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Con Men, Bootleggers, and The Preacherman By George Stever
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This is a collection of short stories about the hard life, the life of characters, the life of miscreants and misfits. Crude, sexual, violent, witty, thoughtful, and full of wisdom and lessons never... More > learned by those who lead sheltered lives. This book is intended for a mature audience.< Less
Hunters, Loggers & Bootleggers: 130 Consecutive Years & Counting By Tom Hutchison
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It started in 1885 when an adventurous young farmer from New London, Wisconsin, trekked north by rail to become a lumberjack. A love of the woods and waters near Florence, Wisconsin, would become a... More > family tradition that continues to this day. More than just the places have been the people who are memorable—the relationships of caring, sharing and love that have developed between family members, neighbors and friends from all walks of life. And the stories—from the logging and hunting camps near Florence to the tales of farmers and bootleggers who hailed from New London—have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the stories were passed on by my dad, Alton E. Hutchison, to whom this book is dedicated. He was the second generation lumberjack and hunter and leader of “Hutch’s Gang.” And, as he would say at the conclusion of each story…“It’s the truth, by God!”< Less
Bootleg Skies 30th Anniversary By Paul Berge
Hardcover: $37.95
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1929. Prohibition was simultaneously pissing off most Americans while making bootleggers very rich or very dead. That same year saw rapid advances in commercial aviation and twilight for the... More > barnstormers hopping rides from hay fields in war surplus, open-cockpit biplanes. Pilots could buy one for a few hundred bucks, fly it until it crashed and, if they survived, get another. Few barnstormers got rich.< Less
A Place to Die By Rusty Savage
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Johnny Ringo's brother was dead. “I’ll get ‘em Frank, I swear to you I’ll get them”. What a place to die, there on the frozen banks of the Rough Creek. The Law... More > wasn’t doing anything about it and Johnny had decided he would. It was 1938 and the county was full of Bootleggers. One of them 'Shiners did it. Johnny was gonna find out who and he knew how to do it. Trouble is there are a lot of prime suspects and a good deal of danger from any one of them. Johnny has a plan, if he can keep out of sight of the Sheriff long enough and keep from getting killed himself. He knows the woods and hills and he will find out what he needs to know and do what he needs to do.< Less
A Place to Die By Rusty Savage
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A PLACE TO DIE is the story of Johnny Ringo when he discovers what it means to be haunted by a killer who has taken the life of his only brother. The labyrinthine trail will lead him through the... More > hills of Kentucky in 1938 as he takes on the role of amateur investigator. The story envelopes all that is rare about the region and its people - tradition, loyalty and kindness as well as clannishness. Yet it stands alone in two important ways. First, it shows an underlying passion and support between two brothers, and it reveals a rare but dignified portrait of a sixteen-year-old boy struggling with the reality that his own life is in danger. Even more importantly, however, A PLACE TO DIE describes the heart-wrenching effects of a boy alone, as he deals with moonshiners, bootleggers and a Machiavellian acting sheriff, and has only his vigilance, courage, and knowledge of the hills to depend on as he runs for his life⎯from the law with a warrant for his arrest and from a stone cold killer who is closing in on him.< Less
Harlan County Saints & Sinners By Ron Spoelman
Paperback: $14.95
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Ron Spoelman is a minister, educator, and poet who has lived in Harlan County for almost four decades where he first worked as a pastor to three small Presbyterian churches in Cawood, Cranks, and... More > Smith, Kentucky. His poetry reflects his ministry within the still-vibrant culture of Appalachia. These poems are stories of his congregations, often told in the language of their subjects. Spoelman has degrees from the University of Michigan and Calvin College.< Less
MOONSHINERS By George Frangoulis
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MOONSHINER: This new book provides a fascinating collection of old photographs taken when moonshiners made alcohol for human consumption, mostly in the rural South of the United States. Moonshine,... More > white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, and white whiskey are terms used to describe the high-proof distilled spirits, generally produced illicitly. Moonshine is typically made with corn mash as the main ingredient. The word "moonshine" is believed to derive from the term "moonrakers" used for early English smugglers and the clandestine (i.e., by the light of the moon) nature of the operations of illegal Appalachian distillers who produced and distributed whiskey. The distillation was done at night to avoid discovery. The pictures in this book make important contributions to the history of American culture.< Less
Rust In The Wheat By R. Paul Tharp
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After my publisher passed on this book I decided to self publish it. Here's why.I wrote my manuscript with a very strong dialect that was,and is prevalent in East TN, the Carolinas and Georgia,in the... More > more rural Appalachian regions like i grew up in. My publisher thought it might only appeal to "a small Appalachian reader base".So,I sat down to "un-regionalize" it, to strip away the dialect and unconventional grammar from it, but I couldn't. I felt I wasn't being true to it. I realize not many people will "get it", but for those who will, it's worth it to me. Set in the Mid-80s, and told through the remembrances of 14 yr old Early Prichard,this is how Perky County found itself caught in the grip of corruption. How whiskey makers and runners,backroom dealings,and cold blooded murder led one man to start a county-wide war. The costly toll on the Prichard family,more specifically on Early, who really only wanted a normal life, may be more than it was worth in the end.< Less
To the Editor: and others By poems by Verner R Wooster & edited by CAW Edwards
Paperback: $16.95
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Time, again, to share Verner for awhile. About 160 poems written between 1901 and 1947. At first glance the life of Verner R. Wooster came and went almost entirely unnoticed. An average man, he led... More > no great battles, made no great discoveries. Yet he was a keen observer, recording his observations through poetry. His works represent approximately forty years of a man's struggle to comprehend his life and the world in which he lived. In his works we have, not only contemporary history, but a document of the growth of a man as he grapples with the events of his time and the experience of being.< Less
Rabbit Road By Derek Perkins
Paperback: $18.00
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Based on the true tales of Bill & Bud Perkins of Jefferson Davis County in Mississippi and shy courtship of Civil Rights leader, John M. Perkins and his love, Vera Mae Williams. These stories... More > were compiled by author, Derek Perkins, in an attempt to preserve family and local history and to describe the fighting spirit of black Mississippi families during an era of unyielding oppression. Rare family photos included!< Less

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