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Poems from the Edge of Time By Christopher Titmuss
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Poems on love, nature, truth, insights and liberation. The poems explore daily life, including the erotic and the political.
May All Beings Rock By Lawrence Pettener
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We all rock, overtly or otherwise. This poetry celebrates diverse aspects of our lives, from disconcerting angles: noisy neighbours, awakeness, weird fauna, cycling, thighs, travel, throat-singing,... More > 70s TV and, of course, rock music. Life’s transience provides a laugh-out-loud and mischievous springboard for Pettener’s eccentric observations: “Winds howl, life’s intense; gaps between the gusts / support the thin fact of existence.” Using everyday language, this poetry is profoundly accessible. Pettener’s deceptively simple soundtrack to life’s ups and downs, while clearly meditative, may just provide a key to a world that lives to work, instead of vice-versa: “May all beings rock, may all beings roll; / may all beings bop till they drop the goal.” Rolling through the huge space between the established performance scene and traditional UK poetry publishing, this collection rocks!< Less
The Sutta Nipata By Laurence Khantipalo
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The Sutta Nipāta is a well known and well loved early Buddhist text. It is a compilation of poems that inspire, educate, and admonish. Touching devotion, profound philosophy, pragmatic ethics,... More > and insights into early Buddhist culture all find their place here. This translation expresses these teachings in a poetic voice. The primary translator and commentator is the experienced Pali scholar Laurence Khantipalo Mills, with portions by others including Bhikkhu Ñānamoli and Bhikkhu Sujato.< Less
Tiny Branches that Hold Up the Moon By Danielle Sainte-Marie
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This volume of poetry and essays is meant to help readers of all levels to better understand very complex sounding poems. This book also provides some really deep, Zen-like, philosophical insights... More > into life.< Less
Ah By Rachel Kellum
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Rachel Kellum's first published book is a transparent poetic odyssey into the ethereal that is both provocative and inspirational. With ah Rachel Kellum demonstrates a maturity of craft that bespeaks... More > the power of poetry to suggest what logic always struggles to explain about our divine nature.< Less
ah By Rachel Kellum
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Rachel Kellum's transparent poetic odyssey into the ethereal is both provocative and inspirational.
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“Why do you have to BIND MY FEET?” cries a child in” A T’ANG TALE”, beginning the focus on WOMEN’S ISSUES that runs throughout the play. In China (during her most... More > glorious dynasty), the Empress Mother Wu sends a teenage couple (and their friends) (up north) to spy on the (barbarous) Mongols. Discovering the Mongols are ready to attack China, they ride back to (warn) the Empress. Fireworks at the end scare away the Mongols this time.< Less
The Solitude of Small Doors By Stephen Parr
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Contemporary poetry by an English Buddhist with an emphasis on the inner life, the nature of human experience, the quest for reality, truth and authenticity, living in harmony with nature and with... More > others, recognising the spiritual working within the heart, the miraculous in our midst.< Less
Laughing Buddha Weeping Sufi / Poems By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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“Excess of sorrow laughs. Excess of joy weeps.”(William Blake) A cooly impassioned, and “pathward” adventurous series of poems joining two modes of enlightenment, Buddhist and... More > Sufi, that may in many ways be parallel—from my sitting with saintly Shunryu Suzuki of the San Francisco Zen Center in the early 60s, and my blessed time with Qutb Shaykh ibn al-Habib of Fez in Meknes, Morocco, in the 1970s, may Allah be pleased with both of them. Are the two protagonists of these poems the main characters in Waiting for Godot, now no longer waiting, but there? Exalted humor lightens our spiritual endeavors.< Less

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