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BLACK DIAMOND By Jennifer Loiske
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After her mom’s sudden death twelve-year old Shannon McLean has to move from the US to the England’s countryside to live with her mysterious father, Connor, whom she hasn’t seen... More > since she was a baby. Weird things start to happen and the whole place scares the crap out of Shannon. Her dad can control her just by looking at her. The walls are full of secret passages and apparently Shannon has the talent to awaken the ghosts in there. Everyday is worse than the day before and she wants badly to run away but finds out it’s impossible. If she wants to stay alive she has to do exactly as her dad says or else she not only jeopardizes her own life but also the lives of the people around her. While Shannon stumbles to find the magic inside her, Connor is slowly turning into a demon. One carelessly spoken word from Shannon can either save them both or destroy them. In the end Shannon has to decide whether to save herself and her loved ones, or to lose her dad to the darkness and evil that threaten to eat his soul.< Less
The Black Star Universe: Black Reality By Jaylon Martin
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In the explosive sequel to Black Star, Petra finds herself hunted by dark forces when she discovers the dark side of being a Starsiah. Petra, Chris, Gray, and the others shelter at the surviving... More > society of Anickan when the Gunners attack again revealing that their mission is far from being accomplished. They meet new allies like Lucas Gabriel, the former Starsiah, and Alchemy Hex, a Black Star who can harness magic. Both who are from a realm called the Black Reality. When reality is unbalanced and the universe is at risk of ending, evil rise on the surface and plot to destroy humanity and end the universe once and for all.< Less
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage By Dr S.P. Bhagat
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This “Library of the Arsenal,” as it is now called, was founded as a private collection by Antoine René Voyer D'Argenson, Marquis de Paulny; and was first opened to the public on... More > the 9th Floréal, in the fifth year of the French Republic (that is to say, on 28th April, 1797), or just a century ago. This Marquis de Paulny was born in the year 1722, died in 1787, and was successively Minister of War, and Ambassador to Switzerland, to Poland, and to the Venetian Republic. His later years were devoted to the formation of this Library, said to be one of the richest private collections known. In round numbers it now possesses 700,000 printed books, and about 8000 manuscripts, many of them being of considerable value. Among the latter is this Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his son Lamech; which I now give to the public in printed form for the first time.< Less
Evil Magic Spells By Jennifer Oneal
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Own the dark side of powerful magic. Bring your evil thoughts into reality. Bring forth your list of demands. Be strong and powerful with these evil spells. Get your copy now!!!
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Gargoyle Magic Grimoire By Dr. Thor Templar
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Here Is What You Get.. A large format Full Color professionally edited and formatted printed Sigil book. Filled with never seen before Sigils that activate Occult Power Centers within your... More > consciousness. Sigils that connect you to the exact Spirits detailed in this grimoire. A powerful easy to learn proven system. The book is activated to you personally, only you can access the empowerment in the book. Just owning the book starts an ancient Initiation process, empowering you to high states of magical consciousness. Lifetime personal mentoring from Grand Master Dr. Thor Templar. You must own the original print edition to receive the empowerment from the book. The Book Initiates the user as you read it! Connects you to powerful Grotesque magical energy streams.< Less
The Magic Mirrors Of Old Japan By Silvanus P Thompson
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Lovers of the Occult and the unusual will love this book. It gives a deep insight into the ancient Japanese tradition of magic mirrors and their connection to the Sun Goddess. In Japan mirrors had... More > a peculiar place in society and spirituality. Mirrors were often decorated and surrounded with flowers like we see icons from the West decorated, and some of them are told to have magical properties. This book digs into the special properties. It seems that due to an old technique some Japanese mirrors can present patterns or images, not to the onlooker but at the mirror’s reflection in the room, if the light source is just right.< Less
A Guide to Remove Occult Magic By Dr S.P. Bhagat
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This Book will guide you about symptoms and removal of obstacles caused by known or unknown enemies have thrown in your way through evil tricks and black Occult magic. This book should be used for... More > only knowledge purpose , if need to practically apply remedies always do under practitioner Supervision. Know that my spells cancel karma, as in the idea of karma in Hinduism and other Eastern religions of Indian origin. My spells go beyond Vedic Astrology, Jyotish Remedies, Manglik dosha... and take away the unreliability, inconvenience and time consuming process of reciting Mantra, using yantra, puja, yagna... etc.< Less
The Magical Fanny Pack By Rachel M. Caron
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Illustrated by Robert Ryan Kenny. This deluxe edition is hardcover with dust jacket. This quirky short-story poem revolves around an average boy who has a seemingly average item, a fanny pack. This... More > plain old pouch may look like any other, and to those who don’t know its powers, that’s all it is! But with its not so average abilities, our main character goes on some magnificent, more than average adventures. To see what it can do, where it takes him, and find out where this stupendous sack is now, pick up and read your copy of The Magical Fanny Pack today! Beautifully illustrated.< Less
Shadow Magic: The Way of Rao By Gev-Da
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Deep within you is a center of power so potent and strong it defies imagination. It is within this dark place where you can tap into and harness your magick and be among the Children of Juru (Witches... More > of the Night). The Valley of Juru in Kryptonian myth is an allegory of the shadow realms within the subconscious, it is here where your magic power resides. It is here at this new depths and places many people fear to go. Deep within our psyches, the unconscious holds our forbidden feelings, secret wishes, and creative urges. Over time, these "dark forces" take on a life of their own and form the shadow―a powerful force of unresolved inner conflicts and unexpressed emotions that defies our efforts to control it. By applying the teachings, one can harness this hidden realm and master it. The use of black magick can be applied to the real world to fulfill your dreams.< Less

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