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An Essay on Break-Up Ethics By Curtis Bard
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This short essay argues against the modern view that breaking up a relationship is a morally justified action and that engaging in new relationships after a break-up is too a morally justified... More > action. Using Aristotelian and libertarian contract principles, this essay demonstrates that break-ups and new relationships after break-ups are morally wrong. Beyond an academic discussion, this essay provides moral guidance for those who enter into romantic relationships and establishes principles that if followed could revolutionize western civilization and promote societal happiness.< Less
Downside of Love: Surviving a Break Up By Kym Kostos
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Most of us have all gone through a break-up at least once in our lives. For those who haven’t, you aren't missing much. The hurt, the regret, the sadness and the feeling of failure are just... More > some things that go along with breaking up a relationship. Sometimes we see it coming and other times, it is dropped on us like a nuclear bomb. Well, not that drastic, but if you’re the one it’s dropped on, it certainly feels like that world is coming to an end! Well, don’t fret! The good news is, your world is not coming to an end, in fact there have been millions of people over the centuries who have survived break-ups and moved on to new and better relationships! And guess what? You can too! Maybe you got that call from your significant other that you “need to talk”, or your partner has cheated on you and fell in love with someone else or things just didn't work out well with you both and it was a mutual break-up. Even if it’s a mutual break-up on both your ends, the hurt and sad feelings are still there.< Less
How to Move on After a Break Up By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
eBook (ePub): $9.25
Table of Contents 1: Introduction 2: Discover the 5 Stages of a Break Up 3: How to Save your Relationship or Move On 4: Moving on and the Laws 5: Rebuilding your Self Esteem 6: Avoid Sex with the... More > Ex 7: After you Breakup how to get Over Someone you Love 8: Tips on how to Get Over a Breakup 9: Steps for Surviving a Break Up 10: Put your Best Foot Forward after your Marriage has Ended 11: Move on Emotionally 12: Find a New Job and Move On 13: Find an Apartment 14: Setting up a New House 15: How to Talk to your Children 16: Being a Quality Parent when you Live far away from your Children 17: Get a New Pet 18: Get New Clothes 19: Find a New Hobby 20: Start Exercising 21: Ask the Right Questions First 22: Finding a New Special Friend 23: How to Find and Attract your New True Love? 24: Key Tips to Starting a Relationship after Divorce 25: The Right Time to Say "I Love You" 26: Bad Reasons to get into a Relationship< Less
Dysfunctional Romance: The Break-Up! By Derick Hudson
eBook (ePub): $1.26
Dysfunctional Romance‘The Break-Up!’ Follow Barry and Sandra, the most dysfunctional couple ever, as they tackle an inevitable marital crises in the company of their psychotic twins, a... More > frustrated fortune-teller, a few mental asylum ‘buddies’…and two poxy pedigree poodles! Throw in a crazy dollop of OCD, ADHD, panic attacks, alcohol and kinky sexual shenanigans, stirred up with a nice sprinkle of pavement crack phobia, and this might just be the funniest escapade ever to be told. An unconventional romantic comedy that’ll restore your faith in antidepressants!< Less
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1: Introduction 2: Discover The 5 Stages Of A Break Up 3: How To Save Your Relationship Or Move On 4: Moving On And The Laws 5: Rebuilding Your Self Esteem 6: Avoid Sex With The Ex 7: After You... More > Breakup How To Get Over Someone You Love 8: Tips On How To Get Over A Breakup 9: Steps For Surviving A Break Up 10: Put Your Best Foot Forward After Your Marriage Has Ended 11: Move On Emotionally 12: Find A New Job And Move On 13: Find An Apartment 14: Setting Up A New House 15: How To Talk To Your Children 16: Being A Quality Parent When You Live Far Away From Your Children 17: Get A New Pet 18: Get New Clothes 19: Find A New Hobby 20: Start Exercising 21: Ask The Right Questions First 22: Finding A New Special Friend 23: How To Find And Attract Your New True Love? 24: Key Tips To Starting A Relationship After Divorce< Less
So You Wanna Break Up By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Relationships can end up either good or bad.When there are many complications between you and your partner during the relationship,there is no point in continuing on together. You may end up with... More > more troubles which are serious or the breakup may get uglier.Get all the info you need here.“So You Wanna Break Up” looks at How to know it’s time to breakup, Making your final decision, Choosing a meeting place–not his/her home/high risk location for suicide, Choosing the right time–definitely not valentine’s day/ his or her birthday,Keep it short & simple–never argue/prolong discussion,Stick with your decision and Control your emotion...< Less
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Break Through and Break Out! By John Loewen
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In this revelatory book, Missionary Evangelist John D. Loewen uncovers secrets from the Word of God that will turbo charge your prayer life and bring you into a place of victorious faith. Using... More > Scripture backed by personal experience, the author identifies keys to opening up the heavens and bringing God’s presence into your situation and circumstance. In this ground breaking book, Minister Loewen reveals how even the most stubborn and resistant obstacles must bow to the Word of God and its victorious truths. This book is perfect for either the layperson or minister; the new believer or the experienced saint. Written in an easy to understand fashion, this book will bless all those who desire to Break Through and Break Out!< Less
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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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