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The Land of Diddeley Dee HB By Anthony Horabin
Hardcover: $30.17
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The tale of a group of ten bikers who travelled to the west coast of Ireland during the summer of 2008
The Land of Diddeley Dee PB By Anthony Horabin
Paperback: List Price: $13.62 $10.90 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The tale of a group of ten bikers who travelled to the west coast of Ireland during the summer of 2008.
Chaos Conquers All By A.A. Askevold
eBook (ePub): $3.57
Cole is Bridges. Cole is Bridges. Cole is Bridges. Nikki is left reeling after she discovers that the man with whom she shared the deepest darkest part of herself is the same man who has been trying... More > to destroy her family. Her twisted world becomes a dark storm as her need for revenge flourishes. Will this revelation cement her choice to give up her dark need for Cole’s punishment and return to the men she loves? Or is this secret going to be the one that topples the wall of deception she has built around herself? The club is hot on the trail of Bridges and Tex and Trace will stop at nothing to get their hands on the man who is trying to annihilate their club. Finding out who this man is and killing him is the only way to end this turf war and to try and claim back what remains of their connection with Nikki. The answer to that question threatens to destroy the one person they love most in this world. It won’t be an easy road out of this storm but they will do anything for their club and their woman.< Less
Among the Chaos By A.A. Askevold
eBook (ePub): $3.71
Everything Nikki has is riding on her ability to keep her stuff locked up tight. She's left Cole in the past & locked away the darkness in a prison built of determination, will & her love for... More > Tex & Trace. The problem with the past though, is that it doesn't always stay there. Nikki finds out that her old man is sick & his symptoms jeopardise his & the club's safety. The death of a brother, Reaper's illness and implications they have a traitor in their midst plunge Nikki into turmoil both inside and out. Now that they had Nikki back Trace was determined not to let her go and he had a plan to keep her with him. But even the best laid plans don't always turn out the way you want them to. Tex is constantly haunted by that night, Nikki's bloodied back and the screams of agony she'd made when Doc treated her. He would do anything to keep the woman he love from being hurt like that again, including agreeing to Trace's plan. What will they find among the chaos?< Less
Soldier's Reunion By Mary Stamper
Hardcover: $32.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Violently beaten raped at 9 watched him beat rape & kill my 2 best friends Left home soon because abusive parents not believing me about incest from uncles cousins watching my older brothers... More > brutally rape my little sister rape by an uncle resulted in a baby my parents took putting me back on highways Pentecost oneness preacher went into New Mexico court house to blow his brains out-my dad many members of my family died horrific deaths eg sister dismembered Years hitch-hiking across states attacks rapes with knives or guns Years sleeping in snow on concrete alleys riding with biker gangs across the states ending when one biker gang took my baby told me they would kill me if I come around Again & again violently beaten raped in knee deep snow running from one man all day and night Baby was born with double pnuemonia broken collar bone they thought I did this It belonged to a member (Albino) Married a war hero with prostetic arm heroes beat abuse women too prostetic arms hurt Violent rapes before & after< Less
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Baker By Scott Hildreth
Hardcover: $22.25
Prints in 3-5 business days
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ANDY - I got a job next door to a tattooed biker named Baker. He was an outlaw, a criminal, a biker, a bad boy, and a thief. I should have run as far and fast as I could. Instead, on the day we met,... More > I let him have his way with me. I couldn't help myself. His intensity and swagger lured me, but it was the crazy sex that kept me coming back, day after day. His sordid ways scared me, but I simply couldn't stay away... BAKER - When she moved in next door, I knew I was in trouble. She was sexy. She was irresistible. She had spunk. She was also the manager of a bank my MC robbed six months prior. She didn't recognize me, because we wore masks during the robbery. If she ever found out who I really was, there would be hell to pay. It would be nothing like the hell I'd be living in if my MC found out I was fucking her. We'd issued an order to kill her on sight. She was off-limits if anyone ever was. So far, the men in the MC hadn't seen her. But, I couldn't keep her hidden forever.< Less
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