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Love Is " : " Poetry In Pictures By Imagine Broadcasting
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LOVE IS: Poetry in Pictures is a book about the most powerful feeling we can have as people on the planet. There are so many different types and levels of love from how one loves themselves to how... More > the pain of love can be felt when love ins't always returned to us by the ones we care about most. Not only was there an exceptional group of models and crew to bring this book together for you and write some amazing words to help the pictures better inspire thought and emotion, there was also some truly new and creative idea's in photo editing as well. We hope you enjoy our poetry and our photo's and they bring a little LOVE into your life. We cannot tell you how much we loved and enjoyed bringing this book to life for you.< Less
Introduction To Internet Broadcasting By David Childers
Hardcover: $22.94
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The ability to distribute multimedia using the Internet has created greater opportunities to convey important news, education, entertainment. The Internet allows content distributors to overcome... More > global cultural and geographic barriers. Internet delivery of multimedia content has the potential of reaching a large global audience, at considerably cheaper cost, when compared to other forms of radio and television content distribution methods. Internet broadcasting provides the ability to distribute multimedia content without technical licensing requirements. Mr. Childers has sought to write a comprehensive guide for beginning Internet broadcasters as well as provide an informative resource for the seasoned professionals. This book covers many areas and discusses both Internet radio (audio) and Internet television (video) broadcasting.< Less
Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting By Giorgio d'Ecclesia
eBook (PDF): $19.95
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Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting" is a small manual for radio hosts. The book tries to follow a sequential didactic path. We started from a broad, general panorama of Radio (from... More > the structure of a Radio Station to the most widely used broadcasting formats, going from the subdivision of the roles of a radio to the structure of a broadcasting clock) to then get into the more specific, didactic aspects: how to become a Professional Radio Host. The book tries to shed light and clarity on the tasks a Radio Host must do during his presence on the radio, illustrating the radio broadcasting techniques that are most widely used on national networks. It attempts to answer questions like “How do you become a radio host?”, “What are the main rules of radio broadcasting?" to then move on to more technical questions like managing the duration of broadcasting comments, the use of the AIDA technique for the writing and structure of radio scripts, and the preparation of an effective demo.< Less
PRESSure: Break Into Broadcasting By Maria Dorfner
Paperback: $23.99
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Broadcast journalist, Maria Dorfner shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse into working in the competitive field of television news. Drawing on three decades of experience, she shares challenges and... More > insightful tips research, writing, reporting, producing, pitching and storytelling.< Less
Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting By Giorgio d'Ecclesia
Paperback: $24.83
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The book "Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting" is the first textbook for professional radio hosts. The structure of the book follows path, starting from a more general view of... More > the Radio (the structure of Radio Broadcasting, the radio as a company, different radio formats, the division of roles, and the radio clock) and then gets closer and closer to the specific character of the radio host. It answers important questions, such as: "How do you become a radio host? What are the main rules of conducting radio?" then moves on to technical issues such as the management of the duration of a segment, the use of the AIDA technique and how to prepare a radio demo.< Less
Insight into A Malawian Broadcaster By Victor Kaonga
Paperback: $27.40
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A personal story of a broadcaster in Malawi. His experiences, challenges, aspirations and insights into the profession.
Broadcast Your Self By Jacqueline Cain
Paperback: $10.00
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Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter... Web sites like these ask you, the user, to share what’s on your mind, whatever that might be. Some people share news, some “stalk,” some... More > show off... But everyone who uses social media creates a persona to show the rest of the world. Broadcast Your Self: Online Identity in the Culture of Narcissism takes one of the first critical looks at what it really means to present oneself online in 2010.< Less
Beyond the Horizon: The Key to Broadcasting for Development By Philip R. Darley
eBook (ePub): $12.49
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A wise african once said that broadcasting is magic because it can take a man up a hill higher than any he can see on the horizon and let him look beyond. In trying to find a relevant communication... More > approach to broadcasting for development, this book illustrates the constraints and opportunities broadcasting systems have whilst trying to improve life for the people it serves.< Less
Broadcast Release by By
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This contract between an Artist/Band and Broadcast company(radio station or internet radio station, website, etc.) is usually used when an Artist/Band agrees to grant the Broadcast company a license... More > to use their voice/likeness in radio drops, advertising and promoting Artist's/Band's appearance on the Program.< Less
Yogi Goddess Broadcast Yesterday and Today By China Moore, Leslie Michelle Moore, Yogi Goddess
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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Designed for Fans, Yesterday and Today. Also fits our Update. Understanding the Broadcast. More below: We were Podcast Radio, Gcast and Garageband from 2008-2010. During that time I promoted... More > Holistic Health, Alternative Medicine, Fitness, and Yoga Awareness, later I fused in Yogi Goddess Music Dept., slowly. The last Season introducing Mia Jonita, our New Virtual World we planned to open.. (later I realized I had to learn tons of new jobs, Running a Server, Game Programming, Cisco Levels, and The Reality of In world living. In World jobs I am still mastering to this day, such as skins, animations and Digital Art. We learn in Secondlife). We sold a lot of online audio yoga and eclasses. After radio, the classes faded out for audio. PPL were seeking more visual/video classes. The shift In Video, we were slowly using youtube then discovered other hos...*This info is not in our Co blogs, just a bonus for Fans and Followers. Thanks*< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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