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Old Dominion University - Biology Graduate Student Organization 2010
Calendar: $18.00
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Support the Biology Graduate Student Organization of Old Dominion University by purchasing a calendar showcasing fantastic artwork created by our very own biology graduate students!
Biology,Ecology And Conservation By Dr.Shashi Kanta
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A Book For Graduate and Postgraduate Students and The society who wants environmental awareness.
Biology 2012 MRT By Melanie Rothman
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A compilation of current Biological Issues researched and innovatively solved by graduating secondary students of 2012, St Andrew’s Anglican College. The pages of this book uncover what... More > Biological Issues we face in the future as researched by students from Miss Rothman’s Biology class at St Andrew’s Anglican College. Each student has presented a thorough examination of the issue, future predictions of the issue and a critical analysis of current methods to solve the issue with further suggestions. You will be inspired by the minds of these young people and this book will leave you with a feeling that the future is in good hands.< Less
Statistical Problems in Genetics and Molecular Biology By Norman Drinkwater, Carter Denniston
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This book evolved from the notes for a course of the same title that we’ve taught for the last eighteen years at the University of Wisconsin to graduate students in cancer biology, genetics,... More > molecular biology, and other biomedical programs. We concentrate on a class of statistical methods, so-called nonparametric statistics, which requires us to make very few assumptions regarding the model that gives rise to the data. These methods are also attractive because they are usually simple to apply and have considerable intuitive appeal.< Less
Anne Swift: Making the Molecular Biological Detective By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $10.99
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There have been 8 Anne Swift medical mysteries reported plus the interview she gave upon retiring from her work, but not a word about how she became interested in Bio;logy enough to get an... More > undergraduate degree in the subject, and a graduate degree and even a doctorate in the field… and then just gave it up to be a wife and mother. This is the book that takes us along with Anne from the age of about 13 through school, love, marriage and how she was enticed into becoming a super, secret scientist for the FBI. And how she had to keep it all a secret. And how she helped cure a nasty type of cancer at the age of 18. Plus, her entire first FBI case.< Less
2011 Herpetologists' League Calendar By Herpetologists' League Graduate Students
Calendar: $17.50
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Herpetologists' League is an international society devoted to the study of amphibians are reptiles. To support graduate student research, students from all over the country submitted photographs to... More > be published in the 2011 calendar. All profits go to support the EE Williams Grant for herpetological research for graduate students.< Less
A Two-Hundred Year History of Ornithology, Avian Biology, Bird Watching, and Birding in Kansas (1810–2010) By Thomas Shane
Paperback: $10.00
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Explorers, US Army doctors, museum collectors, zoology professors, graduate students, bird watchers, and birders have all contributed to the study of birds in the state of Kansas. This is a history... More > of the people--amateurs and professionals--whose contributions and publications have enriched the study of Kansas birds since 1810.< Less
getting recipe of Toxic, innovated by Mira girls college and college of science Udaipur 313001 ,Raj India, based Chemistry ,Biology Hindu professors those are making different Sharpe Toxic recipes to attack on different organs = Ki By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
Paperback: $19.97
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getting recipe of Toxic, innovated by Mira girls college and college of science Udaipur 313001 ,Raj India, based Chemistry ,Biology Hindu professors those are making different ... More > Sharpe Toxic recipes to attack on different organs = Kidney, Heart, Brain, lungs, stomach , as this Udaipur city all professors are concentrate Hindutava lover and strong ,, and doing tests on laboratory rat, Rabies =white color, Lab animals and then giving these toxic recipes to Indian terrorists For night attack by =Kishan Pole street =Razza Colony, Udaipur 313001 India , based Indian Muslims BJP voters cum terrorists cum dogs, + day attcaks by Girl Aachee +her mother +her brother ,Manu (age 17 years ) (living in 17 Kishan pole back attached home , this lady mother of Girl Aachee is BSc chemistry from Mira girls college with 56% marks in chemistry Graduation ,BSc !!?? ,< Less
Emergence: A Journey of Friendship, Science, and Faith By Alisse Garner Metge
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When Meg, a promising young scientist, meets Miriam, a biology professor with a devout belief in God, Meg finds her atheism challenged in new ways. As she and Miriam build a friendship, Meg begins to... More > come to grips with the limitations of science and with events in her own life that have shaped her atheism. When she finally understands that science cannot be used to justify disbelief, Meg’s intellectual honesty compels her to examine the question of God afresh. But with her first steps of faith come new challenges, including complications in her budding romance with a fellow graduate student. When faced with an unexpected blow, will Meg emerge as a person of faith or be plunged back into disbelief? This novel tackles issues at the science-religion interface and explores, through the story of Meg and her mentor, how science and faith can be compatible. It does not shy away from difficult issues but addresses them squarely from the standpoint of faithful belief and honest inquiry.< Less
Emergent Design_Spring 09 Studio Compendium By David Newton
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This book is a presentation of the studio work produced over a 7.5 week term in the University of Minnesota’s Graduate School of Architecture in the Spring of 2009. The work presented explores... More > the inter-related concepts of ‘self-organization’ and ‘emergence’ in natural systems and their implications for conceptualizing and generating architectural systems.< Less

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