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The Morality of Biblical Polygyny By William F. Luck, Sr.
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This is an amazing, courageous, contemporary work. William Luck, is the son of Moody Bible Institute’s Dr. G. Coleman Luck, Sr, Chairman of the Department of Theology, and a capable biblical... More > scholar in his own right. “God didn’t ask me my opinion about the issue. He expected me to represent His. I’ve tried. If you can prove I’m mistaken, I’ll be the first to thank you. But I’m not holding my breath in the meanwhile.”- the Author, from the Introduction “To date [over twenty years after its original publication], I find the arguments ‘pro’ quite superior to those ‘con.’” - the Author, from the Conclusion< Less
The Book of Morality By Matthew Benjamin
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The Book of Morality is a biblical book for contemporary times. It tells of a man’s efforts to teach a message of Ethical Monotheism – God exists, and God’s primary expectation of... More > human beings is righteous conduct. People of different religions and philosophical perspectives confront the messenger at all turns. His dialogues with these interlocutors address the gamut of theological, religious and moral issues. The Book squarely addresses the vitriolic arguments propounded by the so-called "New Atheists" (Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, etc.), but its moderate, open-minded approach contrasts starkly with their rigid polemics. The book also challenges the religious forces that tend to undermine Ethical Monotheism in the three major monotheistic faiths. The horror of 9/11 looms large in its pages, as do the atrocities of the 20th century. The Book of Morality offers new ideas and insights on questions that inform how we conduct ourselves and who we want to be.< Less
LET'S DIALOGUE WITH THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT: A Syllabus of Strategies, Moral Values, and Biblical Citations By PETER WONG
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Want to respectfully dialogue with your friends and relatives on the Christian Right while maintaining cordiality and friendships? – Want to better articulate your progressive Christian views... More > on social issues such as: abortion, same-sex marriage, stem cell research, global warming, immigration, and universal health insurance? – Want an “organizing framework” modeled after the Socratic dialogues that weaves thoughtful questions with relevant facts, focused on Jesus’ teachings as our supreme moral guide? – Want a catalogue of Jesus’ teachings on moral values? – Want to better understand the mindset of the Christian Right? – Want to study and adapt numerous example dialogues on critical social issues now facing this country? – Want an extensive set of questions for use in small group discussions? – This Book is meant for you!< Less
Biblical Courtship By Evans Francis
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In a world where morality is going down and immorality is increasing like never before, at this juncture this book comes as a life saver for many misguided teenagers, who fall into various types of... More > lifestyles just because they didn’t have anyone to guide them spiritually. Their parents might be busy in providing good education and securing their kids’ future or a variety of other activities. No doubt this book will guide their kids to grow morally and spiritually to prepare for a better future-a world where every wrong thing is accepted as a trophy, a world where newlyweds think twice about whether they should allow a baby to be born in such a wicked time, take heed this book will surely bring a difference in many teenagers’ lives.< Less
Morality, Marriage and the Bible By S P Townsend
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This text seeks to address the confusion that exists today, particularly amongst Christians, regarding sexual relationships and marriage. It examines the biblical basis for sexual morality, and... More > investigates marriage in the Bible and in the Church. In the light of this it analyses the arguments advanced by those who challenge the traditional Christian view on same-gender sexual relations and marriage.< Less
Understanding Substitution and Moral Transfer By Michael DeSario
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When a Pastor invites you to receive Jesus because: “'He died for your sins” They mean that by His death on the Cross He took your Punishment, Paid off your sin debt (past, present and... More > future) and fulfilled all the righteous requirements of the law ... in your place. Is that really Biblical? Here are some humbling but inspiring answers directly from the Word of God that are sure to shock you to your core!< Less
Guiding Principles for Biblical Counseling By Rev. Daniel W. Blair
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When did we start referring our brothers and sisters to the world for counseling? When did Christian counselors stop believing that His Word had everything we need for life and godliness? When did... More > they start going to the world for their guidance and approved methodology for counseling? Psychiatry and psychology have consistently asserted that people should be “salvaged” from the chains of religious upbringing and moral restraint. However, studies show positive moral and emotional benefits for those with religious faith. Churches and parishioners taking back control of their religions from psychiatry and psychology will accomplish the return to a morally and spiritually strong society. This is a very practical book not only for lay leaders and pastoral counselors, but for every Christian who desires to help their brethren who has suffered under the hands of secular psychology and psychiatric drug addiction.< Less
Biblical Evolution Revolution By Michael Stansfield
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A biblical challenge to all of the fundamental pillars upon Christianity is built to bring debate back to Christian institutions. This is accomplished through a systematic look at several challenges... More > within the Bible itself, including, but not limited to its structure, its history, its morality, etc.< Less
The Pursuit of Ethical Excellence (Biblical Ethics) By Dr. Alvin Low
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How do you live a life of impeccable ethical excellence in the midst of moral confusion? Wondering what to do in making difficult ethical decisions? This book is for you.
The Pursuit of Ethical Excellence (Biblical Ethics) By Dr. Alvin Low
eBook (PDF): $10.00
How do you live a life of impeccable ethical excellence in the midst of moral confusion? Wondering what to do in making difficult ethical decisions? This book is for you.

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