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UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume I: 100 Years of UFO Patents By Luke Fortune
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The UFO How-To Technical Aerospace Manuals have 8500+ pages of aerospace patents detailing that man has had the ability to build the flying craft that people have mistakenly called "UFOs"... More > for over a century. This first volume "100 Years of UFO Patents" has hundreds of pictures and descriptions from the inventors themselves. This volume is a one hundred and twenty plus year history of unidentified flying objects and the plans showing how they work. In these pages, you will find proof that man has had the ability to create and control the crafts and lights seen in the sky. This evidence comes from the most reliable source available: the Patent Office. Within this encyclopedic series you will be exposed to the plans that put the New Space Age within your reach.< Less
The Basics - The UFO How-To Sampler By Luke Fortune
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This book was written in response to the number of requests to simplify the science of “Black project” aerospace technology often called the UFO phenomenon. This introductory book breaks... More > down the science of the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals into an easily comprehensible reading, with single examples of the various methodologies, simplified explanations, and a section addressing the most commonly asked questions. Whereas the other books in the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals are in depth encyclopedias on their given Title topics, "The Basics" gives a concise, direct view with a "sampler plate" approach, touching on the major technologies in propulsion and power systems that operate craft that possess almost supernatural abilities. That glowing ball of light you saw? That propulsion system is in here. The glowing craft streaking across the sky at thousands of miles per hour making hairpin maneuvers--that propulsion system is in here. Plasma thrusters, fusion technology--it's in here.< Less
The Hanson Conundrum By Vincent M. Messbarger, MD
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The Hanson Trilogy - Book Two: The Hanson Conundrum The Hanson Conundrum is the sequel to The Hanson Legacy. Best described as a science-fiction/techno-thriller, inspiration for the trilogy of... More > novels came from Dr. Messbarger’s life-long fascination with exobiology, the study of extraterrestrial life, and the centuries-old UFO phenomenon. The Hanson Conundrum picks up at Dr. Hanson’s death and the world’s reaction to the revelation of alien visitation. Governments and politicians jockey for positions while Donna Hanson, Ben’s brilliant daughter, also an accomplished aerospace engineer, accepts the now controversial position left vacant by the ruthless and vicious Project Director, Louis Hastings. UCLA Physicist, Dr. Timothy Alexander, joins her as Deputy Director and both begin the process of restoring the embattled and tortured project. Almost immediately, strange and ominous things begin to happen...< Less

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