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"White Magic -- Black Tragic" The Diary Of A MAD Crackhead By Kimberley Burke
Paperback: $19.97
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A day to day account of the author’s life while addicted to crack-cocaine. She answers questions that many have regarding the addict and reveals characteristics of smokers. She reveals the... More > pain she endured, the people she met and the places she has been as well as the things she has done while addicted to crack-cocaine. She reveals the attitudes of family and friends, social concerns, and the community. She also reveals the bias opinions they hold against drug addicts because of the drug addiction. This book answers questions such as: What is addiction, what characteristics do addicts have in common, what are the sources and effects of crack-cocaine, what role if any does the church have in helping the addict come to terms with the addiction and how can they help the addict rebuild his/her life.< Less
Magic is Afoot By Kathryne C. Scott
Paperback: $20.00
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in this collection of poetry I have strived to share my deep love of the green forest, purple mountains, deep blue sea, and firry heart of the Mother her self.
Magical World By Christy Grimes
Hardcover: $50.00
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"Magical World" is built around a collection of forty-seven of the author's favorite pieces, and includes photographs in both black & white and color. Comprised of nature photography,... More > personal thoughts, and quotes, this book was written to inspire emotion and thought, entertain the eyes, and remind the reader that nature can bring more beauty and joy into our lives than we could ever imagine.< Less
White Magic By Sin Diviro Pickett
Hardcover: $23.60
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White Magic (is considered “good”, as opposed to Black Magic -- considered “evil”). From a child, Molly witnesses the practice of White Magic by her mother, Ms. Bea, a strong... More > black single parent (in Molly's eyes, a very gifted and wise woman). As Molly grows older, many unexpected and dramatic family events unfold, as Ms. Bea – a people-lover, who is loved by all, continues to “help” hundreds of friends and neighbors through visions, healings, prayers, predicting (prophesying) future events, dreams, interpretation of dreams, etc., without ever charging a cent. Based on the Screenplay “White Magic”, by Sin Diviro Pickett.< Less
A Witch's Magic By H.T. Night
Paperback: $12.00
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Sahara is new to the witch life. She has two decisions hanging over her head that she can't quite choose between. Love and witchcraft. Two men vying for her love. Her heart tells her Robert, but... More > Donavan still managed to pull her heart strings to the point she can't 100 percent commit. Sahara's quest for black magic and power leads her in circles. Will Sahara realized the pitfalls of black magic or will she trust Paris? All choices are turned upside down as Sahara stalls on who and what to choose Privately, she had been working her black magic Sahara was now put in a situation where her trust was in question in her relationship with Paris. What will Sahara try to do? Who and what will she choose? Donavan or Robert? Black Magic vs good magic. See how the Trilogy unfolds in book 2 of the Heart of the Witch series.< Less
Monk's Magic By Alexander de Comeau
Paperback: $16.00
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MONK'S MAGIC tells the story of Brother Dismas, who works on behalf of his Abbott, stealthily studying the black arts (he has been absolved in advance for his sins), trying to discover the elixir of... More > life. After many failures, Dismas ventures out into the world to find those previous and successful fellow-seekers who must surely still live. Dismas acquires some marvelous friends and grows up during his quest. The tale is Rabelaisian in the best sense, witty and well-written.< Less
Wild Magic By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Two stories: Wild Magic and The Black Star Wild Magic: At age fourteen, Carma discovers that she has magic powers. She applies for mage training and is accepted, but is soon rejected and sent home... More > because her magic is wild and uncontrollable. Three years later, the Most High Grand Wizard sends for her and requests that she accept a highly dangerous mission. He explains that no other wizard in the kingdom can succeed in this mission, but she has a chance to succeed oddly because of her wild magic. The Grand Wizard promises that she will be accepted and remain in the mage training program until her magic is controllable. She accepts. .The Black Star: Hiram is tricked into accepting a ring with a death curse. Whoever is in posession of the ring during a full moon dies. There is only one way to get rid of the curse: someone must willingly accept the ring. To throw it away means death. Hiram has but days to get rid of the curse.< Less
Golden Magic By Prue Keen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
High above, snaking out of a crack between the boulders at the top of the Mountain, rose a gigantic black Chinese dragon, immense wings unfolding over his ancient head, red mouth wide open, showing... More > enormous white teeth. His massive front legs, with paws held out, had blood red talons curved towards Tara the Golden and Alvin the Crocodile Dragon. Marc and Ethan have to work out how to save their friends, the King Dragons, from that evil Treasure Dragon. First they have to find something to entice the Treasure Dragon out of his lair so he can be captured. Then they have to capture that evil dragon. Follow Ethan, Marc and their King Dragon riders, as they work their way through difficulties and adventures with their naughty, funny and amazingly magic King Dragons Ping and Yu. This is the third book in the exciting series, Riding the Lung Wang: King Dragons of China.< Less
The Magic Nuts By Mrs Molesworth
eBook (ePub): $2.51
This is a great story for children. The book has 12 chapters and tells the story of mermaid and kindness. The way was long. Lay of the Last Minstrel. Little Leonore pressed her face against the... More > window of the railway carriage and tried hard to see out. But it was no use. It all looked so dark and black, all the darker and blacker for the glimmer of the rain-drops trickling down thickly outside, and reflecting the feeble light of the lamp in the roof of the compartment. Leonore sighed deeply. She was very tired, more tired than she knew, for she did not feel sleepy, or as if she would give anything to be undressed and go to bed. On the contrary, she wished with all her heart that it was daylight, and that it would leave off raining, and that she could get out of the stuffy old railway train, and go for a good run.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.00
There is a demon out there that causes the continues manifestation of lice on clothes and hair, says the angel Ariel. The demon is used in black magic and voodoo spells, such that the person that... More > is affected will find their skin and hair constantly itching and an endless spread of lice on their clothes and hair that seem to come from nowhere. This form of black magic is becoming popular and is it is being used most widely in tropical areas where lice is a common presence in the hair. At first a person may think that it is the lice that can be treated with sprays or some kind of disinfectant, but unlike the common lice the demon lice just wont seem to go away regardless of what disinfectants are used. By questioning the angel Ariel I was given a step by step instruction of the seal of an angel that stops the spread of lice caused by the demon lice.< Less

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