct each of your own steps towards taking control of your life and moving towards a place where it’s perfectly okay to be you.< Less
Megotholis Revised Edition By Ray R Wise
Hardcover: List Price: $36.96 $29.57 | You Save: 20%
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In the distant future a ultramodern city hides it's ancient gothic origins while breeding a society of corporate slavery and advanced technology. Bizarre events take shape as Cassandra Vosgrave... More > leads the Underground against the tyrannical rule of the Prime Directors. Meanwhile newly promoted Detective Gregory Blackburn struggles to solve his first case which is full of deceit and betrayal. Throughout the old streets Vivica Pire performs illegal acts of espionage and infiltration, yearning for a more elaborate life style. In the depths of a secret lab, Dr Platamere Marx holds the design for a new creation. Unknowing to them all,high above within a floating mass of chrome and steel, a super computer calculates their fate. Welcome to the city of Megotholis. Here nothing is as it seems and everyone has a hidden agenda. (Bonus prequel chapter added)< Less
Proud to be English (Revised Edition) By Mike Stallard
Paperback: List Price: $24.85 $17.40 | You Save: 30%
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English History Teaching is not very fashionable - most English people have been made to feel guilty about their Empire and their racist background. This is an attempt to allow everyone to enjoy the... More > History of this very great country of ours. The book falls into two halves. In the first half is a background and a comparison with other peoples of the earth. It is no more than a brief sketch to place our English heritage in a proper setting. European History is related up to the Tudors (1485-1603) to show the origins of our civilization which has so shaped the whole world. After that comes English history with all the trimmings.. - the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions, the Civil Wars, the relations between monarch and parliament and the result: an Empire upon which the sun never sets. This leads seamlessly onto the First World War and then to the Second World War. The causes of both are outlined in context - and the results.< Less
Forlorn Confederacy Revised Edition By Mark Berhow
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The conflicts occurring in the Washington Territory in the 1850s provide an interesting case study of the Native American “Indian Wars.” It is an excellent story, not only of the conflict... More > itself, but also the interplay between the natives, early settlers, missionaries, and army personalities involved. There is a wealth of contemporary documentation available, but modern histories often center on only certain aspects of those conflicts. Many of the tribes on the Washington coast and in the interior had strong ties with one another and the events of the Washington Territory Indian wars in the Puget Sound area and the Inland Empire area are tied to one another. This is not often been brought together in a single work. This is short history of those conflicts, along with an extensive bibliography of references of both contemporary works and original source material. Most of the sites where the major events that occurred during this conflict are marked today, and a guide to those sites is included.< Less
The Positivist: Revised Edition By Bradly Brackenbury
Paperback: $7.00
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This is a collection of my earliest efforts in writing poetry. Written between the ages of 13 through 16, these poems are understandably unpolished, but showcase essential foundations that I have... More > improved upon over the years as I have grown as a writer. Many of the poems are immature, angsty, or come from a place lacking true emotional experience, but they are nonetheless raw, honest, and an accurate portrayal of my views of the world as an early teenager. This book contains 56 select works from 2005 to 2009. Consider purchasing this book if you are interested in reading some rough, early works of a growing young writer. From the original description: This anthology includes two award-winning poems. "The Positivist" has won 2nd place in the Missouri State Poetry Society (MSPS) Winter Poetry Contest in 2008 and an Honorable Mention in the Manningham Trust National Poetry Contest the same year. "The Wayfarer..." won an Honorable Mention in the MSPS Winter Poetry Contest in 2009.< Less

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