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On this 'surface world' of appearances, it would 'seem' the people who populate the planet know what they are doing, but they really Do Not, and this is exemplified by their actions and what they... More > have done and are doing. The Arrogant Anals who Kontrol this planet and many others are not interested in Becoming MoreAware. Do birds need planes? Do cats or dogs need cars? Do they need Cell Phones or other devices to communicate? The 'so-called' inhabitants (PEE Brains) of earth who have incorrectly and 'literally' defined what they 'think' of as Creatures, such as birds, animals, insects, fish and mammals, are not aware enough to Seee Past their own literally defined arrogance. The BeautiBeings (old terms / birds, animals, fish & mammals, etc) do not need what the Peopled Embodiment Embryos (PEE Brains) need to survive, as they already Recognize What Makes Sense with their ALLNatural Environment.< Less
Real Estate Bird Dog Guide By V. T.
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Want to invest in real estate, but you feel you are still a beginner, and you do not have enough cash? Well, there's a very good opportunity for you to learn how to select good properties, and at the... More > mean time make lots of money. Yes, being a real estate bird dog. The main role of real estate bird dog is to look for hidden gem - the best property in town for investors. These investors do not have the time to do it, and usually trust the recommendations from experts. If you make a name of yourself, you'll be paid very highly in commission. Once you acquire the skills, you can even invest in these properties yourself! This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL successful bird dog, sharing how they make it. Read the ebook, make notes and start planning for your new career. Start early. Earn while you learn, and invest once you have the capital. Get this ebook today!< Less
Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Bird Dog By Lori McMahon
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Real estate investors are always looking for good deals and someone to do the legwork for them. Some investors want houses they can purchase and rent out on a long term basis. Others are looking for... More > quick turn properties that can be acquired, rehabbed, and then sold for a nice profit. Investors are willing to pay a finder’s fee to anyone who finds them a desirable property. These property locators are affectionately termed "bird dogs." Learn everything you need to know to start your own business as a Bird Dog with this guide!< Less
Cats, Dogs, Birds, & Fish (9 x 7) By Crossfire
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This book is number 11 of the For The children Series and has lots of colorful pictures of different pets. children love the pictures and learn about the importance of taking care of their pet. ... More > Written especially for 3 to 5 year old children, but can be enjoyed by other children as well! Start your child's collection of books by Crossfire.< Less
Winston and The Bird By Chris Chymiy
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Bird Song By Ross Jardine
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Birdsong is the charming tail of one lonely little yellow birds quest to find new friends in the big city.
Bird Song By Ross Jardine
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Birdsong is the charming tail of one lonely little yellow birds quest to find new friends in the big city.
A Gentleman's Fireside Diary By Doubles and Dogs
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…a special day afield, excellent (or not so excellent) dogwork, fly fishing a forgotten stream, a weekend stay in the back country, the first hunt with a new friend or the last with an old... More > one. A Gentleman's Fireside Diary is a wonderful compilation of short stories, essays, poems and journal entries dealing with individual pursuits afield. Foreword by Dez Young, Illustrated by Bob White.< Less
The Birds World By Nicolae Sfetcu
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Birds are among the most extensively studied of all animal groups. Hundreds of academic journals and thousands of scientists are devoted to bird research, while amateur enthusiasts (called... More > birdwatchers or, more commonly, birders) probably number in the millions.< Less
Little Bird By Gordon Klopfenstein
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Nine-year-old Marty was left in the care of his alcoholic father. His drug addicted mother had been court ordered to stay away from her son. Her addiction, however, was so strong that she agreed to... More > provide her son to a dealer who would provide her with drugs if she provided a boy for him to rape. For several years Marty had amused himself by exploring the town and the surrounding area. His favorite spot had become some bushes soundings a very large farm hose. The boy loved the solitude. After the rape, the semi alert boy found himself in his haven. He didn’t remember how he got there. Henry Schmidt, the owner of the home, was in a deep depression after the death of his wife. He had arrived home late and let his dog out and the dog found Marty. Henry cleaned up the boy and took him to the hospital to be sure there was no serious injury. Marty and Henry developed an emotional attachment that changed each of their lives for the better.< Less

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