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Boko Haram: Beyond The Bomb Blasts By IA Alabi
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A class of disenchanted Nigerian politicians vowed to make the country ungovernable for the incumbent if he got voted in. Close by is the Islamist Boko Haram with links to the al Qaeda. The Boko... More > Haram, having lost its founder in questionable circumstances following confrontation with security forces, is sworn to Islamize the country and obliterate every form of Western influences. From the succeeding wave of suicide bombings and related acts of violence aimed at spreading terror, it is not far fetched that a working accord exists between the two. This angle with relevant data the present book explores intensely. But beyond the bomb blasts is an undercurrent of intrigues, the different ethnic nationalities scheming to make the best of the situation, even as the subversive activities of the Boko Haram threaten the corporate existence of the country.< Less
Nigeria: Boko Haram and National Security By DON MICHAEL ADENIJI
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Defining Terrorism is a challenge, several efforts at making meanings out of what pushes men to unleash terror on fellow men always ended in creating more questions than answers. Boko Haram Islamic... More > sect in Nigeria has since 2002 torment the people of Northern Nigeria and by 2010 became the most challenging security issue in Nigeria necessitating a state of emergency declaration in the area. Four years after, the end of hostilities in this area is not in sight and the casualties continue to rise giving rooms for questioning the policy and operation in the Sahel. Haram is the number one security challenge in Nigeria War on Terror. The Challenge to security of lives and properties in the Northeast region of the country has been on for over 4 years, with over 5,000 death and the end of this reign of terror not in sight.< Less
Facing Urban Terrorism: Root Causes With Boko Haram By Kelly NGYAH
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Understood that World Wars I & II, and the other major natural disasters around the globe made frightening human death tolls, the phenomenon of terrorism finally surfaces and soaks the world anew... More > in dread and increased need for security measures over populations everywhere. While major terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda and Taliban continue to impose terror across the globe, West and Central Africa falls into the hands of another terrorist sect called Boko Haram which though smaller, has succeeded in sending across a strong message to world leaders that, ‘size is not the issue’ but it’s how negligence on their part may make a tiny pin pierce deep in the skin and probably crumble the whole system. This study principally reflects to some root causes of terrorism instituted within certain United Nations Resolutions through transnational and organized crimes. It also emphasizes on societal psycho-behaviourial patterns towards rehabilitating youths in responsible urban communities.< Less
Boko Haram in Nigeria: Historical and Political-Economic Exploration By Kola Ibrahim
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This book traces the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethno-religious crisis to the economic, political and neo-colonial background of Nigeria. The book also proffered a working class and... More > socialist solutions to ending Boko haram menace. The book will be an important material for activists, socialists, trade unionists, students, researchers, academics, journalists and public intellectual, searching for an alternative narrative on the rise of ethno-religious forces and tendencies in Nigeria. It additionally serves as a source material for those wanting to know more about the political economic history of Nigeria, beyond the official and mainstream narration.< Less
Homosexuality In Nigeria Community - My Story By Ajibade Lawrence
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This is the story of a Nigerian currently residing in the United Kingdom who is a proud homosexual and he tells about his journey to date and struggles, hurdles including daily prosecution he faced... More > for being openly gay< Less
The Saga of The Chibok Girls By Steve Carlos
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A graphic rerun of the invasion of Chibok community by terrorists and the gratuitous abduction of female students at their hostel in the middle of the night, The Saga of The Chibok Girls gives the... More > reader an insight into the prevailing situation and why in spite of the special attention focused by the world on rescuing the Nigerian girls, there is no end to such brazen inhumanity by a sect that lays claim to religious indoctrination as the focal point of its drive but has dispatched several thousands of people, mainly defenceless women and children, to their untimely graves< Less
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Policing is an act that must be all encompassing. Despite huge numbers of rebellions recorded in medieval historical volumes and the ever present news of several ongoing rebellions in the world today... More > blamed: on poor governance; lack of basic infrastructures; repressions of citizenry and high poverty incidence; its quite surprising that huge numbers of citizens still remain law abiding and abhors challenging the power of the state. The successes recorded in several rebellions in modern time -like the Arab Spring that swept through and reshaped history in several countries the Middle East and Africa- many reasoned should have been the tonic for citizens’ lack of tolerance for suppressive and despotic regimes. States traditionally must protect its citizens from the fall out of security breeches. Terrorism is a new form of treat to Nigerian society which has become major issue in recent years. Efforts of the Nigerian Security Forces has proven weak against the power of this negative forces.< Less
Humanitarianism and State Security in Africa. By DON MICHAEL ADENIJI
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Results from the fifty years of humanitarianism recorded ODA and aid inflow of over $1trillion into African states economy have revealed actually a regression in economic performance making calls for... More > more aid to shore up the weakened states structures from the current “poverty Trap”. The United Nations insistences on importance of aid to stimulate economic growth remain debatable given current economic realities in most African states. Hence, there exists an acute need for a reanalysis of the nature, pattern, quality and directions of foreign aid to African states in the light of current realities. There is a need to understand the factors responsible for failure of states and economic in Africa given the aid culture. The theory of quantity of aid and “poverty trap” needed to be properly analysed given a new interpretation.< Less
Nigeria Family Emergency Plan By Temitope Olodo
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Presently, Nigerians across the length and breadth of the country are concern about the increase insecurity and more importantly violent extremism. Unfortunately, there are still limited... More > understanding and awareness of what to do during an emergency. The lack of tension monitoring system and proper advise for families in hotspot areas prompted the decision to publish this book. This book provides tips on how to deal with family emergencies and more importantly; how to design, develop and implement a Family Emergency Plan. What is your family expected to do in a time of emergency? How do you behave if caught up in an hostile situation? This book addresses all these questions and much more...< Less
Counter Terrorism Guidance For Nigerian Religious Leaders By Temitope Olodo
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With over 10,000 Nigerians killed in terrorist attacks over a period of two years. Nigeria Religious Leaders need to ensure the safety of their congregation and increase community confidence that... More > they take safety and security seriously. This book provides step by step guidance on how to prevent terrorist attack in a place of worship in Nigeria.< Less