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c By Thomas A Tubb
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c is the universal constant, the celeritas (swiftness) of life, the lightspeed. c is the journey from innocent eyes to tears, as we meet the source, encounter the world, and dream of odysseys among... More > the stars. ... c is to hope. c is to watch the window.< Less
C By Maurice Baring
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Baring's homage to a decadent and carefree Edwardian age depicts a society as yet untainted by the traumas and complexities of twentieth-century living. With wit and subtlety a happy picture is drawn... More > of family life, house parties in the country and a leisured existence clouded only by the rumblings of the Boer War. Against this spectacle Caryl Bramsley (the C of the title) is presented - a young man of terrific promise but scant achievement, whose tragic-comic tale offsets the privileged milieu.< Less
C By best school
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The first step to a child’s education is through school. It is an institution that provides knowledge and embarks discipline in the upbringing of a child. This plays a very important part in... More > building the overall personality of a student. The main education system is divided into some aspects and different schools follow different patterns of teaching. Some adopt the foreign techniques and some stick to the basic home techniques< Less
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The C is for Complex By Myunique C. Green
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Purpose. Not just Passion. Not everything that happens in life is random. There are moments that break you, moments that make you and moments that shape you—live for these moments. Realize... More > that as time moves forward, growth is inevitable. The C is for Complex was written like a diary. A cleanse. To find the beauty in madness.< Less
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c By Rômulo B. Rodrigues Arahat Samadhi
eBook (PDF): $3.99
A Reflexologia é uma técnica específica de pressão que atua em pontos reflexos precisos dos pés, com base na premissa de que as áreas reflexas dos pés... More > correspondem a todas as partes do corpo. Como os pés representam um microcosmo do corpo, todos os órgãos, e outras partes estão dispostas num arranjo similar ao dos pés. A pressão é aplicada nas áreas reflexas com os dedos das mãos e usando técnicas específicas. Isso provoca mudanças fisiológicas no corpo. O relaxamento é o primeiro passo da normalização. Quando o corpo está relaxado, o tratamento é possível. A massagem dos pés mostra quais partes do corpo estão fora de equilíbrio, e portanto, não funcionam eficientemente. Pode-se então ministrar o tratamento apropriado para corrigir esses desequilíbrios e fazer o corpo retornar a um ótimo estado de saúde. A massagem reflexa dos pés é útil no tratamento de distúrbios e eficaz para manter a saúde e prevenir o aparecimento de doenças. Além disso, melhora a circulação, desintoxica o corpo e revitaliza energia.< Less
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women [wim-in] noun 1. plural of woman. before 900; Middle English womman, wimman, Old English wifman, equivalent to wif female + man human being; see wife, man1 Related forms Expand womanless,... More > adjective antiwoman, adjective Can be confused Expand lady, woman "Wicca, a predominantly Western movement whose followers practice witchcraft and nature worship and who see it as a religion based on pre-Christian traditions of northern and western Europe." GO VIRAL PLEASE SHARE< Less
C + C Crucifixion By robie goldwell
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At the IRU firm’s excavation site an entrance is uncovered at Stonehenge England. After an exploration of the site the employee takes his own life. Sam Maxim is called to the site by his firm... More > to investigate any suspicious circumstances. On entering the site [his own mind] he is forced to consider the fundamental questions of life with the aid of physics, philosophy, psychology, chaos theory, theology, symbolism and hallucinogenic trips. Sam meets four distraught neurotic people. Sam’s trek then leads him to Civ, Civ tries to illustrate to Sam with truths. That there are no universal morals thus Christianity promotes neurosis; as there is no normality. That time and life (reality) are illusions thus capitalism is inspiring schizophrenic and neurotic tendencies. That everything will be, but not be; absurdly. That we’re God: - the multiverse. With the loss of attachments he is spiritually reborn. He finally accepts and quits his external/internal struggle.< Less
C. C. Brower Short Story Collection 01 By C, C. Brower
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A first collection of short stories from C. C. Brower In addition to later longer novellas and novels, Brower started out with short stories. Contemporary, Fantasy, Science Fiction - 13 wonderful... More > worlds from a different view of life. New ways to look at the world you live in, and ask yourself "what if" things were different... This anthology contains: The Caretaker When The Wild Calls Mind Timing Becoming Michelle When the Cities Died, I Danced Snow Gift Mr. Ben's Rail Road The War Bringeth Peace: Forever War Snow Cave Vacation Amok The Emperor's Scribe A Long Wait for Santa Note: Mind Timing and Becoming Michelle were co-authored with R. L. Saunders Excerpt from Mind TIming: When the last of the long-languishing news media died, it was with barely a whimper. No bang. Not even a sullen pop. And eyes were dry all around. No one mourned, few even noticed. Two glasses clinked at the Club in celebration. And that was all the wake they deserved... Get Your Copy Now.< Less

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