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Flipper Wilson Bottlenose Badass By Ryan Eisert
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Life's not easy when you're a mutated bottlenose dolphin. Especially when your real parents have died, You've got horrible foster parents that constantly abuse you and you're bullied in high school,... More > while going thru puberty. Flipper has huge dreams of being in show business, and even though the world shuns him, Flipper doesn't stop believing in his dream, and goes on a journey to make it a reality. Despite any obstacles in his way, He still keeps fighting for his dreams. In short, This book is about believing in your dreams, To dream big, To not give up, and despite all the people that may be banking on your failure, to keep moving forwards. The story takes place in beautiful Monterey Bay, California. The backdrops are real images to show the reader the true beauty of the California coastline. NOTE: This book is uncensored...Just like life. It contains crude humor, violence, crude language and partial nudity.< Less
The Ocean Detective Series - The Case of the Outlaw Dolphins By Jeffrey Polovina
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Alexis is an Ocean Detective Agent. One day, Miguel, a fisherman, asks her to solve the problem he has. Some dolphins steal the fish off from his hooks. But curiously they do not eat and just play... More > with them. What are the dolphins doing and why? Alexis dive into the sea to find out. Can she solve this mystery? Susan Scott, Marine biologist, wrote in "Ocean Watch", Honolulu Star-Advertiser, May 14, 2012 “...I recently bought children's books by Hawaii's National Marine Fisheries Service scientist Jeff Polovina. I haven't met Jeff, but I know his name from some of his 115 research papers, and the awards they garnered, in his 30-plus years of studying the Pacific Ocean. Jeff recently branched out from his groundbreaking research to write a couple of stories for budding marine scientists in the form of Alexis, an Ocean Detective Agent. The children's e-book series piqued my interest because I didn't know the answer to one of Jeff's mysteries and had to buy the nicely illustrated book.”< Less