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Marisa's Song, part one By Misty Brooke
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Marisa Andrews is no stranger to hard times. An ambitious young woman who desires to follow God with all her heart, she still has her secrets. Growing up in the small town of Dixieville, she has to... More > conceal the shocking truth of her family life behind closed doors in order to maintain proper appearances. However, one gentleman won her heart during childhood and the dream of him returning home keeps her motivated to press on. There are many lessons to be learned and many secrets to be revealed.< Less
Sweets...Sweet Tooth Revisited By Lamar Brookes
Hardcover: $30.64
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A new revised and reedited rendition of the original novel Sweet Tooth, Sweets tells the story of an Advertising Executive (Prentis Steves) on his way up the ladder of success. While on his climb,... More > Prentis flirts with departing from his life as the perfect bachelor for a life of monogamy. More trouble ensues when he’s forced to choose between the woman that always loved him and the woman that loved him the best. How could a man possibly choose?—would he become a diabetic or give up his sweet tooth for his one true love?< Less
The Adventures of Yani: Emotions By Nick Brooks
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What are emotions? How do we deal with them? Come find out what Yani thinks!
The Law of Civilization and Decay (Illustrated) By Brooks Adams
eBook (ePub): $1.99
“When the Romans first emerged from the mist of fable, they were already a race of land-owners who held their property in severalty, and, as the right of alienation was established, the... More > formation of relatively large estates had begun. The ordinary family, however, held, perhaps, twelve acres, and, as the land was arable, and the staple grain, it supported a dense rural population. The husbandmen who tilled this land were of the martial type, and, probably for that reason, though supremely gifted as administrators and soldiers, were ill-fitted to endure the strain of the unrestricted economic competition of a centralized society. Consequently their conquests had hardly consolidated before decay set in, a decay whose causes may be traced back until they are lost in the dawn of history.”< Less
the stories my children don't want to hear By peggy brooks
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Short stories of Peggy Henry's childhood in southeast Arkansas.
The Three Little Pigs Picture Book By Leslie Brooke
eBook (ePub): $2.36
This is a classic retelling of a well loved story with wonderful illustrations by Leslie Brooke. Leslie Brooke was one of the finest illustrators at the turn of the 20th Century. Kean Guides have... More > developed to take advantage of new reading media and to appeal to the modern reader. We now aim to offer a library of Children’s Books that have been selected to illustrate the best of the writer and illustrators in formats that enhance the reading experience for adult and child alike. We are also committed to republishing old classics that have been sadly ignored and overlooked by other publishers. We are committed to provide the greatest writers to readers at a reasonable price.< Less
Mach II By Richard Brooke
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Mach II With Your Hair On Fire will lead you on a path to personal freedom by developing an ideal vision of the life you want. Sharing candid stories from his own life experience, Richard Brooke... More > takes you on a journey to discover inner peace, independence and success authored by YOU. This dynamic work will teach you how to: Shed self-imposed limitations to achieve greatness. Discover your authentic core values and life purpose. Embrace new thought processes that will open doors of personal fulfillment. Set aside self-doubt and skepticism to develop a vision of the life you can have. Harness enthusiasm, courage, physical energy and creativity to turn your dreams into reality. Craft an emotion-packed movie script that lets you to see, hear and feel your vision in the now.< Less
The Theory of Social Revolutions By Brooks Adams
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Peter Chardon Brooks Adams (June 24, 1848 - February 13, 1927)... More > was an American historian and a critic of capitalism.He graduated from Harvard University in 1870 and studied at Harvard Law School in 1870 and 1871. Adams believed that commercial civilizations rise and fall in predictable cycles. First, masses of people draw together in large population centers and engage in commercial activities. As their desire for wealth grows, they discard spiritual and creative values. Their greed leads to distrust and dishonesty, and eventually the society crumbles. In The Law of Civilization and Decay (1895), Adams noted that as new population centers emerged in the west, centers of world trade shifted from Constantinople to Venice to Amsterdam to London. Excerpt from:< Less
1914 and Other Poems (World War One Poetry) By Rupert Brooke
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This compilation of poetry contains the most noted and celebrated works of English poet Rupert Brooke. Distinguished from an early age, Brooke excelled in school and in Cambridge University before... More > plunging into British literary society. An emotional breakdown following a romantic breakup led him to depart the UK for recuperation in the USA and Canada, where he would write travelogues for a newspaper named The Westminster Gazette. Upon departing North America, Brooke opted to take a long sea journey across the Pacific. In the South Seas he enjoyed a relationship with a Tahitian woman by the name of Taatamata. Prior to the outbreak of World War I and his consequent military enlisting, the handsome young literary had several other romances. Tragically, Rupert Brooke lost his life as a soldier in World War I. He died at the age of 27 in April 1915 from an infected mosquito bite during the British Army’s expedition to the Mediterranean, and was buried on the Greek island of Skyros.< Less
Be true By Brooke Kim
Paperback: $5.64
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a self reflection on Brooke Kim

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