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The Shepherd King: Book One, The Foundation Stone By D. Avraham
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Through the eyes of Goliyath’s shield bearer, himself a disenfranchised, cynical Israelite working for the other side, the reader is taken on an odyssey that spans nearly a hundred years and... More > the cultural divide of the Biblical and pagan worlds. Foundation Stone, the first book in the Shepherd King series, begins from the seemingly small divergent steps of two twin sisters, Ruth and Orpah, both recently widowed to brothers the fate of the world is cast. One chooses the pagan cults and pageantry of the Philistines, while the other casts her lot with the tribal inheritance of Israel. It is their descendants, Dawid and Goliyath, who clash on the battlefield in the Valley of Elah. Two very different ways of life, clashing regularly, each claiming the same land as their own. It is an ageless tale of hope, courage and conviction whose echo resonates in the world today.< Less
Prophet of Israel By Timothy Wilkinson
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As the Iron Age dawns in Palestine, darkness threatens to consume the nation of Israel. The visionaries who had once guided the people are gone. High Priest Eli allows corruption to infect even the... More > Tabernacle, the holiest place in the land, home of the Eternal Flame and the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. Hordes of Philistines ravage the countryside, led by a merciless warlord and bolstered by the might of a race of giants. As the legendary warriors of the children of Avraham challenge their enemies in sprawling battlefields, fortified cities and dark forests, the key to their survival waits, ignorant of his destiny, in the Tabernacle. A child. A seer. A Prophet of Israel.< Less
Lilith By George MacDonald
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Mr. Vane owns a library that seems to be haunted by the former librarian, who looks much like a raven from the brief glimpses he catches of the wraith. Vane follows Raven to the "the region of... More > the seven dimensions". Inside the world, Vane learns of a house of beds where the dreamers sleep until the end of the world in death: a good death, in which life is found. After a treacherous journey through a valley, Mr. Vane meets the Little Ones, children who never grow up, only get bigger and dumber, turning into "bags" or bad giants. After conversing with Lona, the eldest of the children, Mr. Vane decides to help them, and sets off to gather more information, although the Raven (who is also Adam) has warned Mr. Vane that he needs to sleep with the dreamers before he can really help them. While on his journey, he meets Lilith, the princess of Bulika. Vane, although nearly blinded by Lilith's beauty and charms, eventually leads the Little Ones in a battle against Bulika.< Less
PaliSade By Johnny Noir
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The observations of the poet-prophet Lot in Sodom; examining the here and the hereafter, dreams, delusions, myths, fantasies,and lies.
Nine Lives By Susy McPhee
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A young soon-to-be mother, Christine, is saved from attempted suicide by Gavin, a disaffected youth with a chip on his shoulder. But in a twist of irony Gavin is already dead, having killed himself... More > the previous evening. He's now stuck in limbo with a penance to pay before he'll be considered for entry into heaven. And in the meantime, Christine is the only person on earth who can see, hear and touch him. Guided by his spiritual mentor, a bible-bashing angel called Clavis, Gavin embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads him to discovering the answer to the question that hangs over all of us: the reason for his existence. But by the time he's earned his place in paradise, the very thing that drove him to suicide in the first place has come full circle and he can't go. A witty, heartbreaking and thought-provoking read.< Less
Arcane Advent I: The Mage, the Girl, and the Ruined City By R. Kain
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The curtain of tragedy descended upon the unsuspecting people under the light of the crimson moon. The elements raged, vicious beasts painting the asphalt and concrete scarlet with the blood of the... More > innocent and the guilty, the young and the old alike. Their lives were sacrificed, offered up to stir the sleeping demon into awakening. In the end only two remained to tell the tale of the ruined city, a story of survival against all odds where magick and mages did battle for the sake of power. Awakening at the center of the cataclysm, the runic mage wielding mystic arts took it upon himself to carry the wishes of the fallen on his back. He became their Avenger, seeking to end the nightmare. The girl who remained at his side, the sole remaining innocent left in the city, could only watch as he shed blood for her while flames burned the world around her. Now has a sequel: The Dark Bible (Arcane Advent II)< Less
MyWastedYearOnZooTube! By warwithangels
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My Name is warwithangels. Yes, my Mother really named me warwithangels, what the flock did your mother name yew?! It has been 365 days since I logged out of ZOOTUBE!! I am addicted to this Social... More > Technology. Ken Somebody Help Me PLEASE!! I need tew go tew the Bathroom NOWNOWNOW!! hehehe! NeverAgain....(sigh)....Trapped on the ZOOTUBE! (ikenquitanytymeiwanttew..........yes.........ikenquitanytyme!)< Less
Time of the Faeries Sourcebook First Edition By J Corsentino
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Contains bios on 40 characters in the TOTF universe, along with story notes and concept write ups. Made from the 250 page Homeworld Bible. A must have for any fan of Time of the Faeries or urban... More > fantasy photography.< Less
The Fox and the Vineyard By Edwin Daniels
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Readers join young Mr. Fox during his unusual yet comical journey as he discovers an age-old lesson in this famous story adapted from the Talmud. The lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek tone opens the... More > minds of children to learn the moral of the tale while being thoroughly entertained. Rich in humor and modern language that today’s generation will understand, kids and adults alike will truly enjoy this tale. As readers scrape through Mr. Fox’s struggles, trials and tribulations, they’ll laugh and cry along with the lovable main character. The book shares profound spiritual truths from the Bible, using a hip and playful style. This story was created to instill a long-lasting love of the Bible and its messages into the heart of each and every child. Perfect for bedtime, story time, school or even as a family gathering, The Fox and the Vineyard will bring children and parents together to form a beautiful, strong bond while learning from this timeless Biblical tale.< Less
The Saviors Of Tollar: The Search For The Passage By Justin LaBoy
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From the imagination of Justin W. LaBoy comes an epic tale of great importance. Young Juliette of the small, mountainous town of Tollar, has been accidentally charged with the unprecedented task of... More > saving her land from the evil that threatens to destroy it! Accompanied by her two dear friends, Lena and Jason, follow Juliette as she sets out on an amazing journey that proves to be both horrifying and deadly! Along their travels, the young Tollarians will encounter several unusual acquaintances and find that they just might be a part of something far bigger than any of them could have ever imagined! The quest is yours- will you accept?< Less

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