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Bulls Bridge By Erica Dakin Voolich
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This is the story of the building of the Bulls Bridge Power Plant in Gaylordsville, Connecticut and of the addition to it in 1912. The vision of a Connecticut politician, Nicholas Staub, realized,... More > and the effect on one farm family. This is the story of Rob Dakin, as a young man watched the digging of the canal for the power plant go across the fields of their farm, then when the plant was completed, the locals didn't get electricity. Rob went to college, came back years later as one of the engineers on the building of the addition to the power plant which brought electricity to the surrounding neighborhood. Rob documented the building of the addition and 27 pages of his photographs of the power plant's construction are included. It includes Dakin family genealogy and life stories from the original immigrant Thomas Dakin down to Rob and his children.< Less
Across the Delaware 2016 By Kevin Frankenfield
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Iron Bridges in District 2 on the Delaware River. From Trenton, NJ to Belvedere, NJ. Trenton Makes Bridge, Calhoun Street Bridge, Washington Crossing Bridge, New Hope - Lamberville Bridge, Stockton... More > Bridge, Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge, Frenchtown Bridge, Milford - Upper Black Eddy Bridge, Riegelsville Bridge, Easton Free Bridge, Easton Toll Bridge, Riverton-Belvidere Bridge.< Less
New York City, 2012 Calendar, US and UK Events By David Gysel
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Calendar with images from New York. Review the calendar to see all images. 12 months 2011. 13.5x19in, coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink
2012 Calendar, New York City, USA, US and UK Hollidays By David Gysel
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Calendar with images from New York. Review the calendar to see all images. 12 months 2011. 11x17in, coil binding, white interior paper (100# weight), full-color interior ink
Hangzhou By David Arnavat
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Hangzhou is considered one of the most romantic cities in China. Now you can enjoy it without booking a trip. Several of the city's famous sights are included in this unique calendar. The calendar... More > includes; only pictures taken by myself during my very overcast April 2015 trip, the names of the locations shown and printed 2016 U.S. Holidays.< Less
Sammy, the Runaway Mastiff By Vince Stead
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Sammy is a Mastiff dog that breaks out of his kennel to explore his neighborhood and the world. He meets other animals in his neighborhood and then he gets lost while discovering his own town. He is... More > lost and meets new friends along the way who help him and feed him. Meanwhile, back at home, Jazmyn is worried sick she might never see Sammy again, since he broke out of his kennel. Sammy meets a boy named Stevie that lives over a bakery his dad owns, and Sammy meets a new dog named Ginger, that helps him on his journey to get back home. They are chased by security guards, almost run over by a tractor, a death defying bridge crossing, and fast moving cars everywhere! You will love Sammy, he is the nicest, friendliest "gentle giant" dog there is!< Less
Andalusia By W. Somerset Maugham
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Sketches and Impressions. CONTENTS: The Spirit of Andalusia -- The Churches of Ronda -- Ronda -- The Swineherd -- Medinat Az-Zahra -- The Mosque -- The Court of Oranges -- Cordova -- The Bridge of... More > Calahorra -- Puerta del Puente -- Seville -- The Alcazar -- Calle de las Sierpes -- Characteristics -- Don Juan Tenoria -- Women of Andalusia -- The Dance -- A Feast Day -- The Giralda -- The Cathedral of Seville -- The Hospital of Charity -- Gaol -- Before the Bull-Fight -- Corrida de Toros -- Corrida de Toros -- On Horseback -- By the Road I -- By the Road II -- Ecija -- Wind and Storm -- Two Villages -- Granada -- The Alhambra - Boabdil the Unlucky -- Los Pobres -- The Song -- Jerez -- Cadiz --- El Genero Chico -- Adios.< Less
How to be a BALLER without being a Celebrity By Mrs. Danielle Ware
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My purpose is to educate others how to succeed in this cruel world we live in. This world will sell you a bridge for a million bucks if you allow it. Oftentimes folks lose their own way when trying... More > to compare themselves to those who possess a status instead of being happy in their own skin. If we learn to set a goal for ourselves we too can be balling minus the BULL sold to us. Celebrities are idolized for their outer appearance and what they may have or MAY NOT have. What everyday individuals lack is the knowledge and education of how they can obtain those same ‘material’ things they may have. Individuals discredit their lifestyle because what they think others may have. You don’t see the struggles others have. Learn to be grateful for what you have and what you don’t have. Everything comes with a price tag! I dedicate this book to my family and everyone who has believed in me since day one. No shade but haters thank you for elevating my talents! TAKERS FOR LIFE!< Less