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Why God Doesn't Exist By Bill Gaede
eBook (PDF): $17.50
What is the purposes of Science? What is Physics about? Is Physics about carrying 'forces', warping space and dilating time? Is Physics about traveling to the past or to parallel universes through... More > magical entities such as black holes and wormholes? ... WGDE erases the blackboard and starts all over again. WGDE holds that Physics is first and foremost about objects. We simply cannot do Physics without objects, specifically, objects that exist. Physics is the Science of Existence! What are you going to do your experiment in the lab with? Concepts such as love and intelligence? Is this what you will be juggling with your hands and handling with tweezers? ................ It turns out that not one textbook begins by defining the key words of Physics -- object and exist. That's how far the mathematical world is from discovering the workings of our Universe. It is not surprising that the mathematicians ended up talking about mysterious, invisible dark matter and today search for the Higgs, the particle of mass!< Less
Why God Doesn't Exist By Bill Gaede
eBook (PDF): $17.50
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WGDE strives to show that there is no God, no miracle, no supernatural explanation for the workings of the Universe as claimed by General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and traditional... More > religion. WGDE holds that Big Bang is a creationist theory in disguise, nothing more than a veiled way of selling God. If you are open to new ideas and want to have a fresh look at science, specifically the physical workings of light, gravity, electricity, magnetism, etc., WGDE provides you with a rational alternative. You will never listen to a mainstream mathematical physicist again. A book designed and written for the layman. Over 300 illustrations. More at:< Less
El Crazy Che By Bill Gaede
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Son los días finales de la Guerra Fría. Se está derrumbando el Bloque Soviético. Empieza la Era de la Información. En este umbral sociopolítico un solitario... More > Quijote argentino, metido en el corazón de la tecnología norteamericana y fiel a sus ideales, voluntariamente contribuye especificaciones de la industria semiconductora al mundo socialista a través de Cuba. Pero las circumstancias obligan a Bill Gaede a entregarse a las agencias de inteligencia norteamericanas quienes lo reclutan para una operación de contraespionaje. Lo que no saben sus controladores es que el espía también los está espiando a ellos. Como medida de precaución por si lo procesan a raíz de sus actividades anteriores, Gaede graba y filma a los agentes con el fin de juntar pruebas para un eventual juicio. Sus maniobras secretas quedan al descubierto cuando el ‘chip’ más avanzado de la época – el Pentium de Intel – termina en manos de China e Irán. La Película:< Less
Nila and Bill By Eric and Greg Gaede
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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This is the real life story of Nila and Bill, two high tech spies who took process technology, including the state-of-the-art Pentium, from world-class chip makers Advanced Micro Devices and Intel... More > Corporation and distributed it to Cuba, the Soviet Block, China, and Iran. The couple gets tangled in an intriguing counter-espionage operation run jointly by the FBI and the CIA which results in the defection of important Cuban intelligence agents. But the relentless persecution of AMD and Intel security managers in a vain effort to recover their technologies finally pays off. Bill and other agents wind up in prison. For an overview of the story watch The Cuban Traitor at: . . . . The well-documented saga was covered by important news organizations, including The New York Times, ABC's Nightline, CNN, Univision, and German and Brazilian television. 40 pics, including agents and legal documents.< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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