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Ghosts By XXX Zombieboy XXX
Paperback: $16.66
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Ghosts is a collection of images that have crossed the path of XXX Zombieboy XXX in his journeys and the thoughts that they provoked. It is the second in the "Echoes" trilogy. Beware the... More > Echoes.< Less
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Mass Appeal By The Ghost
Paperback: $17.00
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Nat Turner is the leader of Rising Sun, the manifestation of a vision he had while serving time in the Federal Penitentiary. His ideas are a threat to the existing power structure; a structure that... More > profits off of the blood of blacks and minorities. In an effort to unite rival gangs under one banner (Rising Sun), Nat Turner barely escapes a vicious death plot. The unknown forces failed attempt, only breathed life into the Rising Sun movement. The organization starts to quickly progress upon Ms. Prina Carrington coming on the scene. A thriving young journalist representing on of the most prestigious news papers in the country, she's so taken by Nat Turners fascinating story that she immediately began to do write ups about the leader and his organization. She's able to capture the attention of many influential people around the nation. Rising Sun soared, the name Nat Turner and his organization suddenly on the tongues of millions. But there is an ultimate price to pay for the knowledge that he possess.< Less
Methodius Black Ghost Hunter By Tupenny Longfeather
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Sporting a deerstalker and fantastic tweeds there is one man who can solve any mystery. Any mystery involving ghosts that is. Methodius Black investigates the case of one Fanny Dripping in this short... More > comedy tale.< Less
Black Boy Ghost Stories By Anwar Francis
Paperback: $7.99
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Black Boy Ghost Stories is a collection of poems that deals with emotions experienced over the course of a decade from 2006-2016. The book is divided into four parts dealing with themes such as love... More > and loss, pain and joy, and the trials of growing up alone and with others. The collection is a courageous attempt by the author to share their story and to tell it in the best way that they can.< Less
The Black By Marilyn Valentine
Paperback: $5.55
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A very different supernatural story from a new writer.
Cultural Ghosts By Ken OToole
Hardcover: $44.00
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This fine art photography book is a visually stunning account of one artist's encounter with eerie roadside spectres symbolizing our disposable culture. These unstaged photos show the unintentional... More > beauty of refuse caught in trees.< Less
Ghost Hills By H. Bedford-Jones
Hardcover: $29.95
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Up in the frozen north of Canada … an old secret and a lovely woman … and three men: Barr Radison, an American adventurer, searching for the mysterious source of black and silver fox... More > pelts, Macferris Montenay, a ruthless giant of a man, trying to carve out his own kingdom in the wilderness, and Jean Nichemus, a halfbreed and Montenay’s henchman, harboring his own sinister plans. Part of the uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.< Less
The Canterville Ghost By Oscar Wilde
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"The Canterville Ghost" is a popular story by Oscar Wilde, widely adapted for the screen and stage. The story of the Canterville Ghost takes place in an old English country house,... More > Canterville Chase, which has all the accoutrements of a traditional haunted house. Descriptions of the wainscotting, the library paneled in black oak, and the armor in the hallway characterize the Gothic setting and help Wilde clash the Old World with the New. Typical of the style of the English Decadents, the gothic atmosphere reveals the author’s fascination with the macabre. Yet he mixes the macabre with comedy, juxtaposing devices from traditional English ghost stories such as creaking floorboards, clanking chains, and ancient prophecies with symbols of modern American consumerism. Wilde’s Gothic setting helps emphasize the contrast between cultures setting modern Americans in what could arguably be a classic symbol of British history—and underscores the "modern" thinking of the house's mismatched residents, the Otises.< Less
Ghosts Of The Imperial By Amanda Crum
Paperback: $16.00
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In Depression-era New York, 19 year-old Lucy Garside has more than most; her wealthy family remains mostly untouched by the Great Depression , and she is free to plan for her future....until she... More > becomes deathly ill with pneumonia and nearly dies. On a lovely fall day, she makes a date with her best friend Ben to see a movie at the glorious Imperial Theater in the city, never knowing that her body is far from recovered; as the film plays on and Ben stands helplessly by, she dies. When her spirit is returned to Earth, Lucy finds herself back at the Imperial, which becomes a refuge for her. Over the years, she watches many films alongside the living, who never notice her presence. One day, she sees a film starring a handsome young star named Archer Black. Feeling a strange, unnamed need to meet him, Lucy sets out to find him, only to discover that they are linked in a way that will change their worlds forever.< Less